9/11: The Official Narrative Is Dying

State of the Nation – Sept 13, 2019

Evidence linking these Israeli’s to 9/11 is classified!
I can not tell you about evidence that’s been gathered,
it’s classified information.”
— US official quoted in Carl Cameron’s report on the Israeli spy ring and it’s connections to 911.

by Patrick J. McShay

The 9/11 attacks are one of America’s historic events that are memorialized each year on the anniversary of the event and no matter how much evidence comes to light to debunk the official narrative, the media liars refuse to report it.

Take the murderers of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Robert F. Kennedy. The evidence that’s surfaced since they were thought guilty by the masses, few should still believe the patsies offered by the government were behind the killings, yet we teach these ridiculous lies to our children. Learning history in America means accepting lies and don’t ask too many questions!

*Real history shocks people.

The mainstream media still won’t admit that explosives were planted throughout the buildings on 9/11 including the numerous basement levels, despite testimony from firemen, policemen, World Trade Center workers and people on the streets of New York who all reported hearing dozens of explosions. Why has the media not interviewed these people? Very telling!

New York fireman and first responder that day, Louis Cacchioli, said he told the 911 commission about the bombs going off everywhere in the buildings and said they treated him like a suspect!

He said it appeared investigators had already made up their minds about what happened and refused to entertain anything that deviated from that narrative. That included explosives! None of the witness testimony concerning explosives including Cacchioli’s was included in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Commission investigators served as filters for the truth and blocked anything that deviated from the government’s narrative of a terrorist in a cave directing pilots to hit buildings, because as George Bush “The Dumber” said, “They hate our freedoms”.

There is a mountain of evidence that completely destroys every single aspect of the government’s official story, not least of which is the latest scientific 4-year study into the 6.6-second free-fall collapse of the 47 story Trade Tower 7 that a NIST investigation/ cover-up ludicrously concluded was caused by scattered office fires.

*They concluded the only way building 7 could have collapsed the way it did was through the use of explosives!

Anyone who followed how the Bush administration operated in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq can see a familiar pattern with the way the 9/11 investigation was handled. When it became obvious that there were no weapons of mass destruction and network pundits began speaking out, they started disappearing from cable news.

Sean “No Bomb” Hannity began attacking anyone on his show that mentioned bombs in the buildings.  Bill O’Reilly said, now that the war has started he didn’t want to hear any more anti-war talk.

Phil Donahue, the anti-war TV host who had a highly rated show on the war-loving network MSNBC was unceremoniously fired before he could start taking apart the mountain of lies flowing from the Bush propaganda machine.

Like Mueller’s Russia collusion Special Counsel investigation, the FBI under Robert Mueller ran the cover-up after 9/11 as well. Mueller was named FBI Director on 9-4-2001, just one week before the 9/11 attacks.

*Congressman Curt Weldon accused the 9/11 commission of a cover-up on the floor of Congress, and the media did such a good job of covering up the facts of the case that 18 years after the attacks many Americans have never heard of the free-fall collapse of the 47-story building 7, much less the destruction of building 6.

Building 7 didn’t collapse until 5:20 the afternoon of 9/11, but strangely, the BBC and CNN both reported the collapse 25 minutes before it happened. Firefighters on the ground were warning people that building 7 was about to come down, but how could anyone possibly know that? No steel-framed high-rise building had ever collapsed due to fire…until 9/11!

Whoever told those firemen that building 7 could be coming down knew the building was loaded with explosives and should be a suspect. Who was it?

FBI translator Sibel Edmonds became the most gagged woman in US history when she testified that she found documents that revealed that the US knew that Al Qaeda would attack American cities.  Edmonds said she gave the commission specific information including investigation file numbers, names of investigators, targets, dates, and individuals involved.

Despite the fact that all of the evidence provided by Edmonds checked out, the 9/11 Commission decided her testimony proving a deceitful FBI and government cover-up wasn’t important enough for the American people to hear about. Sibel Edmonds wasn’t mentioned in the final 9/11 report at all!

After 9/11, FBI agent Robert Wright tearfully apologized to families of 9/11 victims and accused his FBI supervisors of “thwarting and obstructing” his attempts to investigate terrorist activity. After 9/11, Wright filed suit against the FBI for “deliberately curtailing his investigation into terrorist activity.”

Minneapolis FBI agent and 9/11 whistleblower, Colleen Rowley, said that agents in her office became so frustrated with interference from her superiors that they joked that FBI headquarters was becoming an “unwitting accomplice” to Osama bin Laden’s attempt to attack the United States.

