World War Bibi

Gilad Atzmon – Sept 11, 2019

Yesterday Netanyahu claimed he’d identified  a third secret nuclear site in Iran where Iran allegedly “conducted experiments to develop nuclear weapons.” Yet, despite the hyperbole no one seemed to take Netanyahu seriously: the Israeli press was amused by the desperate election stunt. His political rivals mocked the Israeli PM and a few hours after Netanyahu’s press conference his best ally, President Trump, expressed his wish to meet President Hassan Rouhani. Somehow, world leaders were entertained by seeing the Israeli PM, who threatens the entire region with his country’s nuclear arsenal, performing his victim spiel over Iran’s nuclear enthusiasms.
One week before the Israeli elections, Netanyahu is in a state of despair. He knows that as things stand he can’t form a right wing coalition and without such a coalition he is destined to be indicted for a number of criminal activities and will probably end up behind bars like his predecessor, former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert.
How does Netanyahu deal with this looming threat? He presents himself as the nation’s saviour. For the last few weeks Mr Benjamin Securityahu has launched attacks against Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and, allegedly, Iraq. He seeks an engagement with Iran that could easily escalate into a regional, if not a global, war.
It is easy to grasp the Israeli PM’s likely reasoning. If Netanyahu’s foreseeable future includes imprisonment and humiliation, a global war might provide a way out of his personal and political dilemma. A war would postpone the election indefinitely. If Israel survives such a war, Netanyahu could well emerge as a heroic figure of bible proportions. And if Israel loses such a conflict, there won’t be much left of the Zionist project anyway.  According to Israeli military analysts, in the next war Israel’s cities will be targeted by thousands of rockets. Devastation is inevitable and in such a scenario, they predict that little will be left of Israel’s power of deterrence.
This is a dark and scary scenario, but we have to bear in mind that Netanyahu is not an unfamiliar figure in Middle East politics. Arab and Iranian leaders know that while Bibi likes to brag about Israel’s capabilities, he is reluctant to test its strength. Netanyahu doesn’t start wars. He isn’t as confident and assertive as he pretends. Like his friend Trump, who regularly threatens the universe with American military aggression but is  repeatedly caught backpedaling, looking for an exit from situations he himself created, Netanyahu is not sanguine about Israel’s military force. He is likely scared of the war he seems to push for and this is not necessarily a bad thing.
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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

7 responses to “World War Bibi”

  1. Gilad you area good man and i wish we had more jews like you.
    I used to listen to Moshe Solomons on the conspiracy hour, he interviewed one of the 5 dancing israelis, Moshe another good jew, and there are not many, would often have people on there such as Emanual valence the starn gang member who took the authorities to where 40 bodies of small arab boys were bried
    he said that israeli premier Menachem Begin would hav e small arab boys kidnapped for him to rape strangle mutilate the body and have his men bury it, the programme on jewish blood drinking i just could not cope with with and switched off
    Gilad you area great man, thankyou for what you do

  2. As the jews rob america as they did the UK, homeless folk live out dismal lives in the gutter eating from bins, while the jewrobbers live in real style in israel and plan another war to waste american more lives
    As Nutenyahu said ” Palestine today tomorrow America ”

  3. Gilad, although The West’s technology/military is doubtless supreme, it actually proves to be ineffective against determined guerrilla units, who also have no fear of death ( the cliche Muslim heaven with attendant beautiful virgins!! )
    Will Israeli, British, American troops (plus other Europeans) really want to fight a seemingly endless bloody war……..should that greater war ever break out? I doubt it. It is comical to me to hear that marshmallow of a Defence minister, Williamson, making threats to China, using his newly built aircraft carrier as that threat, when it can’t deploy F35’s from its deck yet.
    I think, that these factors could potentially lead to a world peace process. My goodness we need one. It is achievable, because the whole world relies on the USA for trade and commerce………..therefore the USA could make demands for world peace, using the trade card. But surely what is needed is a US leader of true greatness? They don’t grow on trees!
    And even if that leader was in office, he has an added burden of restoring his own country’s decline, which is notable since the millennium. I believe Donald Trump got elected on that ticket……end wars.Bring back industry to USA. Peace plan for Middle East. Not sure if he is the man, analysing what’s happened since he has been in office.

  4. Many now believe that Rothschild puppet, Netanyahu, was one of the principal architects of 9/11 as well as for most of the Zionist treachery and wars in the Middle East. None of his crimes or ruthless pragmatism will bring him down because in our world it is those very amoral and sociopathic methods of people like Netanyahu which bring them to the so-called “top” and allow them to continue in power. All of the major power brokers have either utilized or endorsed treacherours, deceptive, dishonest, violent, and unjust methods to get their wealth and power and they will continue to do so despite all the complaints and the hankerings of the common people wanting a more just and peaceful world. Expecting any bankster or power mogul to change their natures on the basis of pleas of fairness and justice is totally naive. It will never happen. They are takers and not givers and the only language they understand is taking by stealth or by force.

    9/11 should now be the sign to all of the common people of the world of all the corrupt, proud and lofty elites coming down in ruins by their own hand. They on the other hand say, “No we have rebuilt by successfully blaming others and now we are ensconced in even loftier towers.” However, what remains drilled into our minds are the images of those buildings coming down together with their stealth, deception and mass killings.

    The common people will only rid the world of its corrupt leadership when they stop taking the bate and falling for all of the false polarities and artificial divisions created by the ruling elites to keep them divided. When this occurs they will unite and their leaders will no longer be able to pretend they represent the people while in fact they are puppets anointed by the banksters and the sociopaths manipulating and distorting everything to satisfy their own interests and agendas.

    The next major false flag will occur after the next presidential election, unless US petrodollar becomes so battered before that the pragmatists are led to think that a war with Iran or an invasion of Syria or Venezuela cannot wait.

  5. We have all become Palestinians.

  6. Well said (Me) you are very correct, we have all become Palestinians, under the evil satanic, parasitic creatures, that rule this world, its time for humanity to rise and take our planet back, as the only chosen ones are the Palestinians, the very ones the parasitic creatures are trying to wipe out.

  7. If there is another needless war, it will be carried out in the usual cowardly fashion, from a safe distance..