The Revolutions of the Inner and Outer World

Visible Origami – February 5, 2011

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I can speak with some small authority, only on those things I have experienced. I can speak with some intuitive reach, concerning individuals, forces and conditions that I have not experienced and… I can speculate to my hearts content. This is one of the reasons I use my own life and experiences in order to communicate something I might find important, given that we’ve heard, by now, more times than need be researched, that I have some kind of a Zeitgeist thing; by example, all the times people say they were just thinking about that in a ‘you read my mind’ kind of a way. I’m not trying to claim any special significance for myself, because God will inform my mind concerning that, post haste, should I be so foolish.

I’m a person. The position I occupy is a state. States of consciousness exist very much like the levels in a video game and are also attended by degrees of difficulty, which is why perseverance is one of the most valuable qualities you can acquire. Possessing faith makes it much easier to do so and you don’t get faith without trials. I’m going through some right now and will continue to for at least a certain period longer. Next time someone flies over to visit me I’m going to make sure they bring a good amount of herbs with them. They’re trying to make Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda impossible to perform.

Revolution is an imperative. There is no way around it. There are two states of revolution and those are the inner and the outer states. If one focuses on the inner revolution, the outer revolution will take care of itself. That is a critical thing to remember. Every time you feel the need to revolt externally, try driving within with the same intensity. I’m not saying you shouldn’t print up hundreds of stickers and paste them in public toilets and on any available wall; the windows of restaurants in the booths where you are sitting, official cars, especially Homeland Insecurity vehicles, buses and wherever you can manage. (I am a little disappointed that this very powerful medium is being so routinely overlooked. If you don’t know what to say, we can put dozens of comments in the comments section.)

In respect of the things I’ve just mentioned, I want to talk about some recent events in my life because I suspect similar things are happening to some numbers of the readers. I also want to mention it because there are some things you can do, to greatly assist in the process. My talking about this may also stir some recognition which is presently subliminal.

Two nights ago, I retired to my bed. I spent the rest of the night shifting from one position to another until dawn arrived. After a time following, I finally did sleep for a couple of hours. What caused this to happen to me (and this kind of thing has been happening off and on for awhile now) was the entrance of another intelligence into my mind. I’m going to have to paraphrase and simply sketch out the general idea because the actual details are not with me. You won’t miss anything important by just accepting the substitution.

This voice said to me that, if I would allow it, several adepts were interested in taking up residence within me. One of them was an exempt adept and there might even have been someone from the final two higher ranks. In any case, my visitors would be in contact with such personages anyway. I didn’t think about it, I just said “Yes’. I was informed that that was unusual for someone in my position to just automatically put aside any questions or concerns.

I was told that the presence of other minds within my own would subtly and possibly not so subtly, change me. I said, “Isn’t that the point? Isn’t that a good thing?” I was told that it was and that it was of considerable benefit all around but that I might lose some parts of myself I would rather hang on to, since they were me and mine and I don’t really have to let them go. I said, there’s nothing in me or of me that has any value if it can be replaced by something of a higher order. He/She seemed to like hearing that (grin)

All through that night I was pondering what was taking place and traveling within to communicate with these new invisible friends. When I got closer to a couple of them, as happened through that night, I noticed that they still seemed far off but according to a different kind of distance. There was so much more space within them and I could feel my personal discomfort at yawning distances; the kind you find walking on narrow paths on a cliff side. It wasn’t dangerous, it was just an awareness. I realized I would have to grow into this and when I did, then it wouldn’t seem so empty and devoid of presence. I suspected that this space was full of presence but beyond my present capacity to appreciate it or… I would have to grow to fill that space as the greater presence of my deepest inner self expanded into the dimensions of its theater of expression. At the same time I realized that, in fact, I had to grow smaller and smaller until I was no more than a pinprick of light.

I welcomed this, even though I knew that a tedium was going to attend it as it made many things that formerly had my attention, unimportant and suddenly no longer desirable by comparison with what lay ahead, even if I had no clear idea of what that was. That has proven to be the case. This morning I got in the car to drive Susanne to the train station and at one point, my attention was drawn upwards and I saw one of the adepts there, stationary in his holding position and I entered it automatically because that was what he was there for. I realized then that the purpose of their presence was to remind me of a state of consciousness that I could come into, until that state of consciousness was my own. I was going to lose a lot of things that had previously entertained me and gotten my attention but… am I serious about this or not? That’s the question you have to ask yourself.

Every one of us has a guide or guides, standing by and waiting to see if we acknowledge their presence and wish to invite them in. Just like vampires, they can’t come in unless you invite them. There are all kinds of rules of engagement that apply to this area of activity. Take some time when you can and see if this is not true of you. You may not get anything at first but you will if you persevere and they speak through the intuition and this quality becomes more and more palpable, as it is exercised. Because of the nature of the times, this opportunity is presenting itself to the willing and aware. It is an extremely valuable relationship that you really do want to take advantage of, even though it will change you. Consider how much your world is going to be changed in any case.

I now understand the attraction for the arctic emptiness of the wild and vast space that is so often identified with yogis and mystics. It takes some getting used to. It’s not oppressive it’s just the Big Empty. It’s not empty but it seems that way at first. The consciousness needs to adjust so that it can identify what it presently isn’t in a position to perceive.

As I have said in the past, an aperture is opening into another dimension. Those indifferent to or unwilling to enter in are going to be routed to Wardrobe for the coming cycle, ‘here’. Those perceptive and wise enough to avail themselves are going to get an undeserved gifting from the largesse of the universe. Think of it like this, “I know it’s not your birthday but I just wanted to get you something special”.

It’s not like you won’t earn it or provide a return on the investment. This naturally follows out of your new inclinations and awarenesses. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and invite your guide(s) in for the good it will do you. The good will be considerable because many things unknown to you are visually apparent to your guide(s). Practice in association will result in regular updates and bursts of information concerning actions and directions you might take. Remember, Shambhala is going to appear out of the mists of concealment. To fully see it as it is requires you to fully be what you are.

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