Those Damn Californians

Irish Savant – Sept 18, 2019

It’s exactly ten years, at the dawn of this blog’s existence, that I wrote a post entitled California Tumbles Into The Sea. The post traced the transformation of that once great State into a Third World sewer via demographic displacement. I forecast that Whites would become a minority there and that this trend would be replicated across the whole country. These conclusions weren’t stunningly prescient. They were, or should have been, obvious to anyone paying attention. Compounding the demographic destruction the State has now become a byword for degeneracy and criminal-coddling.
Californians have been roundly cursed by White Americans for the cancer they introduced and which now metastasises right across the country. They had heaven on earth and blew it. But did they? Understand that White Californians fought bitterly against degeneracy and the impending mudslide. Twenty five years ago they passed Proposition 187 by a massive 60:40 majority. This measure, also known as the Save Our State (SOS) initiative, would have imposed drastic restrictions on illegal immigration. Had it taken legal effect it’s reasonable to claim that the State would still have a White majority today.
In fact Californians in many ways took the lead in fighting the poz. They voted to end bilingual teaching in schools, passed the three-strikes law which would have locked up habitual criminals for good rather than protecting them as is done now in so-called sanctuary cities. Californians voted to ban affirmative action in the public sector and even voted against gay marriage as recently as 2008.
So what went wrong? The courts went wrong, that’s what. These unelected wreckers demonstrated where the power lay by shamelessly overruling the will of the people time and again. And as always the ‘unconstitutional’ justification was trotted out. For instance Judge (((Marianna Pfaelzer))) placed a permanent injunction on the Initiative claiming that “California is powerless to enact its own legislative scheme to regulate immigration. It is likewise powerless to enact its own legislative scheme to regulate alien access to public benefits.” The constraints on CA are now being extended to the whole country. Yes, every single one of the State and ultimately nation-saving measures was gutted by unelected judges, most of them Jewish. The will of the people was stymied by judicial over-reach time and again. Three strikes, same-sex marriage, bilingualism and Government affirmative action, all of them. And that my friends is the real breach of the Constitution: Judicial over-reach, the destruction of the fundamental checks and balances envisioned by the Framers.  But the damage has been done and is now in practical terms irreversible.
In any event, the next time you hear someone blaming ‘Californians’ for their state’s demise remember that they did fight against it. But were defeated by The Enemy Within.



2 responses to “Those Damn Californians”

  1. Europe like California cannot take any more refugees
    each war the us inflicts for israel, such as Iraq Libya Lebanon Syria and now Iran
    opens the floodgates more
    read this from todays news where europes leaders say just this

  2. Interesting viewpoint from our friend Irish Savant and a reminder many Californians tried to take the right steps to protect themselves and their state.

    I have always found the idea of, and strict adherence to, judicial precedent and case law to be a curious, and sometimes dangerous, tradition.That a single judge can interpret a law (or the Constitution) in a particular way and have that interpretation rigidly respected and followed for years, if not decades or centuries, gives that judge far too much power. But I think there’s starting to be growing opposition to it in the U.S. in that most of the other Federal judicial circuits look at the west coast circuit with great scrutiny and even contempt. There’s a movement growing to ignore the decisions coming out of those activist, over-reaching circuits. That doesn’t help California though and it’s up to the citizens there to start removing maniacal judges from the bench, physically if need be.

    I think the problem is more than just judicial over-reach. It’s Federal over-reach, which has been a growing problem in the U.S. for 200 years now and has really gained dangerous momentum over the past 100. The sovereignty of the actual states that make up the union is minimal and there is a federal government that is not only out-of-control, but also corrupt to the core and a very dangerous beast.