Just Questioning “Diversity” is a Thought Crime

henrymakow.com – Sept 10, 2019

Ethnic diversity can harm social trust and economic well-being of societies, studies have found.

“Diversity” Tricks Westerners Out of Their Birthright

THIS EXCELLENT OP-ED in the Vancouver Sun on how “Ethnic diversity harms a country’s social trust and economic well-being,” based on scientific studies, was scrubbed from the internet in less than 24 hours. Yet 63% of Canadians want to limit immigration. They have already been disenfranchised by media and politicians who serve the Cabalist central bank cartel. Their  “Diversity” excludes genuine diversity i.e. opinion. “Multiculturalism” is a pretext to not have any national culture. 

from The Vancouver Sun

“Mark Hecht: Ethnic diversity harms a country’s social trust, economic well-being, argues instructor
OPINION: Canada should say goodbye to diversity, tolerance, and inclusion to rebuild trust in one another and start accepting a new norm for immigration policy — compatibility, cohesion, and social trust.” 
“Instead of diversity being a blessing, many found that they’ve ended up with a lot of arrogant people living in their countries with no intention of letting go of their previous cultures, animosities, preferences, and pretensions.”

By Mark Hecht (Source) — (henrymakow.com) 

Sometimes they get too much publicity, but can you blame them? The Danes just seem to get things right. But even the Danes can make mistakes. A decade ago the fundamental belief among Danes toward Muslim immigrants was that these newcomers would see how wonderful Denmark was and naturally want to become Danish as quickly as possible.
This turned out to be naively wrong. At least half of all Muslims polled across various western European countries believe today that their Shariah law is more important than national law, according to the Gatestone Institute.
In other words, a not insignificant proportion of Muslim immigrants have no intention of assimilating into any western society, including Denmark.


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