By Lasha Darkmoon – Sept 7, 2019

As British MPs trash democracy and become ‘the Enemies of the People’, the big question is: Who will deliver us from these knaves and fools?

“It makes no difference who you vote for — the two parties are really one party representing the interests of four percent of the people.” — Gore Vidal

Queen Victoria must be turning in her grave and muttering darkly, “We are NOT amused!” Not since the Battle of Waterloo (1815) have there been scenes of such pandemonium in Perfidious Albion. Nay, not since Julius Caesar’s legions swept into Britain in 55 BC and flabbergasted the flaxen-haired natives with their giant catapults and caterwauling cries. Do I exaggerate? Well, perhaps a wee bit, but not too much.
Queen Victoria, if she were alive today, would certainly be reaching for the smelling salts and demanding firm rule and an end to chaos, much to the approval of the 17.4 million Brits who voted for Brexit over three years ago. That enormous number of people exercising their democratic rights to abandon Europe and regain their sovereignty and independence would have indeed impressed Queen Victoria, given that the total population of Britain  in 1837, when Victoria came to the throne, was only 16 million.
To see democracy denied and openly trampled upon in this outrageous fashion, by the most anti-democratic parliament in living memory, often reduces me to tears and sometimes makes me grind my teeth with impotent rage.
“This is insane,” Richard Littlejohn raves in the Daily Mail, “There’s no other way to describe the deranged behaviour of the political class over Brexit. Parliament resembles a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.”
Only a few days ago Prime Minister Boris Johnson was accused of staging a “coup”, his anti-democratic critics accusing him of subverting democracy and assuming the mantle of Adolf Hitler.
Littlejohn notes trenchantly:
If anyone is trashing democracy, it’s the majority of MPs, hell-bent on overturning the result of the 2016 referendum.
The latest dishonest excuse they’ve seized upon is stopping a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. The reality most of them refuse to admit is that they want to stop Brexit altogether.
They bleat about upholding parliamentary sovereignty. But only so they can surrender it to the EU. For the best part of the past five decades they have been content to sit back as the bulk of our laws and trading arrangements have been made by unelected foreign bureaucrats and judges.
Both parties, Conservative and Labour,  were elected on a manifesto commitment to implement the result of the 2016 referendum. In the case of the Tories, they insisted no deal was better than a bad deal. They have now done a complete U-turn, thanks to the devious and duplicitous machinations of Theresa May, Britain’s former ultra-Zionist (‘I am a Jew’) prime minister, who suddenly decided that “No deal is better than a bad deal” actually  meant the opposite, i.e. “A bad deal is better than no deal.”
Littlejohn conjures up an amusing simile to sum up the situation, comparing the British Parliament  to a medieval castle under permanent siege. All that’s missing, he muses,  is a giant mechanical catapult for lobbing custard pies at the opposite benches. “Whoever said that politics is showbiz for ugly people”, he orates,  “has been proved more right than they could ever have imagined in their wildest dreams.”
It’s not just the reputation of Parliament, Britain’s standing in the world as a beacon of democracy is being dragged through the mud. Three years and three months since a Tory government was given a clear instruction to get Britain out of the EU and all its works, it still hasn’t done it.
If they really wanted a deal, they could have voted for Mother Theresa’s dismal, defeatist withdrawal agreement. But they rejected it three times.
Now they’re planning yet another pointless postponement, even though they can’t agree on what they do want. Most normal people, regardless of how they voted in 2016, are sick to the back teeth of the squabbling, grandstanding and showboating.
It’s time for this grotesque circus to up sticks and get out of town for good.

