Lipitor & The Trillion Dollar Cholesterol Scam – Sept 8, 2019

How effective is it? Is high cholesterol really the cause of heart disease? Does high fat / saturated fat diets cause high cholesterol? What are the real side effects of statins? Why does every doctor on the planet put you on statins the first chance they get? Get ready for a long trip down the rabbit hole with this one.
“Ask your doctor about Lipitor” Sound familiar? It should. Total sales of that drug since the introduction is expected to top $1 Trillion (that’s TRILLION with a T) by the end of 2020. It is the most profitable drug in the entire history of medicine. But what do we really know about that drug?
The story begins in 1956 with a guy named Ansel Benjamin Keys who received a yearly research grant of $200,000 (an astronomical amount in those days) to carry out dietary research that culminated in the publication of The Seven Countries Study which “clearly” showed a high correlation between high fat/saturated fat intake, level of cholesterol in the blood, and heart disease.
This research finding started the whole “low fat” craze and officially launched the war against cholesterol. The only problem? It was all a big fat steaming pile of BS.
His famous chart that shows the correlation between high fat intake and heart disease literally threw out any data that did not fit into his curve. Here’s a pic of his original chart with the correct chart to the right that plots ALL data from his studies.
Just even glancing at the REAL chart, you can see that it’s all over the map. But our guy Ansel just drew a line and said, look, here it is! This isn’t even half of what he was and what he did but the video above will explain it FAR better than I could in a post.


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