Makow Explains His “White Ethnocentrism”

Henry Makow — Sept 9, 2019 

Last week I tweeted-
“The current cover of The New Yorker is how Organized Jewry and Freemasonry envisage America. Would we see this cover on a magazine called “The Jerusalemite?”
I got this reply from “Grim LeRogue”
“by tweeting words like this.
New York City hasn’t been a white city in 70 years. this cover isn’t outrageous in the least.
do you realize without your racial divisiveness you’d have the best conspiracy site on the planet?
you gotta stop presuming whites are the only people against tyranny.
you make it impossible to recommend your twitter to nonwhite conspiracy students.
as a white would unfollow a black conspiracy Twitter that didn’t respect his/her presence, any nonwhite i told you where the best feed on twitter would assume I’m a racist for enjoying you – because your page’s Achilles heel is its white ethnocentrism that pushes nonwhite anti-tyranny allies away.
tweets like these make all the good info you reveal go to waste bcuz many won’t even want to read a word you say after tweeting so racially uninclusive.
many of the nonwhites you could greatly inform (who’d go on to inform many others) would leave you & your informative revelations, feeling uninvited – bcuz of tweets like this.
they’d feel rejected by you, the good guy; and see on the other hand the devils like AOC smiling in their face and follow her instead.
every racially uninclusive tweet you post alienates an ally. the devil is right there to scoop up (via flattery) every nonwhite ally you push away.
so you’re hurting your own anti-tyranny cause by pushing nonwhites into the net of the tyrants!

Thanks, Grim for this valuable feedback; Let me explain —

I believe people are defined by their individual behavior, not their racial or ethnic background.
Naturally, I think this way since I am a Jew and do not want to be defined by the behavior of other Jews whom I criticize. I am an assimilated Jew. I identify with people of European descent
I believe people are individuals and should be treated as individuals. The individual’s ability to be unique is the essence of freedom itself.
People of European descent should retain their national identity, just as Africans and Asians do in their own countries. I want to see everyone prosper in their national homelands.
Third world migration and multiculturalism are being imposed by the Cabalist central bankers who regard people of European origin as a challenge to their unfolding world tyranny. Europeans retain a residue of Christianity which Cabalists, who are Satanists, wish to destroy.
“We will destroy every collective force except our own,” they write in The Protocols of Zion (16-4).
We see them gnawing away at the four legs of collective identity – religion (God) nationhood, family (gender) and race.

Justine Trudeau-Castro, globalist traitor. Who gave him the mandate to do this? Click to enlarge

Third world immigrants are being imposed to destroy the European national/religious/racial heritage of the West. If this had been discussed and voted upon, fine. But it is being imposed by the agents of the Satanist central bankers, i.e. our politicians, and mass media.
Mass immigration is a form of gerrymandering. Its sponsors hope to harness these voters to disenfranchise Europeans. Disenfranchisement leads to genocide. (They are also pushing miscegenation.)
To call European resistance “racist” and “bigoted” is a typical Communist (Cabalist) smear tactic. (What is Communism?)
Why do we hear about “white privilege” but never Jewish or Chinese privilege?
The Jewish state will be the only Western state allowed to retain its national, racial and religious identity.
The above tweet calls out their hypocrisy. The NewYorker is one of their many mouthpieces. What they call “white supremacism” and “white privilege” are just Europeans trying to maintain their identity in the country they built, defended and pay for. This is really about white dispossession.



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2 responses to “Makow Explains His “White Ethnocentrism””

  1. Nothing but the truth! Grim and co have nothing to contribute on any level to advanced higher civilisation. Let alone be allies with the truther movements to fight against the establishment of Multiculturalism, a satanic agenda in establishing the NWO and ZOG. Grim & Co are the very palpable instrument used by the NWO, a biologically proven tool that can be manipulated to a greater extent by higher intelects, than can be done to other human races, to serve rather than lead. Highlighted by the contrast of developed nations against non developed nations. Grim & Co by intellect and biologically can serve no other purpose but to degenerate the developments of white Europeans as they widely have done so to middle eastern races through intermarriage. Hence the seizure of all scientific development except in the limited influenced Persian states…. “Bcuz” says it all!

  2. Well stated, Henry Makow! An excellent articulation and analysis of some of our major issues at hand.