“We no longer live in a functioning democracy. The way things are going, there will never be an end to this madness.” — Richard Littlejohn in the Daily Mail, 4 September 2019 

—   §   —
Madness is certainly in the air. I walk through the streets nowadays and find myself rubbing shoulders with increasing numbers of weirdos and loonies, many of them dangerous. One has to cross the road in order to avoid eye contact. A mere look can be misinterpreted as an insult, leading to a kick in the solar plexus or a zombie knife in the groin.  Pubs and public transport are no longer safe places. The young, and especially the unemployed lower classes with lots of time on their hands to cook up mischief, are, quite simply, as was said of the debauched poet Lord Byron, “mad, bad, and dangerous to know.”
Most of the people I encounter look shabby and unwashed. Beggars and dusky migrants from abominable lands throng the pavements. Out-of-control children are shrieking  their heads off in prams, pushed along by wild-eyed single mothers on state benefits who look as if they could do with a kind word and a hug. Tramps with filthy beards leer at you and make obscene gestures, especially if you happen to be one of those trendy young tarts who like flashing themselves  on the high street in their lingerie—a bit like this—under the illusion that the world expects every young woman to model herself on  the Whore of Babylon. Sigh. And then they complain when they’re raped and start croaking like dopey froglets in a village pond, “Meeee-toooo! Meee-tooo!
If I mention these seemingly irrelevant details in the context of Brexit, it’s because I regard them as absolutely relevant. Entire nations can be possessed at times by a collective madness. I recently came across a rich young man in a top hat, with his posh girlfriend wearing a pair of high-heeled Manolo Blahniks costing  £975.00 ($1200) from Selfridges. He stops  in front of a bearded young man sitting on the pavement, reading a copy of Marx’s Das Kapital and soliciting coins in a cloth cap. I stop too, an interested spectator. You are supposed to drop a coin into the young man’s cap if you feel well-disposed toward him. After all, he could be a student with a crippling loan. He is not at all pushy. He’s just sitting there on the pavement, cross-legged like he’s doing yoga, his nose buried in Marx. An intellectual beggar.
The top-hatted toff extracts a 50-pence coin from his wallet (hardly generous)  and flings it into the cloth cap. “Thanks!” growls the young Marxist, not looking up from his book. To my amazement, the young toff  then fishes out a £20 note from his wallet and sets fire to it with his gold cigarette lighter, using the banknote to light up the expensive cigar he has just crammed into his mouth. His swanky girlfriend titters, “Ooh dahling, aren’t you a naughty boy!” and drags him away. Chortles all round and high-class hilarity as they strut off down the street and disappear in a blaze of glory.
I close my eyes and count to 10, thinking guillotine. I have mental images of aristocratic heads rolling under the best head choppers from Uzbekistan.  And imagine myself investing in one, on sale at Amazon or ebay. And me using the password robespierre1798 to place my order.
Ah, these grand guignol fantasies! And I haven’t even swatted a fly for 20 years, being an ardent supporter of ahimsa, non-injury.
Today I read in the papers about a cricket writer from Australia who goes into this British bar and orders a craft beer, expecting to pay £5.50 fro a Deuchars IPA, made in Edinburgh. The bartender is obviously a nutcase high on cannabis and charges him  the astronomical sum of £55, 300 ($68,000) for “the most expensive beer in history”, blithely adding on another £1,380 ($1,700)  “transaction fee”.  WOW! Without blinking an eyelid, his bank lets the payment go through without questioning it, like it’s an everyday event for people to buy beer at £55,000 a bottle! The Aussie writer is called Peter Lalor and his bank robber is known as the (aptly named) Malmaison Hotel. (Malmaison = ‘bad house” in French). The Aussie cricketer manages to get a refund after nine days of hell. Talk about being stumped! (The Daily Mail, 5 September 2019, p. 5)
