CEOs are Just Go-fers for the Rothschilds – Sept 13, 2019

“The chief executives of major US companies sent Senate leaders a letter on Thursday, urging Congress to expand background checks on all gun sales and issue stronger “red flag” laws. The letter, first shared by the New York Times, is backed by 145 CEOs of well-known retailers, technology companies, and financial institutions, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, Levi Strauss, Reddit, Twitter, and Uber.
The move demonstrates how top corporate leaders are taking a united stance toward gun violence in the wake of recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Gun violence is “a public health crisis that demands urgent action,” the executives wrote in the letter, adding that they have a responsibility and obligation to stand up for the safety of their employees, customers, and people across the country.”
Corporations are all controlled by the banks, who are Rothschild franchisees. As I have said, the essence of Communism and the NWO is a Rothschild (Cabalist) Satanist monopoly over everything, wealth, power, thought, your children. These CEOs are just following Rothschild orders as when they champion abortion, and unisex bathrooms
In 1963,  83.5 percent of the top 200 non-financial corporations, representing 84% of all assets were bank controlled. Banks need only own 5-10% of the shares to control a corporation. (David Kotz, Bank Control of Large Corporations in the United States 1978. p. 4)  It’s probably worse today. 


Pujo Committee (Wikipedia)

This idea was validated in the United States by the Pujo Committee in 1913 which unanimously determined that a small cabal of financiers had gained consolidated control of numerous industries through the abuse of the public trust.


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One response to “CEOs are Just Go-fers for the Rothschilds”

  1. Henry Makow is correct about bank ownership of corporations. Here’s another link from a mainstream magazine:

    Yet the faux “anti-capitalist” movement – operative word “capitalist” glosses over the financial over lordship. “Capitalists”, in so far as they operate independently of banks, operate on narrow band of profit. Note, the “capitalist” misnomer is included in the linked article.

    I seem to recall Social Credit thinker C H Douglas also pointing out that many English literary “socialists” were quick to criticise “capitalists” rather than the wealthier more powerful bankers. “Capitalists” of course can be the front men, the nominally wealthiest people in the world eg Branson and Gates – but that’s what the banker owned media buy for them – the facade of being the wealthiest and the distraction of who really calls the shots.

    So Marxists whine on about “capitalists” and Zionists insist that criticism of “bankers” is “code for Jews”.