Putin Trashes Marx and Lenin: Marxism Was Wrong, Family Matters

Russian Faith – Sept 13, 2019

Vladimir Putin loves the traditional family. It is so refreshing to see a world leader talk about family with such vitality, such dedication, such awe and respect.

On national television, the Russian President said that Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Vladimir Lenin were wrong in their theories about the traditional family. Putin says children need to experience the love of both a mother and a father.

The video includes English subtitles:


“100 years ago, the creators of the Marxist theory thought that families would cease to exist, and children would be raised by a community, dreaming of a new society.”

“Practice has shown that the absence of a loved one, the absence of a mother or a father, makes a young person defective. Because even though the idea that Marx, Engels, and then Lenin formulated might sound nice, they forgot the essential part of the upbringing of a complete person — Love.”

“When children don’t feel loved, its hard for them to feel confident. And confidence — not arrogance, but confidence — is an essential aspect of personal development.”

Historically, the belief in Russia has been that every major social movement, every major belief, good or bad, comes directly from the leader of the state. While it probably seems somewhat bizarre to the Western mentality, it has its benefits.

Take for example the fact that this one man has done so much to change the hierarchy of values in his country, and bring back Christian morality and pro-family values as major goals of a modern country.

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8 responses to “Putin Trashes Marx and Lenin: Marxism Was Wrong, Family Matters”

  1. The essence of Marx’ s thought was that the distribution of material wealth ought to be based on equal distribution based and need, which view trumped everything else, even God. From there you got the persecution of Christianity, the devastation of the family system, and the destruction of the work ethic. Apart from all the failures of Marxism everywhere you still have professors in our universities believing in and teaching the stuff.

    You can have examples of businesses owned by the workers which are successful but such cooperatives require a great deal of mutual trust, effort, stability, and risk taking, of which few wage earners really want to be committed, let alone an investment. Marx thought he could eliminate human greed and give prosperity to workers simply by shifting the ownership of the means of production to the state. In the final analysis, both he and Lenin must be relegated to the dunce heap of human history.

  2. Putin against the new World order. Finally we have a bonafide world leader!!! Trump and Putin.!!!!!

  3. Communism in essense was best described by that now banned book Socialism for westerners where its says ” Communism was devised to put the money and power of the people into the hands of the few”
    Lord Rothschild brought in communist lecturers to Cambridge to indoctrinate the stupid,
    and it worked Anthony Blunt arranged alcohol parties where men were enticed to go with boys there and then they were blackmailed for rothschild who put them into his BBC and other prominent positions
    BTW Sweden is the latest country to demonstrate against homosexual perversion

  4. I think I like Mr Putin very much, whilst he has been portrayed in the west as a huntin’ shootin’ macho man, he does seem to have humanity and intelligence. He is not so high and mighty as to sit and speak to the young.

  5. Marx was a distant cousin of Rothschild. As a journalist he was under Rothschilds influence, and even more so as a so-called philosopher. Pure Frankfurt Judenstrasse Trash.

  6. Stalin also said like that

  7. Stalin went against Engels and Marx long time ago and restored
    the family in Russia way b4 Putin was elected.
    Not a religious issue

  8. Interesting what Keelan says above regarding the Rothschild’s. Their legacy is all about the concentration of information, wealth, power into their own hands for more and more control of everything. In the West it is hard to find a successful money-making venture or industry, legal or illegal, moral or immoral, which they do not either control or have their tentacles into in some way.

    We note that it was the English Rothschild’s together with Queen Victoria, and the Sassoons of Bagdad, which made huge fortunes in the opium trade they imposed on China. Apart from any legitimacy of fleecing other crooks, or greedy and corrupt Western monarchs and nations involved in their dog-eat-dog battles of the past, there is little to go on to actually believe the family’s track record has been to help curb such evils, or to make any nation flourish through either the silver rule or through Christian virtue. Rather the evidence appears to be that they have mainly gained in using their bankster cash to fuel any strife from which they could profit. For instance, until some time in 1916 they were financing both sides in WWI. Both sides wanted their continued financing and both sides promised to repay the entire debt no matter which side won, which is exactly why the crippling reparations after WWI led to the rise of something even more monstrous than before.

    The Rothschild’s almost single-handedly created the Zionist movement and they do take total credit for the creation of Israel. They continue to use that network and nation for more growth and control in their pursuit of world financial hegemony. It is not jealousy which is the issue here. Rather, what should be at issue is the means anyone or any nation uses against others for gain. Any nation like Russia which kicks out the Western stooge billionaires, banksters and carpetbaggers is immediately saddled by the Rothschild-owned West with crippling sanctions, infiltration, bribery, military threats, all aimed at some kind of takeover.

    The Resistance is made up any group in any nation whose people want to run their own affairs themselves, for the benefit of their own people and those they chose to benefit. To do this they have to be free from being deliberately weakened, corrupted and exploited by any exclusive minority holding and manipulating the reins of power for their own interests.