Tehran ‘Ready For War’: IRGC Says US Bases, Carriers Close to Iran Are Within Range of Its Missiles

Introduction – Sept 15, 2019

Although Pompeo has blamed Iran for the drone strike on the Saudi oil facility we don’t think the U.S. will respond militarily.
Iran has spent the past few years preparing for just such an eventuality. It saw how recent Western military campaigns in the region have been spearheaded by cruise missiles and air strikes. In response it has developed its own air defence system, which now pose a real threat to Western air strikes.

Iranian Zolfaghar missile launch targeting ISIL/ISIS/Daesh in Syria. The missile is thought to have a range of 700km. Click to enlarge

In particular the Bavar 373 would pose a serious challenge. According to the Russian aviation publication Avia.Pro, the indigenously developed system not only equals but surpasses the Russian S-300.
Together with its own locally developed radars and short and medium range air defence systems, Iran can now confidently confront the threat of air strikes. U.S. military commanders know this, which is why Donald Trump called off air strikes in retaliation for Iran’s recent downing of a U.S. Global Hawk drone.
Although Trump claims he called off the strikes because he thought it a disproportionate response for the loss of the drone, he may have had other reasons. For we strongly suspect that the U.S. military “advised” him against launching a strike.
A group of 76 retired U.S. generals, admirals, ambassadors and senior officials have warned Trump  against conflict with Iran, and we suspect that the current U.S. military command share their view.

Tehran ‘Ready For War’: IRGC Says US Bases, Carriers Close to Iran Are Within Range of Its Missiles

Sputnik News – Sept 15, 2019

The statement comes as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday blamed Iran for recent drone attacks on Saudi Aramco’s oil fields, urging the international community “to publicly and unequivocally condemn Iran’s attacks”.

Tehran has always been prepared for a full-fledged war, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps Aerospace Force Chief Amirali Hajizadeh said in a statement on Sunday, just a day after two drone attacks on oilfields in Saudi Arabia, which were claimed by Houthis and blamed by the US and Saudi Arabia on Tehran.

“Everybody should know that all American bases and their aircraft carriers, at a distance of up to 2,000 kilometres around Iran, are within the range of our missiles,” Hajizadeh said.

According to Hajizadeh, the Iranian military are ready to target two US bases and one carrier in the event of an armed conflict.

“Al-Udeid base in Qatar, az-Zafra base in the UAE and a US vessel in the Gulf of Oman would be targeted if Washington took military action,” the commander said.

US Blames Iran for Drone Attacks in Saudi Arabia

Saturday’s drone attacks on Saudi Aramco factories prompted the United States to accuse Iran of being behind the incident.

US Senator Lindsey Graham accused the Islamic Republic of looking to “wreak havoc in the Middle East”, and recommend that the US “put on the table an attack on Iranian oil refineries if they continue their provocations”.

Moreover, US Secretary Mike Pompeo pinned the blame on Tehran over the attacks calling for public condemnation of Iran’s actions.

In the meantime,  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told Trump during the phone call that the kingdom was willing and able to confront and deal with this “terrorist aggression.”

Reacting to the accusations, the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman Abbas Mousavi has condemned Mike Pompeo’s recent statement on Iran’s involvement in the drones attack against Saudi Aramco oil facilities in the kingdom, calling them a lie.

“The US policy of exerting “maximum pressure”, that apparently failed, veered towards “maximum lie” policy,” Mousavi said.

Drone Attacks on Saudi Oilfields

On Saturday, two drone attacks, claimed by Houthis, caused major fires in two oil facilities: in Abqaiq in eastern Saudia Arabia and Khurais northeast of Riyadh. These were eventually contained by security and emergency service personnel. According to the Saudi energy minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, oil production at the two plants has temporarily stopped, interrupting about half of the company’s total daily oil output.

Yemen’s Houthi movement has been launching drone attacks against Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure and military facilities in response to the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen, which began in March 2015, aiming to restore the government of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Both Riyadh and Washington claimed that Houthis have been receiving Iranian military assistance. Tehran has repeatedly rejected these allegations, citing the naval blockade which has been in place against the southern Arabian country since 2015.

