“David Goldberg” Delivers a Challenge from the Illuminati

henrymakow.com – Sept 2, 2019

“David Goldberg seems to be a psyop in which the Illuminati reveal exactly what they plan and challenge us to stop them. 
 Are they inviting more resistance by revealing the script?

by Henry Makow PhD. 

On his YouTube channel, “David Goldberg” said that the Cabalists rabbis who control the Trump White House plan to unleash mayhem on the world after their collaborators in the Democratic Party hand Trump the 2020 election. Under the cover of war, financial meltdown, power outages, food shortages etc. they plan to round up opponents of their Cabalist world tyranny and execute them. They are currently using the Internet to identify these patriot-martyrs who he estimates may number over 15 million.
In the above recording, posted in May, “Goldberg” said he was curious about why he was being allowed to reveal sensitive information. Word came back that part of their belief system was “white balance” — revealing what they are planning in advance to mitigate the evil they do.
This is why he was allowed to reveal the plot.
“It’s part of their atonement,” Goldberg said. “They always tell the truth. The goyim are always told in advance.”
This reminds me of the Protocols of Zion. Were they leaked deliberately?
The Cabalists believe “the sheep” are too dense and won’t listen. “They are too stupid to do anything.”  [Presumably, this makes the sheep complicit in their own demise.]
He gave the example of the clues in the media which he calls “Easter eggs” in advance of 9-11.
“All of this is scripted. Planned years in advance.”
However, sometimes the Timeline is delayed. He gave the example of an attack on Iran, using a false flag as a pretext. This has been delayed many times because of its unpopularity. “Goldberg,” said in May it will go ahead in October.
Interestingly, “Goldberg” said a “Rabbi”, “Netanyahu’s religious leader” who operates out of the White House was furious about the delays and pushed for arms build-up. Goldberg said this is happening and could start a world war.


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2 responses to ““David Goldberg” Delivers a Challenge from the Illuminati”

  1. Israeli psyop or not the disclosures perfectly fit the Zio glove. The very interesting Jewish site Israel Today News ran the Friends of David Goldberg disclosures and gave more detail of the agenda than Makow, especially with respect to the plans for war with Iran.

    Such plans are always leaked or disclosed beforehand like in Hitler’s Mein Kampf to serve as an agenda, or script, to win followers and neutralize opposition beforehand. When the actual narrative starts to unfold along with all of the skullduggery along the way, like with huge false flag operations and other deceptions, no one really feels surprised, and the interest in the aggression, appears more justified and inevitable fitting the pre-established pattern. That is the real psyop.

  2. When i first heard “Goldberg” speaking a few days ago, i thought for sure at first it was Netanyahu. Henry says it is the illuminati speaking through “Goldberg”. Maybe, but the plan put forward by “Goldberg” sounds completely logical and keeping with Israeli long range plans as we know them.