Susan Lindauer was a high-level CIA asset that was working on negotiations with Saddam Hussein to stop the march to war with Iraq. For what it’s worth, she didn’t believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and told the Bush administration so. It made no difference.

Lindauer said that she was briefed about the 9/11 attacks four months before the event and said she agonized over what to do! She said she believes the decision to invade Iraq was made much earlier than has been admitted. Sounds to me like the decision to invade was made before 9/11!

After 9/11. Lindauer met with John McCain and told him of her concerns. A week later she was SWAT-teamed, arrested, and held under the new Patriot Act for 10 months and had a gag order placed on her for years.

*The truth is the last thing that our controllers want us to hear about 9/11!

Just prior to the 9/11 attacks, an extremely organized Israeli spy ring and phone-tapping operation were found to be operating in the US and hundreds of Israelis were involved. They targeted military bases among other sensitive locations. Carl Cameron did a 4-part series on Fox News in 2003 that was shown once and taken down from their site.

Most Americans are unaware that Israel receives all of the raw data that is collected, mostly illegally, from the NSA on every US citizens, and in 2001 through an Israeli company named Comverse Infosys, could tap into most phone systems in America.

According to a US Army War College report in 2000, no country spies on America more aggressively than the Israelis. All 9/11 roads lead to Israel.

Today a story broke in Politico that listening devices have been found at strategic locations around the White House. An FBI report has blamed the Israelis for placing the surveillance equipment. Bibi Netanyahu, of course, has denied any involvement.

In a recent Real News poll on 9/11, they asked: Who was the chief architect behind the 2001 destruction of World Trade Towers?

The results:

Israel – 54%
United States – 22%
Al Qaeda – 13%
Don’t know – 11%

In a new twist, New York City Fire Commissioners are demanding a new investigation citing overwhelming evidence that there were pre-planted explosives in the buildings.

Pre-planted explosives indicate that this was way more sophisticated than some dopey Saudi’s with box cutters; these terrorists had access.

Bingo! George Bush’s uncle, Wirt Walker, was the Chairman of the Board of Securacom, the company that had the security contract for the Twin Tower Complex. His brother Marvin was also on the board. Why do you suppose no one knows that?

Dr. Alan Sabrosky was the Director of Studies at the Army War College in 2001 and he says he is 100% certain that Israel was behind 9/11. He also says that many of his peers believe the same. At this point, it is unconscionable that anyone in this country still believes that Osama bin Laden and a ragtag group of hard-partying fake jihadists were behind 9/11.

The poll shows that 76% of those polled believe the U.S. and Israel were behind the attacks. Those people aren’t getting their information on Fox or CNN, they are getting their news from sites that Google is trying to ban. Trump needs to stop talking and actually do something about Google’s monopoly and censorship.

Our controllers do the most damage to us when we are distracted and misinformed! Weak minds following an evil agenda have been a disaster for our country and have brought us where we are today. We are at a major crossroad.

If Trump doesn’t declassify all of the documents in the DOJ and FBI scandal immediately and send some of these traitors to prison, he will lose a lot of support. If he doesn’t do something about tech censorship and shadow-banning, he will lose even more support. And if he doesn’t do something about election integrity in this country, none of that will matter because they will steal 2020 from him for sure.








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5 responses to “9/11: The Official Narrative Is Dying”

  1. once investigators get too close to the culprits they’ll just stage another false flag terror attack & blame it on Iran.
    everything is already in place for war with Iran – it’s surrounded before anything has even happened. it’s just a matter of time.
    be an ideal distraction from the investigations. plus just what Boris Johnson needs to distract attention from the shameful suspension of legal government in UK

  2. The moshe solomons hour intervewied one of the 5 dancing israelis
    he expla\ined well why israel felt they had to do this to get 7 muslim countries destroyed and the remaining people shipped over to Europe the UK and USA.
    Israel wants the lady for the greater israel project some times called the road map
    they want water rights minerals and oil, and those people who stay will be killed off simple

  3. the only weapon the people have is the boycott
    We must boycott all jewish shops and supermarkets
    hit them where it hurts
    this is the only way to stop the genocides spy rings financial theivery
    and election meddling