Tensions in the Gulf

Tensions have been running high in the Persian Gulf since the Trump administration withdrew last year from the Iran nuclear deal, and then hit Iranian industries with new sanctions, prompting Tehran to take advantage of treaty backstops to increase its supply of low-enriched uranium.

The situation came to a boiling point this year after alleged attacks on two US oil tankers in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz in June.  Washington accused Iran of the incident, while Tehran vehemently denied its involvement. A week later, a US drone was downed by Tehran; Iran insisted that the aircraft violated its airspace, prompting Washington to introduce sanctions against the nation’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The situation further exacerbated after Adrian Darya 1 tanker, formerly known as Grace 1 was detained off Gibraltar. It was released on 15 August after it had been held for a month. A Gibraltar court ordered the release of the ship despite a last-minute request by the US to extend its detention in view of differences in US and European sanctions against Iran.

Amid the arrest of Darya 1, Iranian authorities detained oil tanker Stena Impero on 19 July over alleged maritime violations. Tehran stressed that the arrest was not retaliation for the seizure of Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 by UK overseas territory Gibraltar earlier the same month.


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    This is an abominable crime, its like China saying it will take half of Chicago for demolition and settlement building

  2. Dr David Cohen said on conspiracy news that when Putin told Netanyahu to come see him
    he warned that if Russia opened its filed on the wartime camps
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  4. Though Bolton is being labelled as the warmonger: and had to go, —
    The fact is; he was a real man and open about his intentions,
    Were as Pompeo, is a slimy snake, “a belly crawler”, who lies and deceives openly,
    Being far more dangerous to the world as a whole, than Bolton ever was.
    He is far more mentally unstable than Trump, and may have Trump taken out to carry out his own agenda.
    World War Three; is a sure thing, with these two idiots running the show for israel.

  5. Iran can destroy 95% of its enemy’s important targets in 12 hours and furthermore take over the entire Middle East in less than a month. However being reasonable, they are slowly letting the reality sink in and things develop naturally!

    Israel is a hostage now, Dimona can be destroyed as a nuclear deterrent. There is nothing anyone can do against Iran, direct full scale war will result in World War and burn the entire Middle East. So US and its allies have been trying to slowly weaken Iran through indirect means. Iran can fight a war for decades if need be and with maximum motivation. Nowadays though wars won’t last too long with all the high tech missiles!

    I would like to bring to your attention, one part of the forgotten history and later explain the events around it from an Iranian view:

    During The Tanker Wars, the biggest oil-tanker belonging to Kuwait by the name “Al-Rekhah”, was renamed to Bridgeton and re-flagged for US. In operation Earnest Will, US navy escorted the Tanker with at least 5 vessels, two missile-frigates, two cruisers and a destroyer, later another frigate by the name Reavers joins them to help with possible fast-boat attacks from Iran. CNN and others were 24/7 reporting this to the world saying US is escorting this tanker and Iran can’t do anything! Young IRGC back then sends speedboats ahead of them, they dropped two mines in such a way that one hit the Bridgton on the left side after not hitting the US navy escort ship in the front! The blast caused a massive 43 square-meter hole and 4 out of 31 compartments of the Bridgeton gets filled with water! The funny part is US escort moves behind the sinking tanker for cover, at first they thought it was a missile! Later on their way back, these speedboats are attacked by two US helicopters, they shoot down one of the helicopters with their only Stinger missile. After hours of fight, the commander of the mining squad, Nader Mahdavi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nader_Mahdavi) was captured and later killed after severe torture.

    This was a great blow to US prestige. Please note that back then Iran had very limited military equipment, these operations were made successful only by sheer will of those Iranian heroes. Right now things are much different!

    **More details about the story that you should find interesting:

    – Weather was really bad when Mahdavi’s squad started their mission, they had to return back a couple of times, and one of the crew also got his fingers crushed between the two mines on the boat, trying to keep them in place.

    – It is said that a few of the escorting Ships were actually bought by Shah of Iran (uncle Sam’s Police of the region) before the revolution and Shah had paid in full. However US renamed them and send them as a move to demoralize Iranians. In fact Vincennes that shut down an Iranian Passenger jet was one of them!

