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OffTheLeftEye — June 25, 2019

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  1. I leant in Tibet how to slow down the bodys processes
    and travel in my mind to these other realms
    I agree with every word sais here
    when we are born we travel down the birth canal
    the ” tunnel” we see is this same birth canal into the next world, the real one
    BTW Heaven is not up in the sky, it penetrates this one, e g it is all around us
    i have seen it many times, and hell is not for eternity you only go there until your debts are paid, it is nota god place, on my visits there, i see seats with names on waiting for new arrivals, Tony Blairs is just one.
    It is nota good place believe me

  2. What happens after you die, when the soul leaves the body, you go to judgement as Christ Himself told us:
    “It is appointed unto man once to die and after that, the judgement.”

  3. The process of attaining temporal goals can dispel depression and meaninglessness to a point, but even when attained they are never fully satisfying. Then if you have sold out your integrity in attaining things like wealth, esteem, and power, the goals you realize never seem worth it. If we are ruled by the finality of death everything loses its luster and meaning, even the wonder and joy of having children. However, it is not just for pragmatic reasons, that a belief in heaven gives people joy and hope beyond our temporal limitations and sufferings. David is right. We have to slow things down a bit and look. My own journey in life has taught me that if we open our inner selves up to God in faith, we begin to see the divinity of His kingdom all around us as well as that of our fallen state. This change or conversion can occur slowly or in a transforming flash of light or insight, and you do not need to go the Tibet to find it.

    Faith always requires an inner choice. It is a sort of believing into that which is both totally beyond us in greatness and awe, and yet somehow feels like home in which we despite are insignifiance are totally loved. It is like we discover an ocean of love and all we need do is taste it to be a part of it. Once we begin this effort to open ourselves to God our plodding lives become an eternally meaningly assent. Our major goals in this life are never confined to the temporal order, and some of the fruits of this realm along the way are hopefulness, joy, trust, kindliness, faith, strength, love, calm and peace. We discover that It is the very person of God in our midst who is always present to reconcile or restore what our grasping hands have destroyed.

  4. I have had several NDEs and you do not go to judgement
    you judge yourself, christianity has been so distorted you wont get any truth in it, christianity is now only for child sex perverts.
    Each man will juge his life then choose his next incarnation
    the love of god is behind all this

  5. Heaven or hell, good or evil, eeny meeny.. I want to see my dog again, and go for long walks once more, but don`t want to leave my family..

  6. In Shiite Islam, there is a concept of “pressure of grave”. It is where they put your body after death, however there is another end to your grave in the purgatory (برزخ). The more physical attachments and concerns you have to the world, the harder it is to let go. Shiite scholars say that the best parable to understand is the Womb. In a way you are born into a new dimension that is not a parallel universe however it is a higher level of this one. Parallel universes are categorically rejected by Islamic philosophers and scholars and wise men, these different dimensions are in series and at the end of one another. Anyways just as a baby is born you are born there, some are born healthy, some may have various forms of defects, while others may have certain strengths. The connection to the womb has to be severed, some are born painfully, some effortlessly and so on…. All of this are known as “pressure of grave” and it is said to be an extremely difficult phase for most people. The famous Abu-Ali Sina or Ibn Sina writes in one of his books that some might even end-up “totally-dead” in the hereafter as they have not developed the required attributes to be born healthy in the hereafter. This is very scary however many other scholars have rejected this idea and said no matter how wretched, you will continue after death! Then from our infallible imams we have narrations or hadith(s) in this regard. Some of it is similar to Dante’s-Hell, each particular sin or flaw carries over in a particular way and I don’t want to get into this in detail. Some people will have power of intercession granted by God helping others. All of this is still not the judgment day. In the purgatory some will improve and after they are fully detached they will go into different phases. Another important thing is that all your body parts testify against you, there is really no way to lie there, if you have been bad, you end up bad and defective there. There is also the eternal-fire that is hard to comprehend, people burning and then new skin forms and then that burns too again and again in an infinite cycle. There is another everlasting pain for those who actually end of in heaven. Many of them have great regrets knowing that they could be in higher levels of heaven but due to neglect they are not.

