Get Ready: The US Empire’s Fall Will Be Swift and Sudden

Jeff Thomas – via Russia Insider Sept 2, 2019

Years ago, Doug Casey mentioned in a correspondence to me, “Empires fall from grace with alarming speed.”
Every now and then, you receive a comment that, although it may have been stated casually, has a lasting effect, as it offers uncommon insight. For me, this was one of those and it’s one that I’ve kept handy at my desk since that time, as a reminder.
I’m from a British family, one that left the UK just as the British Empire was about to begin its decline. They expatriated to the “New World” to seek promise for the future.
As I’ve spent most of my life centred in a British colony – the Cayman Islands – I’ve had the opportunity to observe many British contract professionals who left the UK seeking advancement, which they almost invariably find in Cayman. Curiously, though, most returned to the UK after a contract or two, in the belief that the UK would bounce back from its decline, and they wanted to be on board when Britain “came back.”
This, of course, never happened. The US replaced the UK as the world’s foremost empire, and although the UK has had its ups and downs over the ensuing decades, it hasn’t returned to its former glory.
And it never will.

If we observe the empires of the world that have existed over the millennia, we see a consistent history of collapse without renewal. Whether we’re looking at the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Spanish Empire, or any other that’s existed at one time, history is remarkably consistent: The decline and fall of any empire never reverses itself; nor does the empire return, once it’s fallen.
But of what importance is this to us today?
Well, today, the US is the world’s undisputed leading empire and most Americans would agree that, whilst it’s going through a bad patch, it will bounce back and might even be better than ever.
Not so, I’m afraid. All empires follow the same cycle. They begin with a population that has a strong work ethic and is self-reliant. Those people organize to form a nation of great strength, based upon high productivity.
This leads to expansion, generally based upon world trade. At some point, this gives rise to leaders who seek, not to work in partnership with other nations, but to dominate them, and of course, this is when a great nation becomes an empire. The US began this stage under the flamboyant and aggressive Teddy Roosevelt.
The twentieth century was the American century and the US went from victory to victory, expanding its power.
But the decline began in the 1960s, when the US started to pursue unwinnable wars, began the destruction of its currency and began to expand its government into an all-powerful body.
Still, this process tends to be protracted and the overall decline often takes decades.
So, how does that square with the quote, “Empires fall from grace with alarming speed”?
Well, the preparation for the fall can often be seen for a generation or more, but the actual fall tends to occur quite rapidly.
What happens is very similar to what happens with a schoolyard bully.
The bully has a slow rise, based upon his strength and aggressive tendency. After a number of successful fights, he becomes first revered, then feared. He then takes on several toadies who lack his abilities but want some of the spoils, so they do his bidding, acting in a threatening manner to other schoolboys.
The bully then becomes hated. No one tells him so, but the other kids secretly dream of his defeat, hopefully in a shameful manner.
Then, at some point, some boy who has a measure of strength and the requisite determination has had enough and takes on the bully.
If he defeats him, a curious thing happens. The toadies suddenly realise that the jig is up and they head for the hills, knowing that their source of power is gone.
Also, once the defeated bully is down, all the anger, fear and hatred that his schoolmates felt for him come out, and they take great pleasure in his defeat.
And this, in a nutshell, is what happens with empires.
A nation that comes to the rescue in times of genuine need (such as the two World Wars) is revered. But once that nation morphs into a bully that uses any excuse to invade countries such as Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria, its allies may continue to bow to it but secretly fear it and wish that it could be taken down a peg.
When the empire then starts looking around for other nations to bully, such as Iran and Venezuela, its allies again say nothing but react with fear when they see the John Boltons and Mike Pompeos beating the war drums and making reckless comments.
At present, the US is focusing primarily on economic warfare, but if this fails to get the world to bend to its dominance, the US has repeatedly warned, regarding possible military aggression, that “no option is off the table.”
The US has reached the classic stage when it has become a reckless bully, and its support structure of allies has begun to de-couple as a result.
At the same time that allies begin to pull back and make other plans for their future, those citizens within the empire who tend to be the creators of prosperity also begin to seek greener pastures.
History has seen this happen countless times. The “brain drain” occurs, in which the best and most productive begin to look elsewhere for their future. Just as the most productive Europeans crossed the Pond to colonise the US when it was a new, promising country, their present-day counterparts have begun moving offshore.
The US is presently in a state of suspended animation. It still appears to be a major force, but its buttresses are quietly disappearing. At some point in the near future, it’s likely that the US government will overplay its hand and aggress against a foe that either is stronger or has alliances that, collectively, make it stronger.

