India Upside Down

It seems obvious to me, even though I don’t find references to it in the Times of India…

Sonia Ghandi just won an election for her party in India. Slated to be the next prime minister, she had been talking about opting out of various globalist schemes.

Then she stopped talking about that and said she would not take the post of prime minister.

And oh yes. Just after she won the election (and before she gave up her new role as prime minister), the stock market in India went through the floor.

Now Sonia brings in Manmohan Singh (former finance minister) as the next prime minister. Credited with having bailed India out of bankruptcy by “accepting structural reforms” in the past, Singh will surely get back into the globalist club.

The stock market rebounds very nicely.

Note: Sonia’s husband was assassinated some years back.

That’s how the game is played.

“Sonia, if you take this job and try to kick out foreign investment money and reject the takeover of your nation by the IMF/World Bank, we’ll bury your stock market and maybe do the same thing to you that was done to your husband. Put our man Singh in the post, and we’ll back off and you can live your life out.”

Since I find no analysis like this in the mainstream press, I must be wrong. QED.

Courtesy Malcolm