Israel abandons compound, leaves armor & ammo behind

RT films GHOST BASE at Lebanon’s border

RT – Sept 6, 2019

Days before the Avivim military compound was found abandoned, Hezbollah had destroyed an IDF armoured car nearby. Hezbollah claimed that the occupants had all been killed in the rocket blast. Click to enlarge

An RT Arabic crew managed to get into an Israeli military base at the border with Lebanon. The outpost was hastily abandoned after a recent showdown with Hezbollah, and the IDF even left behind vehicles and ammunition.

The Avivim military compound was the scene of a skirmish on Sunday between Hezbollah and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Hezbollah managed to strike an Israeli military vehicle with an anti-tank guided missile, while the IDF retaliated with artillery shelling and “very limited” use of attack helicopters.

RT visited the base on Tuesday to film what was going on around the compound, only to find it evacuated and with no guards in sight. Eventually, the crew gave in to temptation and took a peek inside.

The retreat from the base was apparently conducted in haste, as many important things were left behind. RT Arabic correspondent Daliya Namari said she “never saw anything like that before” – an Israeli military compound simply abandoned without any visible attempt to secure it from infiltration.

“The Israelis have left the base with its doors wide open. Anyone can go into it, there no checkpoints around,” Namari said.

A couple of armored vehicles were sitting there with their hatches open, and someone left behind their belongings including some documents at the checkpoint. Click to enlarge

Magazines for automatic weapons left behind. Click to enlarge

The barracks had various things lying around as well, including pieces of equipment and small arms magazines.

The compound was apparently evacuated due to the skirmish, but it remains unclear why no guards were left behind.


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  1. Israel again bombed gaza homes and shops during the night,
    They said it was in revenge for someone sending rockets into israeli waste land.
    The land surrounding the israeli fences is the most watched on CCTV in the world with underground microphones extending well away from the fances.
    The rocket teams are disguised IDF forces and this is why the rockets always land on waste ground, if this were not the case the US F 16s and F 35s would be there in minutes to bomb them, but they never do.
    Israel had these IDF teams do this as an excuse to attck people in gaza

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