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Darkmoon – Sept 1, 2019

Cummings has been accused by his enemies of being Boris Johnson’s controller, ‘the evil genius behind Brexit’.  The plot thickens as Brexit lies in the balance. All could end in tears.

By Richard Kay — The Daily Mail August 31, 2019

Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon and presented with pictures,  captions, and commentary. Includes a short video and an extended endnote entitled “Chaos Coming”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson 
and his dictatorial ‘special adviser’ Dominic Cummings,
once a bouncer in a night club.

“If people don’t like the way I work they can f*** off!”
— Dominic Cummings

Dusk was falling as Sonia Khan presented her government security pass to the waiting officials and slipped into Downing Street.
In the five weeks since Boris Johnson became Prime Minister, special advisers or ‘Spads’ like her had grown accustomed to being summoned to sudden meetings at any time of the day or night.
However, 8pm was not exactly routine and friends say she had an air of anxiety as she hurried from her office at the Treasury.
Her appointment was with Dominic Cummings, chief henchman to the Prime Minister, and a man with a reputation for malign mastery. Miss Khan’s encounter with Mr Cummings on Thursday evening ended with her being sensationally stripped of her government credentials, sacked and frogmarched by police out of Downing Street.
She had been accused of leaking Brexit secrets to allies of her ex-boss, the Remain-loving former Chancellor Philip Hammond. (Miss Khan with her former boss, Chancellor Philip Hammond, pictured)
Yesterday, as news of her unceremonious departure was being discussed around Westminster, the air was thick with claims of bullying, character assassination and an unedifying struggle for power that mature democracies such as Britain normally associate with oppressive regimes in countries such as Russia and Venezuela.
—   §   —
Love him or hate him, no one denies Mr Cummings is largely responsible for the new febrile atmosphere at the heart of government.
“The place is dripping with fear and loathing,” says one figure. “And picking on a young twenty something girl is not a good look.” Others, who lived through the dithering of the Theresa May years, have a different take. “There was so much leaking from government it was paralysing. Dominic Cummings is determined to stop it,” says a Cummings ally.
All the same, the fact that Miss Khan was sacked without the knowledge of her boss, Sajid Javid, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, has stoked rumours of a rift between No.10 and the Treasury.

LD:  SAJID JAVID (left), Britain’s new Chancellor, is of Pakistani origin. His special advisor SONIA KHAN is also of Pakistani origin (pictured here). Sajid was reportedly “livid” when his special adviser Sonia was sacked unceremoniously by DOMINIC CUMMINGS (inset) without him being consulted. He is also furious with BORIS JOHNSON (right) for not reining in Cummings. Whatever Cummings does, however,  has the full support of the Prime Minister. If the bald-headed Pakistani chancellor is not careful, his head will be the next to roll.
These are exciting times for Britain, almost as momentous as WWII, with many describing the new prime minister — rather foolishly in my opinion — as “the new Winston Churchill”. 
Boris has livened up politics considerably since his accession to power and his popularity has soared among the British public, though how long this sentiment will last is a debatable question. My own feeling is that things will soon take a turn for the worse, with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Expect the unexpected.
See my extended endnote below entitled “Chaos Coming”.  (LD) 
—   §   —  
Unshaven and dressed in one of his scruffy T-shirts, Mr Cummings was in no mood for niceties when he summoned Miss Khan to his ground-floor lair at Downing Street on Thursday evening.
In the warren of offices, his is the most important — not just for its proximity to the Prime Minister’s but also because it is unquestionably the seat of power.
If Cummings’s promotion to the top of the No. 10 tree has been rapid, Miss Khan’s trajectory has been no less impressive.
With her Muslim background and experience volunteering for Age Concern and for her local hospital, she was a poster girl for Conservative Future, the party’s youth wing, which she joined as a student. “She has a brilliant mind and is a very good organiser,” says a friend. Miss Khan was recruited by Liam Fox at the Department for International Trade.
Then, last September, came the appointment that sealed her fate. Philip Hammond asked her to join him at the Treasury to replace his long-standing aide, Poppy Trowbridge.
Out of a job after Mr Hammond resigned before he could be fired in Boris’s sensational round of sackings in his first day as PM, Miss Khan was offered a chance to return to International Trade with Dr Fox’s successor, Liz Truss.
She had previously worked with Ms Truss at the Treasury.
But when Mr Javid called asking her to become his Special Adviser (‘Spad’), she felt she couldn’t refuse him. “She was advised not to because it would have meant coming much more under the influence of Dominic, but it was a big job and she’s an ambitious girl,” says an insider.
Spads are taxpayer-funded posts and Miss Khan was hired on pay band Level Two, with a salary of between £53,000 and £70,000 ($85,000).
Since his arrival at No. 10, Cummings has put Special Advisers on notice that he will not tolerate leaks. Was he itching for a scalp?
The leaking of sensational disclosures about No Deal preparations earlier this month, so-called Operation Yellowhammer, is known to have enraged him.
—   §   —
According to insiders, the exchanges between Mr Cummings and Miss Khan inside his office went like this.
He ran through a list of names and demanded to know if she had spoken to any of them in the past week. She said she had not.
On the list were journalists as well as so-called allies of Mr Hammond.
Mr Cummings put it to Miss Khan that she was suspected of leaking. She denied it. He then asked to see her work-issued mobile phone and scrolled through her calls and messages.
It is understood there was no obvious sign of contacts with the people he had asked about.
He then asked her to hand over her private mobile phone. According to our information, it showed she had, in the previous 48 hours, spoken to an individual with whom she had denied being in contact.
At that point it is understood Mr Cummings told her she was fired (pictured). He called police to escort her from the building to the gates of Downing Street. Both her Whitehall email account and her government security clearance were instantly cancelled. The scene of her departure was witnessed by other officials including special advisers, who were at No. 10 for a Brexit meeting.
One said: “I have never seen anything like it. It was brutal and Sonia was very shaken. Dom stood there in a T-shirt and ripped her to shreds.”
Whitehall special advisers are a hard-working, tight-knit group. Some believe Miss Khan’s humiliation was designed to be public in order to send a message of what could happen to them.
“It was a case of encourager les autres,”  says one insider. In other words — a warning.
The tactics sent a chill through Whitehall. Such is the Brexit crisis that Mr Cummings is determined to stamp out the culture of leaks that existed under Mrs May.
For Dominic Cummings, who is not in robust good health, these are extremely testing times. He postponed major surgery when Mr Johnson asked him to take charge of the No. 10 operation — to be his chief of staff in all but name.
Downing Street insiders have been shocked to see him doubled up in pain on occasion when they enter his office. Cummings is working seven days a week, 18 hours a day. Although tall and slight, he is hard as nails, a legacy of his days working as a bouncer for a nightclub where his father also worked.
Last night, Tory friends of Miss Khan were still shocked by her defenestration. Morale is at rock bottom. “Sonia is a lovely, bubbly girl,” said one, “and I cannot imagine her getting involved in anything underhand.”
Others disagree.
The war of words looks set to go on.

