Syria keen to buy latest Iranian ‘Bavar-373’ defense missile system: report

Mehr News – Sept 14, 2019

The Bavar 373. Click to enlarge

Syria plans to buy the Iranian air defense system BAVAR-373 due to less efficiency of the Russia’s S-300 missile system.

Although it has been more than a year since the delivery of Russian S-300 to Syria, the evidences show that this air defense system has low performance and efficiency in use. In this regards, Syria intends to buy Iranian BAVAR-373 air defense system.

According to a report by Avia.Pro, the Russian S-300 has never been used to repel the attacks since the delivery time. Despite numerous Zionist attacks over the past year, the primary reason for not using of the S-300 in Syria is that the air defense systems simply do not see Israeli planes.

According to some sources, the reason for not using the S-300 in Syria to repel Israeli attacks was the Russia’s special position.

Syrian and Iranian officials have not confirmed the news of selling latest Iranian ‘Bavar-373’ defense missile system to Syria so far.

The domestically made missile system Bavar-373 was unveiled during a ceremony held in Tehran on August 2019.

The long-range air defense system is capable of detecting up to 100 targets, tracking 60 of them, and engage with six concurrently. A distinguishing feature of Bavar-373 is its vertical launching system with square launchers, mostly used for air defense on warships.

Bavar-373 uses a long-range, phased array fire-control radar, dubbed Me’raj-4. The air defense system employs three different types of missiles to hit targets at various altitudes.


4 responses to “Syria keen to buy latest Iranian ‘Bavar-373’ defense missile system: report”

  1. The much loved Putin summoned the hated Nutenyahu to Moscow and told him ” no more bombing raids on the people of syria ”
    poor Nutenyahu shit himself and ran home crying to the americans who more and more dont want to know about contrived wars for the jews

  2. There is no where to comment on the Henry Makow item
    so let me just say his Hitler stuff is so out of line with all the experts
    even RENSE wont put it up

  3. The reason the S300 is not as effective as Syria was led to believe, – is because Russia had honed it back in its capabilities, so as not to be a threat to israel,
    So it would be a very good move to get the Iranian system,
    for both Russia and Iran, as then when the satanic forces in israel start losing planes, they cannot blame Russia, for supplying arms to Syria – that could do harm to the evil chosen ones.
    and Iran can test and hone their systems in bringing down Israeli aircrafts.
    Which would be wonderful news.

  4. You can’t trust the rissians, they will always disappoint you at the critical point.