Repost: Trump is Leading America to WWIII

Rixon Stewart – Sept 17, 2019

Trump is a showman and like all showman he uses a measure of deceit together with appeals, as president, to false patriotism.
Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for the strike on the Saudi oil facility. Although the Iranians have backed the Houthi rebels they have denied involvement in this particular strike.
We tend to believe them as the Houthi rebels have shown themselves capable of fighting with increasing sophistication. In August they shot down an advanced U.S. drone, prompting some observers to ask whether the rag-tag rebels were the “future of war?”.
Nor was the recent drone strike on the oil facility the first time the Houthi rebels struck at vital Saudi infrastructure. In early August they launched a drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport, targeting the control tower.
While earlier the same week, Houthi drones struck civilian airports in the southern Saudi cities of Abha and Najran, as well as the King Khaled airbase in Khamis Mushait.
Most Americans, and many Europeans, are blithely unaware of this. But drone attacks on vital Saudi infrastructure is something the Houthi rebels have become increasingly adept at. That’s why we tend to believe Iranian denials of involvement in the recent drone strikes.
Here’s the thing though. U.S. intelligence KNOW the Houthis are quite capable of launching sophisticated drone strikes. They’ve undoubtedly informed Trump and Pompeo so why do the president and his secretary of state repeatedly imply that Iran was behind the most recent attack?
We would suggest it is to prepare the way for a retaliatory strike on Iran. Trump says it will be “proportionate” but frankly he’s talking rubbish and he knows it. Because even if a U.S. strike is “proportionate” Trump knows that by authorising it he’s lighting a fuse.
Because no matter how “proportionate” the U.S. strike is Trump knows full well that Iran will retaliate, thereby setting in motion a tit-for-tat exchange that could ultimately escalate to a much bigger war.
Before that happens though we suspect that Trump will make a carefully choreographed show of weighing the evidence and considering his options. That’s why he is saying that he would “certainly like to avoid war with Iran“.
He is acting as if he doesn’t want military conflict with Iran. He is trying to convince us that he wants to avoid war when it has probably already been decided upon.
It is part of the same ruse that led to Bolton resigning. It is all meant to fool ordinary Americans into thinking that Trump has America’s best interests at heart, that he wants to avoid military involvement overseas. When in all probability he is planning to plunge America into another bloody, potentially catastrophic war.
For make no mistake, war with Iran will be much worse that Afghanistan, Iraq and probably Vietnam too.
For a start, all U.S. military bases in the region will immediately become prime targets putting tens of thousands of lives at risk. Trump knows this. He’s cynically setting them up as targets. Giving him the justification if and when they are hit to launch a devastating counter-strike.
Trump may even be contemplating using nuclear weapons, as a final solution to resolve the Iranian conundrum once and for all.
Get ready. This is the lull before the storm.

15 responses to “Repost: Trump is Leading America to WWIII”

  1. I smell the jews behind this.
    The stench of jew is behind every war
    Rothschilds go-pher was winston churchill who brought us into 2 world wars
    on built up ;ies, most people know Toerag Tony took us to wipe iraq from the map
    on lies, so were 2 world wars, will you be fooled again this time ?
    many in the UK want no part of w w 3 even soldiers who joined up to defend the UK
    say ” no thanks let the jews clean up their own mess”

  2. Every innocent death is MURDER. We have a duty to defend ourselves against an attacker, but pre-emptive warfare is nothing less than mass murder on an industrial scale, and even more so when – as is always the case – the war is primarily against the civilian population.

    One (((group))) wants wars because they want to destroy life itself, Human animal and vegetable. They serve the devil in their insane belief that by destroying Creation they will somehow “prove” their imagined superiority over the Creator.

    What the devil can’t understand is that, while Creation takes Genius, any idiot can knock something down.

  3. So Houthi’s have hi-tech drones. Who supplies this tech? For all, we know its the US, UK or Israel. Trump needs to get reelected, at the moment this is not clear. The next point is the economy. The numbers in the US look very bleak. In the UK, every facet of the elite is lying about the economy & Brexit consequences no matter if we leave of remain. Illegal US sanctions on China are dumping the Germany economy and just remember, Germany is a close second to China on the trade war ranking. Given that bankrupt Western economies are on the verge of the recession of even collapse… QE has restarted, they need something to blame for collapsing economies, and war/problems in the Middle East makes a good excuss with higher rigged fuel prices. There has been a glut of oil in recent years. Keep in mind that UK would love the US to get involved in a big Middle Eastern war because it could easily spil back into Syria. Remember, Lord Jacob Rothschild wants Central Banks in Syria and Iran and North Korea. Trump is probably hoping that after he strikes Iran, Iran will close the Strait of Hormuz.

    People can’t grasp the idea that US and UK are fighting for their 400 year legacy of global power.

  4. Is this the fulfillment of some alleged ordo ab chao Masonic menage e trois of wars, whose third and final war will usher in the much ballyhooed “new world order”? Or is it perhaps something “divine”, such as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy? Many a Christian is COUNTING on this! The god of love needs his micro-chipped minions enslaved to technology from cradle to grave via implants. Which is the role of the “anti christ”, who was created by the god of love.

  5. I have been using data collected by consumer electronic devices and I have detected “neurobehavioral signs” of “someone headed toward a violent explosive act”.

    Check out these highly suspicious “neurobehavioral signs”: Trump Says That The Military Response To The Attack On Saudi Arabia Will Be “Proportionate”

    Open Letter to President Bullshit

    Dear BLOTUS,

    If you absolutely have to bomb a country that thrives on terrorism in order to feel “presidential”, why don’t you bomb the jewish state?

    Haven’t you been able to figure out who was responsible for 9/11…after 18 years?!!!
    If not, you’re dumber than a box of autistic rocks!!

