Hive Mind Catastrophobia

Mark Windows – Windows on the World September 8, 2019

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One response to “Hive Mind Catastrophobia”

  1. The original hive mind catastrophe is the Torah and all the monotheistic religions it spawned. One of the great problems of the world was mono-theism the creation of the fascist concept that all must bind into one (fasces) and follow the one true god, and if you don’t believe in this (imaginary) one true god then off with your head, or into the fire, or get chopped up or pulled apart, or tortured, or banned, or labeled as the antichrist, or deleted, censored, removed from youtube.

    Everything bad happening in the social media world comes from this hive mind mentality of my way only, only my thoughts are allowed and it is exactly the same when only my god is tolerated. My way or the highway is the mentality of a tyrant. Where do we find the origin of such extremist thinking? The Torah. The so-called holy book of the Jews is the source of hive mind terror. Such thinking is not “holy” at all, holy meaning whole or everyone part of a whole, we are all one is the real meaning of holy.

    The demonic hell unleashed on the world comes straight out of the Holy Bible because it is a lesson plan in exclusionism and how to make war on those you disagree with. This “me only” mentality is the original source of religious fascism and conflict. Now if we look in history when polytheism was the rule, people tolerated each other and each others god. Only when we decided there was only one god, and my interpretations are the only correct version of the one true god did we decide to cut each others throats over mere words in some book.

    Christians point a finger at the Old text and claim they are not that, but they are that. In the old text Yahweh tells his followers to wipe out those who aren’t worshipping him, then in the new text Jesus says the only way into heaven is through him. Same exact thing. Christian extremism and Amerikan foreign policy is being driven by the message in the Jew book. We have a right to invade and bomb you because we are right, exceptional, etc.

    Gore Vidal – “I regard monotheism as the greatest disaster ever to befall the human race.”

    Monotheism is how you build hive minded cultures. Hive mind is what we find inside the bowels of Goolag and Youtube, where the pathetic small minded social media branded twerps decide what is allowed.