Friends of David Goldberg – May 20, 2019

6 responses to “FALSE FLAG UPDATE: Trump to be “FLUSHED DOWN TOILET” if no Iran war”

  1. They said the same to the pervert obama

  2. PDF file from the Saban Center for Middle East Peace at the Brookings Institute dated 2009 released online 2016-Title Which Path to Persia-that will tell you everything we see today including why we are in Syria. It is a nine point strategy to invade Iran. Expect false flag events worse than blind eleven. In particular page 66 a blind eleven deception.

  3. The likely hood of this happening on or before 12/29/2019 is great. One would think that it would happen after he is re-elected but that is the juice.

  4. Part of the Zionist plans to set up their Jew World Order called for –

    1 – Overthrow mid-east governments of Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Iran, Syria, prior to Obama leaving office.

    2 – AFTER these governments were overthrown then the “white christian nations” used to overthrow mid-east nations were to be invaded with immigrants, weakened by mass shootings, arson, race riots, wildfires, etc, and also overthrown.

    But step 1 wasn’t fully completed in that the attempted overthrows of Syria and Iran did not succeed.

    Despite that, the Zionists proceeded with step 2 – migrant madness, race riots, mass shootings, promotion of transgender, homo, gross pornography, and abhorrent sexual activities, etc, unleashed on the former white christian nations.

    The Zionist plan for a Jew World Order is bringing the Great Tribulations, a dysfunctional dystopia, the opposite of the paradise Satan and his children try to sell.

  5. If the above is true, about Iran USA war ?? Then expect lots of refugees, asylum seekers boats sailing from Haifa toward the EU ??

  6. Good points from Jane Doestein. I am in agreement with what she has said. It is unfortunate we have this New World Order War mongering in our midst. Friends of David Goldberg have it right. The war, if it occurs, will be really started by the west using the false flag operations which the Sheeple will buy lock stock and barrel as they always do. It is so unfortunate that the Sheeple as intelligent as they seem buy all this cr_p. But they do it every time. I guess the Sheeple will finally wake up when it is too late. In the end Iran will not sit down if attacked. This may result in one bloody mess for the planet.