Israel lied, a General died in Hezbollah ambush attack (updated)

Gordon Duff – Veterans Today Sept 2, 2019

Hezbollah says they killed an Israeli general. Their unit had been in wait for days, outside Israel’s military headquarters in the north, the command center for military operations against Lebanon. Attack footage begins at 2:20 … (link to Press TV footage, the Al Manar and Veterans Today footage seems to blocked. Ed.)

The first shot misses the vehicle by a few feet. Click to enlarge

The missile itself, according to Ian Greenhalgh, was manufactured in Iran from Russian design. There were two hits, at least one perfect, guaranteeing all would die.

Israel made a huge error here, they denied the attack, even stating that a missile landed near an Israeli village, based on the original video released days ago. They didn’t know this one was out there, one that showed how good Hezbollah’s intelligence really is or how effective their weapons.

A second blast, probably an exploding fuel tank, could well have killed everyone inside. Click to enlarge

[ Editor’s Note: We take no joy in sharing the deaths or serious injuries of these IDF soldiers. What happened to them is 100% the responsibility of those that planned and executed the IDF drone assassination strike in Lebanon that killed two Hezbollah people.]

It was just one of many it has done in Lebanon and Syria, with their usual offensive strikes presented as defensive ones. How many times have we heard that in the last 20 years? That Hezbollah would extract an eye for an eye was a given.

The APC missiles looked like Phoenix ones to us, and they carry a large charge. The video says they are Koronets, but the short video clip of them looks fuzzy on purpose. I would not want to be even close to one of these, even in an armored jeep.

What you will see in the video below is a down-the-barrel shot from a perfect, elevated ambush position on a straight part of the road, shooting it from the rear. The patrol vehicle never knew what hit them.

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  1. Good shot! in every sens of he word

  2. Israel is the seat of world terrorism, its bee asking for this for so long
    its revenge for the British for the King David hotel bombing
    and the murders of Princess Di Dr David Kelly and Robin Cook
    For the Americans the USS Liberty JFK and 9 11
    for palestine, for the genocide and repeated bombings
    so for the whole world we rejoice that israel has had some of it back

  3. what about 9/11 and they want us to go to war for them?

  4. Lovely, the bully boys got what they were dishing out,
    where i work there was such joy
    the filthy jews got what was coming the manager said.
    this has been a great day for freedom

  5. I have been very ill and rarely leave the house now
    i needed something to cheer me up and this was it
    i had forgotten how to smile, who says there is no god ?
    oh joyous day !

  6. rinse and repeat…rinse and repeat..
    the tide has turned …bad things happen to bad people

  7. Under international law ,as an occupying force, the IDF is a legitimate target where ever they are. We should see more of the same. Instead of the cry ” Allah Akbar” being heard on the streets of the west as a Moslem warrior attacks innocents, why not direct the jihad at more IDF targets? Or are they under the control of the zionists?………….