    Tisha Bav is 9/11 every year on the Jewish calendar. Tisha bav is when Jews mourn the destruction of the two temples. Solomons temple fell on 9/11 and Herod’s temple fell on 9/11. like the twin towers. It is the saddest day for the Jews. 9/11 kick started the NWO and third temple mission. So many events have happened on Tisha Bav. For example the Romanovs were murdered on Tisha Bav 1918. They were arrested the year before and they were held all that time to the date 7/17/1918 to be executed on the order of Lenin. The Czar stepped down on the ides of march and ((they)) murdered the czar and his family after holding them for exactly 70 weeks inc end date. 70 bullets were fired. Second temple was destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans.
    The book known as ‘The Jewish Utopia’ by Micheal Higger which is basically the Jew Zio Mein Kampf says that (((they))) consider us the white race as the Romans and want to make us pay dearly for destroying their second temple.
    Tisha bav prayer
    “Console, O Lord, the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and the city laid waste, despised and desolate. In mourning for she is childless, her dwellings laid waste, despised in the downfall of her glory and desolate through the loss of her inhabitants…. Legions have devoured her, worshippers of strange gods have possessed her. They have put the people of Israel to the sword… Therefore let Zion weep bitterly and Jerusalem give forth her voice… For You, O Lord, did consume her with fire and with fire will You in future restore her… Blessed are You, O Lord, Who consoles Zion and builds JerUSAlem.”
    Abbreviated from the Nachem prayer.
    Tisha bav = 911 (jewish gematria)
    They put Trump’s face on a temple coin with Cyrus the Great who freed the Hebrews after 70 years captivity in Babylon. The second temple which was the last temple that was constructed was destroyed in 70 A.D. The Embassy was moved to Jerusalem on Israel’s 70th anniversary. trump elected at 70 years of age. Trump is Israel’s messiah. Trump was inaugurated aged 70 Years, 7 Months and 7 Days (777). 777 the number of chaos in Kabbalah and believe me chaos is coming soon.
    70 nations in 2019 were recently invited by the Sanhedrin to Dedicate Third Temple Altar. Trump reaffirmed the Noahide covenant a few months ago.

  5. Since the end of ww 2 experts have said Israel would use the false flag to get ww 3 underway
    Nicolai Ivanovich Yezhov was just 5 feet tall and he became boss of the NKVD the forerunner to the KGB and as a youngster he was severely bullied for his small stature, he made up for this by being very cruel to animals and smaller children, he was to become the worst tyrant and torturer of the Soviet Union.
    Yezhov was Joseph Stalins sadistic chief of the great purges, the mass murders of millions of Christians, his knickname was the Bloody Dwarf and this awful period became known as “yezovshcina”
    Yezhov dismissed his love of torturing and killing with his saying “when you chop wood, chips fly”
    Under Pres Putin a new openness with wartime files has been helped by freedom of information requests here in the west,
    Most FOI requests are redacted, but pieced together with documents in the British library and published wartime Venona decrypts we have discovered the following.
    It should be said that a prospective Soviet defector Soviet Vice consul Constantin Volkov in 1944 told British embassy he wanted political asylum and handed over some documents and said in exchange he would give info on 250 British communists and agents working against Britain and also the names of 80 possible agents from ordinary men to high ranking politicians, Winston Churchill is believed by Soviet bloc agent sweet William to be one of these agents working for Russia against Britain, and a document signed by Yezhov instructing the plan for the attacks on jewish businesses in Germany.
    In one of the worst blunders and total incompetence in British intelligence history, Volkov and his wife were taken hostage by the Soviets horribly tortured and killed before this amazing information could be passed over, we have the word of the writer of Spycatcher Peter Wright T Stokes Constanti Volkov and Alexandre Solzenitsin to thanks for part of the information which follows.
    On November 7 th 1938 Herschel Grynzpan on the orders of Yezhov a relative of the worlds most powerful banker Alan Greenspan walked into the Paris German embassy and shot 3rd secretary Ernst Von Rath, it was already planned that he would be defended in court by the top French lawyer Gerald Swab who would later along with the other jewish judges give out death sentences to German wartime officials at Nuremberg trials.
    Recently released archive documents from British intelligence show all people involved in these plots this were jews,
    the assassination of the German 3rd secretary, the boycott of all German goods and the mass purges of Christians all instigated by Yezhov and the jews in the USSR were to set the stage for Krystallnacht false flag attacks where 265 jewish synagogues were attacked and 700 businesses had their windows broken, previously believed to be the work of the German people we now know this was a Yezhov active measure to get the world against Germany for supposed attacks on the jews, and in the coming retaliation by jews, 30,00 jewish male activists were rounded up and put into the work camps, this fell right into the hands of the worlds press who blamed the German people for the crystal night attacks, Winston Churchill became the unelected Prime Minister and used the false flag Krystallnacht attack to build hate against Germany, it was said that the insurance money was enough to build a huge new synagogues after the war.