    Similar to other places, in Iran too we have some Jews that are acting as Muslims and they have changed their names too. Generally such Jews are known as (אנוסים) آنوسی, their history goes back to Mongol invasion and perhaps even to Pharaoh’s time too! They act and appear as normal citizens however in private they keep their Jewish traditions such as kosher food, etc… They can be the most dangerous infiltrators! Even now Iran’s political system is infected with them and you can be sure after President Rohani who is also a problem, there will be a great purge! For example President Banisadr (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abolhassan_Banisadr) was a Mossad spy and a Freemason. During Iran-Iraq war he wanted to bring Iranian defense line to the Zagros Mountains and let Iraqis take over all the south! When he became president, IRGC intelligence told Imam Khomeini that he was a spy! Khomeini told them go and work with him as he has all the votes! Nothing can be done about it! It was only later when people saw his true colors, he fled country dressing as a woman!

    So what all of this has to do with the Tanker War and Bridgton!? Khomeini said: “Go and take out Bridgeton, don’t let it reach its destination port.” Three of the influential people back then came to him and said we can’t, it is dangerous… so Khomeini asked them 3 times as this was very important. Each time they came back and said can’t be done! In the end Khomeini said: “If it was me, I would sink that tanker!”… so as you see it was honest young men of IRGC and Basij who loved Khomeini and did the impossible. Khomeini later said “I drink from the Goblet of Poison and accept peace.” They actually forced him to, country was riddled with spies and infiltrators while also having many ongoing strategic debates and ideological disagreements. Iran actually held Iraqi land and was about to capture Basra. Later Iranian forces were moved to north to defend against a possible Saddam invasion there and left south unprotected. This was obviously the work of infiltrators and led to Iraq regaining the lost territory. The same three people came to Imam and said we have no money, we have no weapons, we have lost many people we can’t continue the war. As if “they” were giving blood, it was Basij and IRGC listening to Imam Khomeini with absolute love. Long story short, they finally managed to stop Khomeini and country from gaining victory. This time though no one’s going to stop Hoothis of Yemen! You can be sure of that. Did you know BBC has a documentary in which they praise Hashemi Rafsanjani as a shrewd military commander and leader! In our eyes he was an idiot that is why enemy is happy with him! his views were totally against Khamenies views, before his death he even wanted to dismantle our military entirely to improve our economy! Liberals and their claim of reality and realism!

    Khomeini said after me don’t let the liberals take control of the country. Unfortunately it happened and until now Iran is dealing with spy elements and liberals, liberals are funny, they are like Muslims, they pray and act like Shiite Muslims but they don’t believe in core beliefs such as “God’s Guaranteed Promise of Victory” to be fair though that is one of the hardest and God pushes to the limits, after all he has to decide who is better! They constantly want to be “Realistic”, yet fear of the enemy is so much in their eyes that it actually clouds their judgment and causes them to be “unrealistic” with their negotiation approaches. All the military advances in particular Radar and Missile, Nuclear and Space technology advances in these 40 years are done by Children of Khomeini, liberals can’t do anything despite their education, economy is in shambles because it has been in the hands of liberals, 11 Shiite scholars have said over 154 times that Banking System and usury is against Islam look at the corruption, these guys manage to get to key positions and mislead people, they have the dream of grand negotiations, somehow Trump came and due to miscalculations got out of the deal and now wants back, Rohani is the last hope of the US, through his government they concealed their plans to apply 2030 protocols in education. Iranians are paying heavy price for voting for these bastards, because Iran is unstoppable beyond its borders, unfortunately enemy still has hopes in its internal elements in Iran. CIA and Mossad agents weren’t too worried after Banisadr’s cover was blown, they even didn’t mind sacrifice other infiltrators, because they had bigger pawns and spies in the Religious Clothing!

    We feel our revolution was a miracle and is more of a miracle now that still is standing, countries fall with the simplest of colds; Iran not only survived but is also thriving! Same Qasem Suleimani fought Saddam and now he is a hero there in Iraq! This is hard to digest that after all the money US spent in the region, Iraq is in Iran’s hands (in a good brotherly way). Shiite discourse certainly won over Nationalists and Racist discourse. Even Moqtada Sadr visited Khamenei a few days ago displeasing Saudis!

    Thanks for reading this long and somewhat incoherent writing.