Did Israel Genocide the Bronze Age Empires?

henrymakow.com – Sept 19, 2019

Historians don’t know for sure what caused the Bronze Age collapse, but many believe the transition was sudden, violent and culturally disruptive. Scholars believe a combination of natural catastrophes may have brought down several Bronze Age empires.
Anthony Migchels says they are ignoring the evidence in the Old Testament:  “Moses and Israel claim to have been behind it.”
(Disclaimer – This is beyond my area of expertise but Migchels, a longtime contributor to this site, is a credible witness. Part Two, War with the Nephilim, will appear tomorrow.)
Anthony Migchels is the founder of De Florijn, the first fully fledged interest-free, privately operated currency in the World. His website is Real Currencies.

By Anthony Migchels — (henrymakow.com) 

In Mainstream history, which is written by the winners (which is the Bank), the Bronze Age Collapse is a ‘mystery’.
But in fact: The Bible, Deuteronomy in particular, claims Israel did it.
What is the Bronze Age Collapse?
From around 3000BC until 1200 BC, there existed around the Mediterranean an extensive network of Empires: the Myceneans in Greece, the Minoans on Crete. The Hittites in Anatolia. The Assyrians in Mesopotamia. The Supreme Power of the day was Egypt. Canaan, the Levant, was held by several tribes, and under the domination of the  Hittites, Assyrians, and Egyptians.
These Empires had an extensive, international trade route network that centred around tin and copper, the two metals that create Bronze when mixed. Copper was plentiful, while tin was scarce, and they went as far as Cornwall to acquire it.
Then, suddenly, around 1177 BC, these Empires were destroyed. And in no uncertain fashion: they were utterly annihilated, and those who attacked them killed everything that breaths, including the livestock. Only the Egyptians and the Assyrians survived, but were severely weakened by the attacks.
The mainstream narrative (this is a popular presentation worth viewing to see where ‘science’ stands) claims that it is entirely unclear who was behind the genocide, and that only the Egyptians left some vague accounts about ‘the Sea People’.
The Bronze Collapse is considered a major mystery, by ‘science’.



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