The US will be entering into warfare at a time when it’s broke, and this will become apparent suddenly and dramatically. The final decline will occur with alarming speed.
When this happens, the majority of Americans will hope in vain for a reverse of events. They’ll be inclined to hope that, if they collectively say, “Whoops, we goofed,” the world will be forgiving, returning them to their former glory.
But historically, this never occurs. Empires fall with alarming speed, because the support systems that made them possible have decamped and have become reinvigorated elsewhere.
Rather than mourn the loss of empire that’s on the horizon, we’d be better served if we focus instead on those parts of the world that are likely to benefit from this inevitability.
Socialist ideas are becoming increasingly popular in the US. At the same time the US government is printing money hand over fist. All while the US empire continues to overstretch itself across the world.
It’s all shaping up to be a world-class disaster… one unlike anything we’ve seen before.
That’s exactly why New York Times bestselling author Doug Casey and his team just released an urgent video showing how it all could go down. Click here to watch it now.


Original source: International Man

10 responses to “Get Ready: The US Empire’s Fall Will Be Swift and Sudden”

  1. America went and stole the gold reserves of Libya and Iraq probably syria too to prop
    itself up, but when the jewish banks pull the plug on the dollar, as they always said they would, as the dollar falls so will all the other currencies that lean on it such as the pound.
    The bible tells us each man will eat the flesh of his own arm”
    this is when the rothschild financed jewish supermarket cartels, yes they are all one large combine, will close its doors to the public.
    People were told many times buy from farmers markets, support your own, buy fresh
    as 50 carcinogenic additives go into supermarket foodstuffs
    as Moshe Solomons said ” it wont affect us as we eat kosher.
    The 1929 crash was only the practise run, the jewbankers have long planned to rob you starve you and kill you
    enough whistleblowers have warned you

  2. ” The U.S. and the World are Heading Towards a Serious Crisis ”

    Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of
    his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea,
    and the fountains of waters.

  3. True. Another point to ponder and to note is that every civilization from the early times todate has only one chance at greatness, ie becoming an empire. Once achieved, and subsequently declines, that civilization will never repeat their peak.

  4. Trump was stopped in a plan to attack iran for the jews by his own Generals.
    Apparently they told him the public good will and support was not there for this,
    The Senate know and do the British, that attitudes are hardening against more wars for the jews.

  5. Any movement to reform the our nations, Christianity or the world will not and cannot begin by ordinary people sitting on their hands waiting for Godot and their dithering leaders and corrupt to do anything. For instance, it is absurd and insane expect our elected representatives to oppose and check the disinformation, lies, and destructiveness of the corporate media, when every politician depends on the media to get elected. Real reform will begin first with a Declaration of universal principles of morality and justice from the common people which will specifically list and condemn all of the abuses of power and crimes of the elites running our major institutions, including our nations, our legislatures, our governments, our voting systems, our media, our churches, our schools, and our courts, all of which have breached and squandered every virtue, principle and value of our civilization. From such real unity based on clear principles coming from the level of the common person, where every adherent must reject and purge all dishonest, deceptive and corrupt means of advancement, real reform efforts and change can begin.

  6. The most amazing fact is that even somewhat “intelligent” people are stone blinde for the very simplest fact: there is no jurisdiction! There are no valid contracts for the harvest machines(courts) anywhere! People, stone stupid as they are, just stomps voluntary into the for profit corporations, masquerading as “courts of justice”, to be harvested. NO MAN NEEDS ANOTHER MANS PERMISSION TO LIVE. This is the real issue at hand, but people are just too stupid to see it.. Sad, truly sad.

  7. What I think about the great fall and destruction of the United States is this, Israel needs its vassal and puppet state, Jew WHORE Amerika to do one last thing (attack Iran) before the Jew bankers engineer another huge depression and collapse.

    What I think is they are using every hijink to prop up a dead horse. They are keeping the game going just long enough to extract what they want, then they will let the dead beast topple over. Part of the plan is to flood the western nation states with third world fighting age men, then with the economic collapse they use their control of the media to demonize white people and sic their sub-sraharan attack dogs in an end times ramage.