    You’re not stupid you say? OK then: what are you? if not a coward, a hyper criminal and a hypocrite? Simple enough to figure out, right?

    What’s the matter BLOTUS? Aren’t you tired of lying for these filthy rich control
    freaks, these neoconderthal zews and the rest of the suckophants “advising” you?

    You’re not a real man BLOTUS, you’re a bloated puppet, trained to worship money and normalize all the lies that come with that thinly veiled religion of conceit.

    Are These The Last Few Days In The Life Of The Second Amendment?
    Chuck Baldwin – Sept 12, 2019

  6. Mr Trump is just doing his pal Kaiser BiBi a favour by starting a war and by doing so Kaiser BiBi can be sure to win the coming Elections in Israhell.

    What are friends for?

  7. Blotus Trump has certainly made all kinds of threats and placed illegal sanctions on whoever doesn’t bend a knee to the Jewish world order and his Lordship Wrathchild. Will the Zionist Criminal Trump actually do something or has he been bullshitting us the entire time with all his threats?

    This question of whether the United States is going to attack Iran has been long discussed and everyone is guessing what he will do. Will our fearless leader El Trumpenstein – the greatest whore of Israel ever – go ahead with a strike and suffer the consequences? What about Bibi’s lost election, will Satanyahu allow the polls to decide if he rules? This ain’t over until that lunatic is behind bars.

    It is truth or consequences for the Orange faced Yellow haired Orangutan with an electronic twit box. Will the greatest friend of Israel come to Bibi’s rescue? Everything is set for a launch, Iran HAS been framed by the false narrative Saudi attack, but does the playboy Trump have the nerve?

    Well I say this is exactly like General Armstrong Custer just before he rode down into the coulee and extinguish them wild godless savages on the Little Big Horn. Does Trump have the nerve?

    Little Big Man – “You Go Down There”

  8. I wish they would hurry up and do it, we all know the plan, just do it. I am getting old and may miss the fireworks. I am so sick of watching old Mash shows on TV. A real war on the box may help me get through a whole day without a nap. Must go my tea and biscuit is here.

  9. well i kind of see where this is going greater Israel project third temple two impostor messiahs messiah Maitreya Mahdi Krishna Kali avatar master Jesus messiah Ben Joseph messiah Ben David age of Aquarius Quetzalcoatl Balder Ragnarok fake second coming of Jesus Christ actual name is Joshua Emmanuel Yahweh Elohim in flesh body born to not virgin Mary real name is Miriam and stepfather is Joseph he was crucified and resurrected on 3 days time in the original text of the holy bible he is black African true Semite lineage and Palestinian Arab brown ascended master aliens angels demons Armageddon world war 3 other names for one entity in the bible known as Lucifer the light bringer Beelzebub Moloch Baal Beelzebub means lord of the flies things are going bananas worldwide biblical prophecy is coming true right before our eyes and our ears.

  10. America’s much bigger than just the DisUnited CounterStates. There’s no such things as “nukes”. If there were, as insane as men are, there’d be none of us here. Japan was carpet bombed; not “nuked”.

  11. Here is a meme that describes this article:

    Was Trump selected by the bankers to fool us in WW3?

  12. Did Jeff Epstein’s bankster overlords pull the fake suicide stunt so Epstein’s blackmail evidence wouldn’t come up in trials and related investigations ?

    Declaring Epstein officially dead looks like the clearing of an obstruction to Trump’s re-election. The bankster Jews must have had an important reason for all the effort they put into the Epstein fiasco.

    Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is already doing a 3 year hitch in prison at Otisville, New York probably because he wasn’t playing politics like the Zionists wanted.

    Starting in March 2019 ‘creepy porn lawyer’ Michael Avenatti was indicted in California and New York on multiple federal counts including tax evasion, extortion, fraud, and embezzlement. Avenatti represented the porn star Stormy Daniels who received $130,000 in hush money from Trump.

    Do you see the pattern with Epstein, Cohen, and Avenatti ? What they all had in common was dirt on Trump that could ruin Trump’s chances for re-election.

    So, it appears that the Jews want Trump to be re-elected. Consequently, they are imposing silence on people who might expose skeletons in Trump’s closet.

    Like Obama and many others before him, Donald Swamp is being used by the Jews as a puppet politician.

    Trump isn’t really trying to stop the wars, immigrant invasions, open borders, sanctuary cities, transgender madness, or any other evil the Jews want.

    Trump is simply lying when he tells the sheeple what they want to hear.

  13. Hey Rixon, great job as always.
    There’s one big factor you guys are missing here.
    Given the dark side’s attempt to “dip their toe” into gun confiscation in Virginia, we have seen the movement of 2nd Amendment sanctuaries from the perimeter to center stage. Americans from all walks are finding something they can agree on when it comes to preserving our ability to defend ourselves and this is undermining the well-documented efforts of the psychos to divide Americans against each other. Americans are uniting against the wanna-be controllers, they have already backpedalled from confiscation down to registration but it hasn’t stopped this movement. What other option do they have besides trying to get Americans into a losing war? The Iran war thing has been brewing for a long time, why else the sudden escalation? There are always multiple reasons for everything they do but I think we need to consider this factor.

  14. Thank you, Rixon, for your wonderful website and the blessing you truly are! I’ve been faithfully and gratefully following your website for 14 years, and prior to that was already a “woke” soul for 33 years starting at the age of 20. Every day I fervently pray for your 360-degree safety, security and scrutiny, as so many surely are, for our thirst and desire for truth is unabated. Please know every day that you and your treasured team are at the forefront of my consciousness in terms of all that you need to so valiantly raise the alarm and reveal the Truth!