Rhodesia — Portal into Future of the West

henrymakow.com – Sept 20, 2019

Ian Smith 1919-2007  – Still waiting for Hollywood to film his memoirs. Click to enlarge

“We May Be a Small Country, But We Are a Determined People who have been called upon to play a role of world-wide significance”  
Ian Douglas Smith, Prime Minister of Rhodesia, 1964-1979
And so they were and they are – now more than ever as the world-wide Communist Revolution hammers the global control grid into place over all Western nations.

by “Linde” — (henrymakow.com) 

From 1960 A.D, when UK Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan chanted the ‘Wind of Change’ mantra in Cape Town, Rhodesia stripped the mask of ‘anti-Communism’ from ZOG  UK and US.
The Rhodesians declared independence unilaterally on November 11, 1965, and fought a war of independence against the Communist Revolution in Africa. They may have won that war militarily, but they were betrayed by ZOG treachery.
Thinking perhaps that a little international law might also win the peace, they agreed to an election under the UN Charter in 1980. This was your typical ‘all get out’ – not only all Communist parties able to stand candidates but also their guerrilla forces and their mates across the border brought over to help persuade the electorate, add a little ethnic cleansing of the rival tribe (the electoral redistribution), ZOG protections for the guys who drive around with somebody’s head in the boot of their cars and Bob’s Your Uncle.
That would be Robert Mugabe, Zim president for life. I am sure they didn’t see that in the fine print – but that is UN Charter one vote = one value: no boundaries and no brakes.
Consider well this little time portal to a Western future. When the White minority surrenders its weapons in respect of democracy and international law, there will be Zim elections under the UN Charter.
It may be hard to believe now, but once upon a time this small country of Rhodesia, about the size of Montana, was the number one threat to world peace. Their ‘racist, settler, White minority’ government was presented to the entire English speaking world as the capital of White supremacy, colonial nationalism (very bad), racial prejudice (even worse) and ‘antiziganism'( shudder ).


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  1. The future of the West is already in play in Palestine.