    If you try to defend your respective nation from this insane Jewish engineered destruction you will be vilified, attacked, jailed, censored, shut down, marginalized, and maybe even killed by roving gangs of Zionist Israeli mercanaries like Black Cube. Their goal is to get the guns so the sheep can be slaughtered without resistance. And they know how to topple states and sew chaos, like when they gave every African male a machete so they could chop their way to nuns and children who fleed into the local church.

    Amerikans were fools to allow Israel to get away with the USS Liberty attack and the 911 false flag. Amerika went to war for Israel like a pit bull on a Rabbinic leash. It is insane to support Israel, yet most Amerikans love Israel even though Israel is using Amerika like toilet paper and is preparing to toss her their worn out whore into the ditch.

    The rate of collapse may be breathtaking like the recent collapse of the Argentine stock exchange, a 48% loss in one day after the bond market broke first.

  8. the world awaits the demise of The UK, The USA and ISRAEL, Because they have Stifled the World for far too long, because now is the Time to have the Fruits of their Labours, Because the World is now Begining to realise that America’s wars, are wars of depression and destruction, because once a nation is destroyed by the USA it stays Destroyed, now the World Knows what make America happy, and that is the rubble and Destruction it leaves Behind is the evidence it shows the rest of the World, If we all want a world of Beauty these three Rogue Nations must be gone, the Curse on the World is Politics, Patriotism, Religion, and an overload of Sporting Entertainment Which Keeps us all Deaf Dumb and Blind.

  9. Peace be with you Fred.

    ” For instance, it is absurd and insane expect our elected representatives to oppose and check the disinformation, lies, and destructiveness of the corporate media, when every politician depends on the media to get elected. ”

    True, the end of the so called Democracy, divide and rule, is coming soon.

    ” Real reform will begin first with a Declaration of universal principles of morality and justice from the common people which will specifically list and condemn all of the abuses of power and crimes of the elites running our major institutions, including our nations, our legislatures, our governments, our voting systems, our media, our churches, our schools, and our courts, all of which have breached and squandered every virtue, principle and value of our civilization. ”

    The “Real reform” you mention, is Universal Transformation which comes with judgment.
    2 Peter 3:7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in
    store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly

  10. @ Fred B Well said, Fred.

    @ Yukon Jack Yukon Jack nails it, as usual, as to who poisoned the well and pissed in the punch: Israel and organized Jewry. Human civilization is doomed as long as the Jews are continued to be allowed to run amok.

    This is a good piece by author Jeff Thomas. My only real issue with the piece is the author fails to point out the 8 million pound parasitic gorilla in the room that has pushed the US down the road to ruin; organized Jewry and Israel.

    Thomas states the American empire began with Theodore Roosevelt, which seems true enough as that’s when US international expansionism began in earnest, then things started to really go off the rails with the unwinnable “wars” beginning with Vietnam, which also seems true enough. But the foundation for the ruination and decimation of the United States started with the criminal cabal known as “central banking”, in the form of the “Federal Reserve” in the case of the US, getting its parasitic claws into the Treasury and into the pockets of the citizens in 1913. The “Federal Reserve” is, of course, neither “federal” nor has nothing on “reserve”, but is rather a cabal of private international criminals, practically all of them Jews, masquerading as “bankers”. The United States was utterly doomed from that moment on.

    The debt of the United States is now incomprehensibly staggering AND completely unpayable. So the criminal Jew bankers now own the country, in theory. 99% of the citizens of the US did not agree to that debt nor agree to becoming slaves to those parasitic fucking Jews. The solution is actually simple. Abolish the Federal Reserve, ban central banking, return the printing and control of money to Congress, as legally mandated, and tell the Jews to fuck off. Just hit a reset button.

    There is actually no debt as the Jew bankers were simply creating “money” (actually instruments of DEBT) out of thin air and simply adjusting numbers in ledgers. Boot the parasitic kikes out the door and reboot the system. Tell them they don’t get one fucking dime and to fuck off or die. Hell, take a couple of them, shove them in a rocket, and launch them into the fucking sun, just to show them we’re serious. Take a few others, strip them naked, drag them by the ankles through the street of New York and DC, have them viciously flogged and rolled in pig shit in front of the Israeli embassies and Federal Reserve branches, and nail them to trees, just to show them we’re serious. Take back every cent they have looted from the United States and stolen from the citizens, then take every other fucking cent they have and leave them totally impoverished, just to show them we’re serious. Without that, without taking back control of currency and credit, the United States is certain to implode.