“David Goldberg” Admitted he was Jewish Agent

henrymakow.com – Sept 5, 2019

A March 2019 recording establishes Goldberg’s loyalties. He wasn’t trying to save the goyim from Jewish fanatics who have taken control of the White House, as implied in later recordings. 
He was not murdered. He is a psyop.
There is no evidence he is a real person. His purpose was to tell the goyim they must fall into line. 

by Henry Makow PhD

In March “David Goldberg”, a Mossad-ADL psyop demanded Adam Green shut down his website, Know More Jews. Goldberg admitted Green was telling the truth about the Cabalist Jewish agenda and that was the problem.
“You are making too much sense to white people. You are making valid points. They are starting to put the puzzle pieces together. Shut it down, you cockroach.”
The Cabalist Jewish agenda is to enslave the goyim, he says. “We are chosen. We rule over you. Goyim, you are cattle to us. Israel is your authority.”


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5 responses to ““David Goldberg” Admitted he was Jewish Agent”

  1. Adam Greene and Henry Makow are doing a great job exposing this psyop.


    Sounds like him. Chutzpah like him.

    Bow down an lick my boots Goyim slaves, I am the great Satanyahu, king of kings! Give me more money and bullets ’cause I gonna kill more Palestinians this week.

  2. I had a listen to the phone call from Mr. Doovid Globerg to Adam Greene. It sounds totally fake, like comical relief, like Cheech and Chong with a heavy Jewish accent. Sounds like satire, why doesn’t globbag just call youtube and have his acct banned, how many channels got banned in the last round?

    Headline: YouTube says it has removed more than 100K videos under new hate speech rules The Hill:

    “YouTube said Tuesday that it has removed more than 100,000 videos marked as hate speech under the platform’s new policy against bigoted and supremacist content.

    The video-sharing giant said it removed more than 17,000 channels and 100,000 videos for violating its hate speech policy between April and June —”



    This is like SNL comedy:

    Adum, you dirty aunty semite you – you cockroach – you present facts and criticize Jooos, don’t you know we got President Trump, he gonna ban you, make you illegal, we Jews are the chosen ones, don’t you know we rule you from Isssraaaellll, Adum shut it down, shut it down how dare you present facts and make criticol remarks

    Scratch my earlier comment, that video is the psyop

  3. //Adam Greene and Henry Makow are doing a great job exposing this psyop.//

    I believe that both of them are elements of the same PsyOp. Both gentlemen are Jewish and must have great fun deceiving stupid Goyim.

  4. Both maybe Jewish but NOT EVERY JEW buys into the Jewish supremacist mindset. Most Jews just want to get on with their lives and make the best of it they can. Only a tiny minority want to dominate the world but if needs be, they will sacrifice their lesser bretheren for that purpose. Beware of blind “anti-Semitism”, it is often used by a Jewish elite for their own purposes.

  5. @ Rixon Stewart

    //Both maybe Jewish but NOT EVERY JEW buys into the Jewish supremacist mindset.//

    Different interpretation: https://archive.org/stream/TheJewishStrategy/The-Jewish-Strategy-Revilo-Oliver_djvu.txt

    Not every Jew buys supremacist mindset created by the Organized Jewry but every Jew remains loyal to the tribe. They benefit from membership in the tribe.

    On 9/11 Jews had been warned: don’t go to work at WTC. How many Jewish whistle blowers you know? This is one of the benefits they get and they remain loyal.

    Yukon Jack is right, why Adam Greene’s channel still exists on YT? Isn’t it “hate speech”? PsyOp.