2001 Movie “The Believer” Depicted US Nazis Killing US Jews

Henry Makow – henrymakow.com Sept 7, 2019

This intelligent 2001 movie about a Jew who became a Nazi is a reminder that we are deprived of intelligent relevant works of art and suffer as a result. 
Writer/Director Henry Bean, a Jew, said Hollywood distributors rejected “The Believer” after a showing at the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  “The film does not work, there is no redemption, and it’s a primer for anti-Semitism,” the rabbi said.
Henry Bean said: “What Abraham Cooper at the Wiesenthal Center wasn’t defending was piety or what’s good for the Jews. What he was really defending was their power to define what the Jewish community should be, should say, should think. It was power, more than Judaism, they were concerned about. That’s where I think the real force lives.” 
Bean is describing a cult, not a religion. This cult principle is being expanded to embrace all of humanity. This is the NWO.
Luckily “The Believer,” a work of genius, is available again on Amazon Prime. The film is more relevant today than ever due to increasing “antisemitism,” attacks on synagogues, and laws banning “hate speech,” i.e. anything Jews hate to hear.
The movie is based on the story of Dan Burros, a Jew who became a Nazi.
It makes the following points.
  1. Judaism is a trap for Jews. First, it posits that God is unknowable which is pure Satanism. The essence of true religion is that you obey God. How can you obey something you cannot know?
The Cabalists demand we obey them instead. This is why Judaism requires observance and obedience like a cult. “Danny Balint” sees the Jewish God as a bully and psychopath,  This drives him crazy and he finally commits suicide.
Judaism is also a trap because it preaches Jewish supremacism which endangers all Jews. The fanatical Masonic (Cabalist) Jewish leadership is setting up ordinary Jews to take the blame for their sins: endless wars; media, education, and government monopoly; replacement migration and gender dysphoria, all designed to undermine and enslave the goyim.
  1. This movie depicts the murder of a Jewish banker and the bombing of synagogues. Obviously Organized Jewry did not want this out there even though Jews generally are depicted very sympathetically.
“Danny Balint,” played by Ryan Gosling in his breakthrough role tells a meeting of “fascists” that the way to neutralize Jews is to love them since they thrive on antisemitism. The film hints that most “antisemitism” is organized by Jews since the goyim are powerless without their own money-printing press and the nations’ credit cards. When Balint accuses a financial backer of being a Jew himself, the backer replies, “What does it matter? The market is all that counts today. We are all Jews now.”    Doubly true if we remember what Henry Bean said above. Judaism is a mind-controlled cult.
Credible Nazis were so rare in the US that Bean had to imagine them.
Henry Bean, left, in 2002: “I went out to some bars in Queens where I ran into white supremacists who were so pathetically stupid that I had to invent Theresa Russell and Billy Zane’s characters. I thought, if I didn’t give this world [of white neo-Nazism] some sense of respectability, there was no way it could balance against the Jewish world. So I had to make it bigger and better than it was.”
Here is the trailer.

“Jewish Nazis” 

by E. Michael Jones 

(Excerpt edited by Henry Makow in May 2011)

The Believer is a 2001 film written and directed by Henry Bean about an orthodox Jew, played by Ryan Gosling, who becomes a neo-Nazi. The film is based loosely on the life of Daniel Burros, a neo-Nazi who committed suicide in the mid-’60s after a New York Times reporter wrote an article exposing him as a Jew.


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  1. Wikipedia: “The Believer is a 2001 American drama film directed by Henry Bean and written by Bean and Mark Jacobson. It stars Ryan Gosling as Daniel Balint, a Jew who becomes a neo-Nazi.”

    If you want a real life Jew who became a neo Nazi it is hands down Andrew Anglin.

    The Daily Stormer is fake opposition to Jewish power, he is leading the way to get free speech shut down, he is working for the Jews to end our rights. For instance Anglin went to London and gave a speech to the English Defense League, he blames the Muslims for everything and never once even mentioned the Jews who orchestrate the invasion of white nations. Muslims are pawns in a Jewish game, and Anglin pumps racism and is the worst thing for a white nationalist movement.

    Youtube banned video: search this title “Andrew Anglin in London – 2014”

    bit tube link:


  2. I’ll be sure to miss this trite piece of shit, not Makow, the film he praises so much. Haven’t you heard? Contrived and scripted emotions teach us NOTHING. Films are so dated, passe, and useless. Including this one.

  3. A movie “depicted US Nazis killing US Jews”? Dang, I was hoping it was a documentary…

    I wouldn’t doubt that in the near future, once all the dust and blood settles from the Jew-contrived race wars, false flags, undermining of culture and the government, and economic strife, the citizens will have a grand awakening about organized Jewry being the driving force of their enslavement and much of the ills of the world, and the good citizens will chase the criminal parasites down in the streets and hold them accountable, in a most painful fashion. for their crimes against humanity. I wouldn’t doubt Wall Street, Hollywood, DC, and parts of New York and Florida will be awash in Jew blood. The ADL, B’nai B’rith, Federal Reserve branches, Goldman Sachs, Israeli embassies, they’ll all all be burnt to the ground. One would hope it could all be avoided, that there could be a peaceful resolution, but it seems the Jew never knows when enough is enough, never stops pushing, taking, stealing, lying, grabbing, shrieking, and working to enslave everyone who isn’t THEM. More and more people are onto you every day, Schlomo, and a day of reckoning draws near.