Goebbels Diary Contradicts Holocaust Narrative

henrymakow.com — Sept 17, 2019

“In May 1944 the deportation of Hungary’s Jews to Auschwitz began. In just eight weeks, some 424,000 Jews were deported. By the end of the Holocaust, some 565,000 Hungarian Jews had been murdered.” 
This is the official history but Goebbel’s diary refers only to railcar shortages and using Hungarian Jews for labor.
Even a “holocaust denier” like David Irving acknowledges that two million Jews were gassed It’s a shame that other details cannot be scrutinized without fear of persecution. 
Trust Sabbatean Zionists to politically exploit a human tragedy that they were partly responsible for

Joseph Goebbels Diaries Reveal Inconvenient Truths that Challenge Conventional Narratives 

By Thomas Muller — (Excerpt by henrymakow.com) 

Apr 18, 1944 (II.12.44)
The Führer then explained to the Gauleiters the background of his campaign in Hungary, and how it was designed. …In particular, the Führer expected contributions from Hungary of food, oil, manganese, and people. In particular, he wants the 700,000 Jews in Hungary involved in beneficial activities for our war effort.”
Apr 27, 1944 (II.12.199)
“300,000 Hungarian Jews have been detained and imprisoned in the concentration camps. They should come, in large part, to Germany as a workforce. Himmler will take care of this; above all, they are to be used for our difficult war production programs.”

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11 responses to “Goebbels Diary Contradicts Holocaust Narrative”

  1. Its a shame that Henry keeps on with this obsession with Hitler
    Internation jewry declared war on Germany in 1933
    there was massive amount of sabotage including the Krystalnacht
    attacks which were jew orchestrated ( sefton Delmar radio broadcast around 1960)
    The jews had to be rounded up for the safety of the people,
    but 175,000 were loyal to Germany and many fought bravely in its forces.
    Hitler put Rothschild in prison, he demanded rothschild put a stop to the sabotage and propaganda against the German people, Rothschils could have stopped the jews going into the labour camps but refused
    Tony Blair murdered a million iraqis, lets hear about that Henry

  2. LOL the jews will just not let it go that a little German guy ( actually Austrian )
    and a war hero from the First world jewish war, could out fox them and take the economy away from these jews and give the prosperity to his people.
    That he made a success of his countries economy, still infuriated jews to this day.
    Dr david Cohen said thus quote ” That man Hitler put back the jewish take over of the world 100 years ”
    Hitler had no plans to rule the world, only to stop the rusian communist jews from taking Europe, which is what Churchill wanted

  3. It’s a pity the great historian David Irving surrendered to the pressure he was under, and no doubt threats, to claim two million were gassed. This we absolutely know now forensically was a propaganda lie, carried out by the Soviets, Zionist Jews, newspapers, Nuremberg Kangaroo court and so forth.

  4. What a lovely alternative. “Ve don’t vant to kills zem. Ve only vant dem fer slaves.” It was in 1944 when they knew they were going to lose the war and there would not be any 1000 years of rule for such slavery that they decided to knock off as many as they could. They did not kill anywhere near 6 million but if they had their way they likely would have done so in what they unjustly considered as payback for treachery. The entire 20th century presents a picture of the elite ruling class’s history of deceit, treachery, and violence on steroids, and in this century, unless the common people wake up, find God, and take back control of their lives and their nations it is only going to get worse.

  5. Its easy to cherry pick facts from the big book of life
    Jehovah wirtnesses do it all the time, but onlya few are decieved.
    I like the easy way Henry writes and i think he probably beleive what he says.
    But the Soviets who captured Hitlers secretaries drivers cook etc
    all told the same story even under truth drugs and daily torture going on in some cases for years, Hitler died in the bunker.
    If i was to beieve any theory that he survived it would be the Scottish one, i saw a couple of vids where local people were interviewed, sceptics say the guy played it up as he loked like Hitler, i guess we will never know the truth now

  6. 2 million were gassed? Where? What proof of that is there? I don’t believe that any Jews were gassed. Shot? Yes. Died of illness and starvation? Yes. Beat to death? Yes. Used for medical experimentation? Probably. But gassed? There is just no credible evidence that the Germans had the capacity to gas that many of them, dispose of the bodies safely and then magically make those remains disappear (either through cremation or mass graves that were dug up and moved somewhere else that no one can find).

    Makow is limited hangout / poisoning the well (apropos considering he is a Jew, don’t you think?). What little bits of truth you get from him honestly isn’t worth wading through the enormous amount of bullshit he puts out.

    Jews are still butthurt that Hitler bested them. They tried to lie and make him out to be the villain. Now that the internet has made that impossible, they have to try to say that he was really a Jewish stooge all along. Yeah, right. Sure he is, Makow. Keep taking your shekels to push that narrative.

