“The same was said about the Irish”

Irish Savant – Sept 4, 2019

Fareed Zakaria

I see that mad-eyed coolie plagiarist Fareed Zakaria – who seems to have become CNN’s voice on immigration “reform” – is at it again with his stock response to complaints about immigrant crime in America. ‘The same was said about the Irish when they started arriving in large numbers.’  And you know what? He’s right. For once. Because the Irish who emigrated en masse after the Famine proved to be one hell of a problem for the US. They established themselves in poverty-stricken enclaves like Hell’s Kitchen and became a byword for drunkenness, violence and gang warfare. And – the horror! the horror! – they were very, very racist. Upon learning  in the middle of the Civil War that slaves would be freed under the Emancipation Act they set upon every unfortunate black within reach, beating, shooting, lynching and burning down black-owned buildings.
It took several decades before they fully settled down and bridged the achievement gap with WASP Americans. But bridged it was. By the 1950’s studies showed Irish-Americans at the high end of the economic spectrum. The Old Country hasn’t done so badly either (despite having the most useless political class imaginable). Ireland has been continually in the top five of nearly 150 countries as judged by the multi-faceted Human Development Index. Contrast that with the position of America’s blacks. After half a century and trillions, yes, trillions of dollars spent trying to ‘bridge the achievement gap’ between blacks and Whites the gap today remains as wide as ever. Meanwhile blacks’ ancestral homelands are without exception poverty-stricken hell-holes which are getting worse rather than better. Despite an avalanche of Western aid.
Even a sociology professor should be able to understand what’s happening. After all Plato cottoned on to it 2,500 years ago, observing “this City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.” And that’s why in general (there will of course be exceptions) blacks and mestizos never will bridge the achievement gap. At least in the foreseeable future. But understand that even high-achieving Asian immigrants represent, at best, a double-edged sword. Highly tribal and nepotistic, they’ll act like the cuckoo in the White nest, gradually pushing Whites towards the edge until they finally plummet to earth. Hell, they’re doing it already. Just check out what’s happening to White students at the Ivy League colleges. They’re a minority, and a declining minority at that.



5 responses to ““The same was said about the Irish””

  1. Yes…..but WHO has brought this situation about?….THAT IS THE QUESTION…..

    WELL….you dont need to be an einstein to answer that…..

  2. I am from irish extraction, and my fa,ily always supported Hitler for the freedom he offered as opposed to the hate and racism of Churchill.
    While Brits were away fighting in w w 2, Jews took over the capital
    so Irish women came over en masse to work as nurses in the hospitals and Irish men came
    to work rebuilding london.
    They worked hard and they drank hard.
    Th Kilkenny gang tok on the jews who used the communists to smash up the pubs they used, and many an Englishman was pleased we came.

  3. I am an elderly Brit, born in 1937 and am old enough to remember the rebuilding of bomb-damaged Britain in the 1950s. The Irish builders were wonderful; great workers, fair-minded and honest.

  4. No mention of Irish SLAVES being sold alongside the Black slaves ? Or many many signs posted all over NYC in those days before the War of Northern Aggression [ Civil War for you Liberals ] that read ‘ No Irish need apply ‘ or ‘ No Irish wanted ‘ …Liberal half truth spoken in this article but of course CNN needs its boot lickers . Oh and about the education from the Universities these days ? Its becoming a give away for Degrees offered in Multiculturalism and Diversity studies . Pin head education at best .

  5. ///Meanwhile blacks’ ancestral homelands are without exception poverty-stricken hell-holes which are getting worse rather than better. Despite an avalanche of Western aid.///


    Who sponsors war in Nigeria and Africa in general? Compare “Western aid” with usury extracted from these countries every year.

    //achievement gap// is simply a distance to oblivious acceptance of slavery. Judeoanlosaxons are obedient and brainless people, they sold their independence for gadgets. Zombies. This is what modern civilization is about, zombie plantation.
    Doctors vaccinating children were killed in India but not in America. Why?