Is Chaos the Real Goal of Brexit? – Sept 12, 2019

A person wearing a Boris Johnson ‘head’ digs a grave at the foot of a tombstone during a protest outside Downing Street in London. Click to enlarge

There is a war raging for England’s soul.
Parliament is holding the country hostage.
Parliament vetoes Hard Brexit,  treasonously undermining Johnson’s negotiating position while refusing to let him call an election.
SC, a British expat living in Asia, thinks Brexit is really about creating chaos. “The whole “Brexit thing” is one big manipulation swinging in nearly every direction and one does not know what to expect next.” I initially rejected this notion thinking BoJo would push through a No-Deal Brexit.
Then Borris says a “no-deal Brexit would be a failure of statecraft for which I would be partially responsible.”   Wednesday he said he would not strike a pact with Nigel Farage whom he branded “unsuitable.”  Now the courts are blocking his suspension of Parliament. The publication of “Operation Yellowhammer” a government assessment of chaos following No Deal also bodes ill.
Maybe SC is right. Maybe chaos is the end game. They are all Freemasons after all.

“Operation Disunited K”  – aka How to Stop Brexit and Permanently Change the British Isles 

By SC — ( 

We have been inundated by political commentary on the failed Brexits during 2019. However it must be realized that there is no coincidence in life, everything happens for a reason.
Brexit was always predestined to fail. Operation Disunited K has been that reason. During the Spring of 2016 David Cameron,  PM of the United Kingdom,  gave the British people a chance to vote. Cameron had no plan whatsoever for whatever way the vote went. However, the dark suits of the European political class (hereinafter referred to as THE EURO DARK SUITS or TEDS ) were not as thoughtless and careless as Cameron.
During the April May June referendum campaign in UK whilst Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and other popular politicians and celebrities were traveling around the country on huge buses filling the heads of the population with all sorts of fear and nonsense TEDS were busy planning.
TEDS were planning for the surprise result of the referendum which would be that British people wanted out of Europe. TEDS has not wanted the United Kingdom to leave the EU. It was a No-No situation. It was that simple.  UK ‘s leaving simply could not be allowed to happen. It did not fit in with the overall plan for the formation of the One World Government.
The result of the referendum on 16th June 2016 did surprise everyone.   52 percent of the registered British voters wanted to leave the EU. And a new noun BREXIT was created. TEDS damage control was quickly initiated and the value of the British pound dropped significantly signaling to everyone that BREXIT was not popular with commercial and financial markets in Europe. Operation Disunited K was far more than damage control.



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8 responses to “Is Chaos the Real Goal of Brexit?”

  1. This is a distinct possibility….it is even possible Cameron held the referendum for this reason.
    Of course both Johnson and Cameron are easily identified as Jews…..all things considered the Windbag Farage AND Corbyn are also crypto Jews.
    Heads or tails….they win.

  2. Boris Johnson is a jew he works for the jews and is in the pay of the jews, so why would he want to get the UK out of the Rothschild EU ?
    i smell a rat here, a very large one.
    Same as Epstein before he could stand trial dies, same as Greville Janner and
    Leon Britten, who were charged with what is now known as
    ” The gay sport of Boy-Nobbing”
    This is not a sport its child abuse it ruins lives and is evil.
    I know i am a social worker who deals with abused boys

  3. “Boris Johnson ‘an epic Europhile’ claims Louise Mensch

    The former Conservative MP says “there is no chance at all” the Mayor of London could lead the Tories given his “raging” Europhilia”

    (right click on video clip to select controls to de-mute)

  4. The big question on everyones lips is, Will Boris Johnston betray the British people ?
    Is Nutenyahu a dirty little jewboy ?
    Does a bear shit in the woods ?
    Is Cliff Richard a poof ?
    By their fruits shall ye know them
    Matt 7-16

  5. The owners want EU. The people thwarted the owners with Brexit. So if UK exits the EU expect chaos, suffering, punishment.

    Any nation thwarting Zionist Rothschilds can expect the worst. Brace yourselves you brave Brits because you may be in for decades of engineered hell by the owners who are going to punish you for daring to believe in independence.

    Of course you could just take the owners out and be done with them. Just sayin’

  6. The protracted Brexit fiasco is also aimed (1) deterring other countries from leaving the EU and (2) push the agenda of a united Ireland. Ireland declared itself a sovereign 32 county nation on 21st January 1919 after the only ever 32 county referendum on 18th December, 1918 and were recognized as such by Russia and India. However King George 5th disagreed and agreed a new constitution in 1922 which UNLAWFULLY partitioned Ireland into Northern Ireland the Irish Republic. I think they want to have Ireland reunited again but LAWFULLY controlled by the Crown, who also control the Commonwealth countries headed by the CEO Charles.

  7. This article is so wrong. The UK is a representative democracy. Personally, I don’t believe democracy exists anywhere but this is a different argument. 90% of the sheeple in Briton are thick. The public simply isn’t knowledgeable enough to understand the pros and cons. There are 45 million voters in the UK. 27.6 million DID NOT VOTE TO LEAVE THE UK. Where was the winning post of 22.5 million? 50% isn’t enough, more like 60% to win such a vote. The referendum was ADVISORY and MPs were supposed to vote on the result. No way would MPs have voted for Brexit.

    If Cromwell were alive, all these Brexit coup plotters would lose their heads for what is almost certainly treason. The Conservative party has been pro-EU all its history until the Trojan coup plotters emerged in their quest to turn the UK into the 51st State of Amerika.

  8. Boris is full of bravado and Bluster but in reality he KNOWS what he is doing………He called an election NOT to give us Brexit but to destroy the vote of the Brexit Party just like the Lying spineless Jewess May did!……We need a REAL drain of the swamp and that will not happen until people take to the streets and FIGHT for REAL democracy and get OUR country back that has been sold out lock stock and barrel by Greedy self serving scum form ALL PARTIES at Westminster!!