  7. Dr. Larsen, the American forensic pathologist, was given the task of looking for cases of gas poisoning by Zyklon B ( cyanide) in the camps when the allies entered. He examined up to 100 bodies a day in each of two dozen camps. The symptoms are obvious since with cyanide gassing the skin goes pink or red. Under oath, at the Nuremburg trials, Dr. Larsen stated that he did not find one case of gassing to death. What he did find was that typhus and dysentery had swept through the camps. This was the result of the collapsing of Germany due to the ceaseless bombing of Germany by the allies and the resulting breakdown of everything. Even the SS guards were dying as a result of typhus.

  8. Henry still thinks that Hitler was a Rothschild agent.

    Hitler, Schacht, and the National Socialist created their own credit, for their own people, and exited the international banking system. This was a direct threat to Rothschild, and finance capital – especially finance from London and Wall Street.

    The tax roles in Germany almost tripled from 1933 to 1938, and this WAS NOT ROTHSCHILD MONEY.

    Until people can get it through their thick skulls, especially Henry, that Germany issued their own money to then avoid a great depression, and put people to work, then said Henry-like people will always be confused. It is ok to connect dots, but not ok when you have been corrected by somebody who knows better.

    The money was issued in a way that economists CANNOT UNDERSTAND, apparently. Schacht even told everybody straight up what he did during the Nuremberg show trials, but it went over the lawyers heads. It also goes over Henry’s head. See Schacht’s book, the magic of money, where he drops the dime and tells us the truth.

    Mefobills and Oeffa bills were issued. This was the secret method of introducing new debt free money into the economy. There were other methods too, but these were the main ones that confuse economists and historians.

    The bills work like this: 1) A shell corporation is created. 2) The Shell issues a bill, and DIRECTS it toward industry. Mefobills were directed toward military goods, and Oeffa bills were directed toward modernization of factory capital equipment (new and better machines to be more productive in industry).

    These bills were something like a check, with three parties. One party receives the bill, the other party is a private bank which redeems the bill upon discount, and the third party is the Reichsbank. T

    Forget about the shell corporation, once they issued the bill it was on its way, and out of the shell corporations hands. The dummy company confuses people. Follow the bill instead.

    Think carefully on this: Industry receives a bill, which is new purchasing power. When industry discounts the bill at a private bank, said industry (those holding the bill) are paid NEW REICHSMARKS. Discounting means being paid, or redeeming the bill for cash.

    Where did these new Reichsmarks come from? The Reichsbank. The Reichsbank issues new Reichsmarks from nothing, to then buy the bill.

    The Reichsbank pays the private bank. Private bank no longer holds the bill, it is on-sold to Reichsbank.

    Follow the money.

    Throughout the whole monetary circuit NEW PURCHASING POWER was issued into the economy. Even better the money power went toward improving industry, the commons and toward benefit of a nation’s people

    Is it so hard to consider that our Psychopathic Plutocracy (many jews) ensconced in finance and enjoying their supposed God status, would take issue with HItler. Talmud assigns god-like status to the Jew, and their secret usury methods came under attack as Germany made their money sovereign.

    It really is that simple. Germany had industrial capitalism, with their own sovereign money, and they were a threat to international finance capital and hence the Jews.

    Hitler was not a Rothschild agent. He was the opposite – a threat to Rothschild.

    People who are not monetary historians often get confused. Money is the prime actor in modern history, and if you don’t understand monetary history (like Henry) you become lost.

    The money power is the most fearsome power, and today’s Western World is the same as it was before WW2, fully in the camp of finance capitalism. International Creditors (Jews mostly) want an international money they issue and control to then become God and push history in the direction they want.

  9. When the britsh army reached the camps they stopped and the first people in were
    bomb disposal for booby traps.
    Graham Bickerton was a close freind in MI6
    He was the bomb disposal man and the first man in, he said he hada long cane and would push doors open with it, check it was clear puta chalk mark on the door and blow a whistle
    He said there were bread ovens which you had to stand to one side push the cast iron dors open witha cane, blew the whistle and put chalk marks on.
    He went back to the camps while on holiday with his wife in the 60s
    He said they were unrecognisable, the bread ovens had been rebuilt on a huge scale
    and they were told these were for cooking and gassing people.
    His original report on this was still in MI 6 files in the 70s
    There was no gas ovens no holocaust and any German soldier who ill treated jews or anyone was punished. I know i read the files, all of them

  10. What the Irish holocaust when 6.3 million were systematically starved to death by queen Victoria when her soldiers stole enough food for 13 million people. Now that was a REAL holocaust!

  11. As a German I can say that there are more Englishman denying the so called Holocaust than Germans . There has been an unbelieveble huge Propaganda Campain to tell and induce Germans this incredibile Story and destroy ther Minds . It is a fact that there is more Thruth to be found in England . Thanks to you !
    For me as a German it is hard to anderstand , that a yew can be killed in a Gas chamber and still receive pensions in 2019 . It is a miracle , just like those People that suddenly demand Pension payments though they had been registered as having been gased .
    One has to be from the Middle East to anderstand these MIRACLES.