Deadly Xenophobic Race Riots in South Africa

Red Shark Intelligence – Sept 2, 2019

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6 responses to “Deadly Xenophobic Race Riots in South Africa”

  1. jews tell stupid blacks to murder more white people
    its here in the vid

  2. Your headline is very misleading and I suspect intentional. You have chosen the headlines “Deadly Race Riots in South Africa” and “Deadly Xenophobic Race Riots in South Africa” because you are ignorant and irresponsible. By your headline and cover photo, you are giving the wrong impression before anyone even watches the video. The recent riots and attacks in South Africa have been perpetrated by black South Africans against black African migrants. Just thought I’d put that here before someone gets the wrong impression here. I might also add that having Julius Malema’s face on your cover is deceptive. The man clearly condemned the violence, but your cover photo implies something else. I don’t like how you operate.

  3. The headline came with the video, as did the cover photo. I just posted them. If you want to complain, address your complaints to the people who made the video. Still, I guess these are uncomfortable truths for a South African like yourself. I know. I lived there for 25 years. My father is mixed race South African. I’m not some naive white liberal.

  4. Peace be with you Rixon,

    I am posting this comment from South Africa.
    What is happening here is happening all over the world.
    It is a consequence of the irrational mindset that rules the world.
    Xenophobia is one of the many symptoms of the divided mindset.
    The good news is that it is soon coming to an end, it is judgment time.
    The world crisis we are facing now is one of accountability.

    1 John 4:17 Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of
    judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.

  5. South Africa seemed to turn shit-hole as soon as the order there was overturned and negros took over. Same with Rhodesia, er, I mean Zimbabwe, which went from bread-basket to basket-case once the whites were run out. I challenge anyone to name me one country dominated by blacks that has its shit together by any reasonable metric. I fear they are a race that is simply completely incapable of self-governance.

  6. I’m South African. I think you all don’t know what’s really happening here. Both sides of the story are telling their own version. Or trying to seeing the narrative in favour of their opinion.

    You need to all consider the possibility that these riots are preplanned to precise outcome. You need to keep in mind that almost 50% of stores in every Mall is a foreign franchise.

    If this was an attack on foreigners by local blacks for taking away their financial opportunites… Then why did every foreign chain store not suffer a single attack?

    It was only the individual average Joe from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and other smaller African countries that had their businesses attacked. Oh. Here’s the catch. 50% of the attacks were actually local businessmen. This includes local Blacks, and 4th generationp local Indians.

    This wasn’t an attack against foreigners. It was an attack against small to medium sized businesses that are giving corporate retail entities a smashing.

    The problem is. The foreigners paid for it with their lives. In horrifying fashion.

    But the problem is much bigger than Blacks killing Blacks. Don’t forget. Pakistani foreigners were also killed.

    The biggest opposition to corporate retail grocery stores are the Pakistanis, Somalis and Ethiopians running corner shop grocery stores and small-time cafes and they are taking the piss out of national retail powerhouses.

    As for Malema… He is an idiot. Many Pakistanis were killed. It wasn’t only Africans. Malema only believes in violence.