Endnote by Lasha Darkmoon



It has been argued that George Soros is
funded by Lord Rothschild to achieve “world chaos” 

The next few months are likely to witness some of the most momentous events in British history since the first World War. The crucial question is this. Will the new maverick prime minister Boris Johnson prove to be a hero or a villain? Will he rescue the riven country and unite it, leading to a new golden age of peace and plenty for all, or will he stab it in the back and be accused of betraying the nation and leading it into bondage?
My personal view—and I hope I am wrong—is that he will betray the nation on behalf of the rich elite he secretly represents, an elite oligarchy that exercises supreme control over international affairs. There are only two feasible alternatives: Johnson will either leave Europe with ‘No Deal’, causing uproar in parliament and with half the electorate, or he will deliver a Brexit that is a souped-up version of Theresa May’s ‘Withdrawal Agreement’. This can accurately be described as a “fake Brexit”, i.e. a Brexit more likely to please Remainers than Leavers.
No matter which way you cut the poisoned apple, we can expect events to unroll that will make life infinitely worse for the common people and a heaven on earth for the rich and predatory elite that actually calls the shots and rules the country.
On the one hand, if ‘No Deal’ occurs, we can expect Britain to draw closer to America if only for a trade deal, becoming in the process a part of Pax Americana, a vassal state helping to fight America’s wars on behalf of international Jewry; in short, a country in bondage to an out-of-control behemoth.
If, on the other hand, we leave Europe with a fake Brexit disguised as a true Brexit, which is highly likely, we become Europe’s slave in perpetuity. This will naturally delight Lord Rothschild, owner of the Economist, and George Soros, the Jewish multibillionaire banker and predatory speculator. It would  lead to huge profits in the financial markets as the pound collapses and property prices do a nosedive. The capitalist vultures from foreign lands will then sweep in and buy up the country at bargain basement prices, as they did in Weimar Germany when cosmopolitan Jews and other fabulously rich speculators bought up most of the county and children stood on the street corners selling their bodies for a crust of bread.
Full steam ahead for the Trotskyists, Anarchists, and the Architects of Evil.
As I say, I hope I am wrong. I sincerely hope our country is delivered from bondage. I pray that the lives of the common people are improved. And I hope and pray that the rich and powerful learn that there is a limit to their rapacity.
If the rich and privileged refuse to learn the lessons of the French Revolution, I foresee a time when their heads will roll under new versions of the guillotine.
Bring it on!