A Great Day for Zion

Gilad Atzmon – gilad.co.uk Sept 25, 2019

 “In A Time Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Becomes A Revolutionary Act” – George Orwell

At the moment, the Jewish State is experiencing growing political instability while exploring its ability to defy Netanyahu’s alleged criminality and his racial incitements against Arabs, while at the same time, the UK has been reduced into a dutiful Israeli remote colony.
Two day ago, the Lobby scored three significant victories that are indicative of Britain’s descent into an Orwellian dystopia. It is now an unfit habitat for intellectuals, artists and humanists and their exodus has begun.
In a statement astonishing for its obsequiousness, ‘opposition’ leader Jeremy Corbyn praised the police for tearing down a poster depicting, in cartoon form, an uncanny portrayal of Corbyn himself under ‘attack’ by Benjamin Netanyahu shown piloting an Israeli air force plane named ‘The Lobby’  and dropping bombs of ‘defamation’ with the words ‘anti-Semite, anti-Semite, anti-Semite.’

By his response, Corbyn was kind enough to reveal to the Brits that he could be many things, but acting as a prime minister isn’t really among them. And not just because of his clumsy unprincipled action against a legitimate political cartoon but because the man publicly displayed that he can’t handle elementary freedoms. Somewhere, there exists a positive interpretation that would make Corbyn’s shameless groveling seem sophisticated, his response did make the cartoon into national news so that every Brit is now aware of the poster and its message.
Yesterday we also learned that Israel’s stooges managed to cancel a literature event in Brighton. Bad News for Labour- Antisemitism, the Party and Public Belief is, according to its publisher, a ground breaking study on the reality behind the headlines on antisemitism and the British Labour Party.”  I have not seen a ‘ground breaking’ text from Pluto for years, nonetheless, someone within the Hasbara army decided that the Brits are unfit to digest the book.  Waterstones Brighton ‘rapidly surrendered’ and canceled the event. One more piece of evidence that Britain doesn’t really need enemies, it became an authoritarian society voluntarily. I wonder how long it will be before Corbyn tweets that it was he and the Labour Party who begged Waterstones to cancel the event.

But Zionist tour de force did not end there. We learned yesterday that singer, songwriter and right wing enthusiast Alison Chabloz was once again sent to jail: this time for eight weeks. The Zionist Campaign Against Antisemitism’s web site reports that “District Judge Jonathan Taaffe found Ms Chabloz guilty of breaching the conditions of her suspended sentence after blog posts that she published since June 2018 were found to constitute a breach of a social media ban.”  Apparently the definition of ‘social media’* in Britain underwent a dramatic expansion this week in order to fit the Zionist call. The CAA was pleased to let us know their part in this fiasco, “the trial in Chesterfield today follows contact between Campaign Against Antisemitism’s lawyers and the National Probation Service.”
In 1917 Lord Balfour issued a declaration in the name of the British government announcing support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, then an Ottoman region with a tiny Jewish population. In 1917 Britain was an empire although Palestine wasn’t then a British colony. Just over one hundred years later not much is left of the empire and even less remains of British dignity. Britain has allowed itself to be reduced to an Israeli colony, even to the point that Britain willingly  sacrifices any of its most sacred values when asked to do so by  a single right wing ethnic lobby that is largely committed to foreign interests.


Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

8 responses to “A Great Day for Zion”

  1. hear hear Gikad. very shortly we will see that our unwritten constitution, the magna carta, replaced with a written one. the recent judgement by the supreme court heralds this.

  2. Good article
    After the British fought the racist war on the German people for the jews,
    posters on the under ground etc said ” do not let foreign feet walk on English soil”
    While the men were being demobboed from the armies in 1945 this same government
    the men fought the racist war for, then turned and started the mass importation of black people into the UK.
    In disgust so many men immigrated to Australia ashamed of the racist antics of the government
    see this below

  3. Where and when did George Orwell state the quote reproduced at the head of this article? I read all your blogs and agree with 99% of what you write but please be accurate when quoting others as it takes away from what you’re writing. Fyi as far as I’m aware that quote attributed to Orwell didn’t exist until 1980.

  4. Lord Balfour was of course a crypto jew….perfect for what was about to transpire.
    Corbyn is a tribe member as is the more obvious Boris Johnstein (said to have worked on a kibbutz in the 1980s).
    There is the almost compulsory photograph of johnstein at the Vailing Vall……
    Most importantly Andrew Parker of the British Secret Police is emphatically a “New Christian” (MI5)…This fact poses an enormous threat to liberties in Britain….(see Assange currently being “politely tortured” in Britains maximum security prison,Belmarsh….a strange prison to be in for breaking bail….dont you think)
    All one have to do is look at the USSR post 1917 to see where all this is going…..1917 is if course when the Jews took over Russia…..bringing death and destruction to the Russian people.”Enlightened” Stalin then ordered that the country suffering under the Jewish yolk…..be the first time recognise the new state……..of Israel….chutzpah.

  5. Jeremy Corbyn is probably one of the least anti semitic people alive, but his continual grovelling to the Jews is annoying. Having dared to show a little support for the poor, oppressed people the Jewish state is in the process of destroying Corbyn has invited the wrath of the Jewish lobby. Does he not realise that once they have decided to destroy someone such as himself no amount of crawling, and kissing of their feet is going to have any effect. For some reason that is beyond me he seems to think that mega creeping to these people will win him favour. Does anyone that naïve deserve to be leading a major political party. He is a dead duck as far as British politics is concerned and he is going down fighting not for his own welfare but that of his assassins. In fact his torment by the lobby would probably be no worse if he declared hatred of the Jews and advocated for the destruction of Israel.

  6. To Kathy Curran: I’m at a loss to follow your logic and as to what you are really saying. Is it (1) it was okay for British whites to emigrate to Australia with its “white Australia policy” and/or (2) it was not okay for non-white (Black) people from the Commonwealth to enter Britain?

  7. I suggest that everyone who is wondering what is going on with this planet, listen to an interview Jim Fetzer did recently with Dean Henderson, who lays bare all the plots, and counter plots, which have been taking place for centuries. People like Corbyn are small fry, just useful puppets in the grand scheme of things. The jews too are puppets, and just as expendable as the rest of us. Hear what Henderson has to say about the true purpose of israel..

    Another piece of info which I found extremely enlightening, was given by Brizer, on the Graham Hart show, posted on Mami`s Shit, where he reveals the real reason behind the exodus of Africans out of Africa. More global control, of the global food supply..

  8. Corbyn has turned into a pathetic coward and another ass-puppet for the zio-demons. If only some politician would have the stones to stand up and tell the truth about organized jewry destroying the world, I think they’d find a majority of people actually despise the Jews, deeply resent their treachery, and would stand with that truth-teller.

    And if the gullible dupes and morons out there had a clue how the Jews destroy, deceive, undermine, steal, and manipulate, then a huge majority of the people would rise up and drive them into the sea. I’ll give them this though; in an age when so many have such short-term memories and short-term self-interests, the Jews have been masterful at playing the long con.