What does this have to do with Brexit? Lots. I’m just trying to hammer home the point made by Littlejohn above that this entire country resembles the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland.
If British PM Boris Johnson had been charged that much for a bottle of beer, he would have been a bit surprised but not so much, given that his favourite wine costs £180.00 a bottle. Which is more than old age pensioners get in Britain to cover all their expenses for an entire week: between £129.20 (basic weekly state pension) to £167.25 (with guaranteed pension credits), one of the meanest pension rates in Europe and several thousand pounds a year below the poverty level.
The Conservative Party, representing the interests of the rich, are directly responsible for this social iniquity and has done nothing to stem the widening gulf between the rich and the poor. They like calling themselves the “One Nation Party”, giving the false impression they care equally for the “haves” and “have nots” alike. They don’t. They make sure the poor are kept in their place. At the bottom of the dungheap. I am not a Marxian socialist. I am all for the rich enjoying a far higher standard of living than the poor, especially if they have worked hard for it. A stratified society with its own caste system is essential in my view, but not a society in which the poor are allowed to starve to death and die of hypothermia while the rich live high on the hog in 100-room stately homes and light their cigars with twenty-pound notes.
The great Tory statesman Benjamin Disraeli needs a pat on the back for speaking the truth when he confided, in a rare moment of candour, that his own Party was “an organised hypocrisy”.
I will leave you with one further example of how the rich predatory class behave among themselves. It is reported that advertising genius Tim Bell, who worked for the Jewish PR firm Saatchi & Saatchi, when negotiating a fee for his firm, would make use of an ingenious trick called the “blink system”. Tim Bell explains: “When a client asked how much we charged for our services, I would answer “£100,000” ($123,000). If they didn’t blink, I added, “Per month.”
This is a country in which, given the chance, they will rip you off right royally. We live in a country in which the private firms that run the railways are little better than a criminal mafia, in which private utilities are allowed to overcharge and openly rob everyone who needs gas and electricity to run their homes, in which rich landlords treat their tenants like medieval serfs, in which students are saddled with crippling debts for decades, in which teachers are at the mercy of disruptive pupils and their mentally deranged parents, in which the people who have the most children are unfit to have children and need chemical castration, and in which, finally,  the government sits on its hands and does nothing— absolutely nothing!—to clean out the Augean stables and restore order and sanity.
One is indeed tempted to think  that the ruling classes in this country, far from trying to produce order out of chaos, are actively engaged in systematic chaos creation.
The politicians are the pied pipers leading their people over the cliff edge. Unfit to rule. Nay, unfit to exist! G.K. Chesterton got it right when he mused dolefully long ago: “It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.”
—   §   —
Who do you hate more: the People or the Enemies of the People in parliament? The sheeple who voted for Brexit or the Wolves in Parliament who refuse to give it to them? I know whom I hate more. I have hated these toxic parasites for a long time. But now I regard them with a fear and loathing which I will take with me to my grave. It is because they are ruthlessly cruel. Like all human predators, they lack kindness, the quality that brings us closer to the gods and separates us from the ravening beast “red in tooth and claw”.