    Now I understand that you guys are not Muslims, however still I would like to share the following… Allah(swt) speaks in Quran as if he does not care much for those who go to heaven. He speaks of groups of people: Those who go to hell and those who go to heaven and then those who take over each other in a race to get closer to God! He is mainly concerned with the third group! Asked a scholar about this and he replied: Going to hell is actually hard, you have to move against the grain so hard to go to hell… similarly going to heaven is actually very easy, hell is so hot that even using your scenes should be enough! It is like saying “I didn’t eat crap, please reward me for it”! Paradise has levels, however it seems the entire paradise is still nothing compared to what you get by being directly in presence of God and only the third group will get there.

  7. … and regarding the nature of being there, it is said that you have forms but not the limitations of matter. For example you can swim but you don’t get wet.

  8. Does anyone really know what happens when we die? Religious beliefs don’t count because a belief by definition is an idea held without evidence. In the video the good people get more beautiful and the bad more ugly. This seems to me a respin of good go to heaven and bad to hell, just a less severe version.

    Modern religion is the greatest story ever sold, preachers get brand new twin engine jets as they push the easy way into heaven’s gates – all you got to do is beleeeeeeeve. LOL

    As things get better on the material plane and humans have more time for love and spend less time hating and killing each other the afterlife story is getting less severe and now a wonderful thing. As we evolve and judge less our imagined afterlife becomes less judgment and more love. Slowly but surely hell is dissolved by every New Age writer. Some of the Bible belt evangelists are even preaching the joys of sex.

    Reincarnation has also been respun a few times. Now the enlightened minds tell us heaven is all love and you meet all your friends and then you choose your next life. But there is another theory of what reincarnation is really about and that is ours souls are trapped in human bodies and on a prison planet with recycling technology. Who says reincarnation is good, what if our souls are being erased with each life and tricked into coming back?

    There is a whole new internet sensation about being tricked by the light because so many people are coming forward with fleeting memories of their past life, and you have to wonder why we are all not remembering our lives and gaining soul growth. Prodigies are evidence of something, maybe nefarious memory erasure, like our minds get swiped like a hard drive and sent back to hell.

    I think humans have the capability of infinite denial and will never come to the obvious conclusion that when we die we die. No one wants to believe that. So that idea is shoved into the ‘never think about that ever again’ file and we wishfully come up with ever idea under the sun that when we die we don’t die. If I wake up dead I will be really surprised and be looking for an exit from earth hell and going to a better planet.

  9. All theory and until someone comes back to tell us with proof beyond any doubt, none of us will know until we die. Looking forward to it myself, actually whatever awaits cannot be worse then this hell hole man has allowed himself to be put in.

  10. “The ox knows its master
    And the ass its master’s stall
    But Israel, my people
    Has no knowledge, no discernment”

    You can show the weak and the worldly there is an up, and even how to get there, but they will never look or really listen. They band together, each leaning on one another taking comfort in their mutual fantasies, while stuffing themselves until the clock runs out. When they pass on into the night they will be sorely surprised to find that it is light, and they will want to hide, because all that they have become is everything they have every done.

    As for the horizontal world around them and the evil their idols do, they are blind to that too, for in three short generations they have squandered a civilization which took millennia to make.

  11. Bedeuten,
    I experienced an NDE in 1945 after Germany was defeated. My family was German Refugees fleeing Poland. I contracted Typhus at the end of October and recovered a month later going home on my 6th birthday. I didn’t realize that I had an NDE experience until about 1975 when I watched a documentary on TV about NDE. I then recalled my own experience as a child, remember what I experienced. I remember floating above the beds in the small village hospital observing the caretakers looking after the sick patients. Next, I remember floating higher away to the Heavens. I looked down one more time and saw only blackness. Then looking up again, I saw a tiny light in the distance. As I came nearer to the light I heard voices of people in a queue line, talking. Soon thereafter I was standing before the bright light, and a voice in German, on the other side told me “you go back”, which I believe was the voice of Jesus Christ. And here today I’m stating my experience of an NDE experience.