“I believe that all government is evil,
and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.”
— H.L. Mencken

In former times Theresa May (pictured above), sometime described as “the worst Prime Minister in British history”, would have had her head chopped off by the guillotine. She has managed to keep her head but her reputation is now in tatters. Her ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ with the EU was rejected three times by Parliament because it was only too obvious that it was a FAKE BREXIT—a Brexit so soft and soggy that it appealed  only  to Remainers.
Mrs May was a staunch aficionado of Europe. A Remainer to the core. She lacked the necessary moral fibre to free Britain from its European bondage. So she put on a fine act of virtue by advertising the fact that she was a Vicar’s daughter and that the wickedest things she had ever done in her life was to run through a field of corn. (Fully clothed, mind you, not naked!) The British public were taken in by her demure air of innocence and were naturally delighted to have as their prime minister a woman of such unparalleled virtue, whom many began to confuse in their dimwitted way with the saintly Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
Little were they to know, when they elected her, that Mrs May was an incorrigible liar A deceiver par excellence. Here her picture is juxtaposed with the picture of  her friendly mentor Rabbi Efraim Mirvis, with whom she had dinner on the same day she was elected Prime Minister.
It is more than likely that Boris Johnson, himself a Turkish Jew (pictured at the Wailing Wall) who has appointed many Jews to top positions in his administration, will agree to a souped-up version of Theresa May’s fake Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, thus betraying the 17.4 millions Leavers who voted for Brexit in June 2016. If so,  Britain will remain a vassal state of Europe in perpetuity.
If this is the final outcome after three years of dithering and duplicity—that Britain should get a FAKE BREXIT thrust upon it—democracy will indeed have been given the death blow in Britain.  Much to the delight of international Jewry who are firmly entrenched in Britain and wield supreme power also in Europe, as they already do in the United States. Brexit can in fact be seen as a “slave revolt” by the indigenous white population of Britain and Europe against their Jewish masters and their mercenary shabbos goyim servitors.
What I have said in a previous article perhaps needs repeating. It is a word of ‘Warning to the Slaves’. I can use the word “slaves” for my fellow citizens without any fear of being accused of condescension, given that I regard myself also as a slave: as heavily under the cruel yoke of bondage as the wretched helots all around me. We are all in this together, bleating in unison on our way to a communal abattoir.
“Often when I pray,” the good Christian writer C.S. Lewis noted, “I wonder if I am not posting a letter to a non-existent address.”
I feel like that myself sometimes, especially when I declaim these warnings from the rooftops like a latter-day Cassandra to an empty square in the twilight of a world hurtling helterskelter to Armageddon and the end days:
The next few months are likely to witness some of the most momentous events in British history since the first World War. The crucial question is this. Will the new maverick prime minister Boris Johnson prove to be a hero or a villain? Will he rescue the riven country and unite it, leading to a new golden age of peace and plenty for all, or will he stab it in the back and be accused of betraying the nation and leading it into bondage?
My personal view—and I hope I am wrong—is that he will betray the nation on behalf of the rich elite he secretly represents, an elite oligarchy that exercises supreme control over international affairs. There are only two feasible alternatives: Johnson will either leave Europe with ‘No Deal’, causing uproar in parliament and with half the electorate, or he will deliver a Brexit that is a souped-up version of Theresa May’s ‘Withdrawal Agreement’. This can accurately be described as a “fake Brexit”, i.e. a Brexit more likely to please Remainers than Leavers.
No matter which way you cut the poisoned apple, we can expect events to unroll that will make life infinitely worse for the common people and a heaven on earth for the rich and predatory elite that actually calls the shots and rules the country.
On the one hand, if ‘No Deal’ occurs, we can expect Britain to draw closer to America if only for a trade deal, becoming in the process a part of Pax Americana, a vassal state helping to fight America’s wars on behalf of international Jewry; in short, a country in bondage to an out-of-control behemoth.
If, on the other hand, we leave Europe with a fake Brexit disguised as a true Brexit, which is highly likely, we become Europe’s slave in perpetuity. This will naturally delight Lord Rothschild, owner of the Economist, and George Soros, the Jewish multibillionaire banker and predatory speculator. It would  lead to huge profits in the financial markets as the pound collapses and property prices do a nosedive. The capitalist vultures from foreign lands will then sweep in and buy up the country at bargain basement prices, as they did in Weimar Germany when cosmopolitan Jews and other fabulously rich speculators bought up most of the country and children stood on the street corners selling their bodies for a crust of bread.
Full steam ahead for the Trotskyists then — for the anarchists and the architects of evil.
Of course, I hope I am wrong. I sincerely hope our country is delivered from bondage. I pray that the lives of the common people are improved. And I hope and pray that the rich and powerful learn that there is a limit to their rapacity.
If the rich and privileged refuse to learn the lessons of the French Revolution, I foresee a time when their heads will roll under new versions of the guillotine.
When the rulers are unfit to rule, revolution sooner or later becomes inevitable.
Chaos comes.
The clock is ticking . . .