“Anti Semites” are Being Tagged for Extermination

henrymakow.com – Aug 31, 2019

(Posted Aug 31 by “friends of David Goldberg”)

On August 26 I posted the article about David Goldberg:  Dead Jewish Whistleblower Confirmed Occult WW3 Scenario.”  
Goldberg, 59, was murdered on June 9. His deadman’s switch has been activated in the form of this recording. He reveals that Zionists are engaged in a project to “tag, track and identify” (T, T & Id) opponents of Zionist world government. A second plan is to eliminate these people: the “high-value people” through extermination; the “low value” people through viruses.  Goldberg estimates the total at 15 million. 
While I cannot vouch for it, this information is consistent with the fanaticism of Cabalists throughout history. Goldberg says Trump is an intrinsic part of this Zionist scheme.  His first loyalty is to Israel. He is a con man first and foremost.
If Goldberg is a psyop, he is certainly one of the most outrageous. I take this seriously. We cannot be naive about the grave danger we face. 
Make up your own mind. Is this a Communist plot to discredit Trump? I would suspect this if there weren’t a mountain of corroborating evidence, i.e. Trump’s subservience to Israel and Chabad and the Epstein connection
Listen to the recording which I summarize below. 

by Henry Makow PhD

David Goldberg was murdered on June 8. Although a Jew like myself, he felt compelled to warn humanity of the danger it faces.
His “dead man’s switch” has been activated in the form of this recording which you should copy because it will be taken down. So far it has only had only 75 views but it will go viral if it is not removed.
A White House insider, a Jewish woman, since fired, gave Goldberg a trove of documents and memos which indicate that the Cabalists (the Chabad cult) fear the increasing awareness about Zionist plans for a tyrannical world government based in Israel. Here are his main points:
  1. The growing awareness of the Cabalist agenda for world government is a problem for Zionists. They have been shutting down some websites like The Ugly Truth.  But, Goldberg says, they have initiated other web sites which actually tell the truth in order to identify people who subscribe. He speculates that Adam Green’s Know More News is one of these but he does not know for sure. [I am not endorsing this view. Green has been invaluable in exposing the Cabalist agenda. I reserve judgment.] Goldberg calls these “gatekeeper” sites. He says Alex Jones is an obvious example. This “T, T & ID” program is called “Project Pogo.”

Continues …

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21 responses to ““Anti Semites” are Being Tagged for Extermination”

  1. NO this is real the Fema camps in the USA, are further ahead than in the UK, but jews have said for some while, that each jew will have 3000 slaves, the rest will be killed off
    this is what they have said for some while

  2. This is what i love about henry Makow not the Hitler bollox

  3. Once you give up your guns, you are done for.
    The jews say these shootups will carry on until you do give them up.
    In the UK we had ours taken a long while back, but the criminals all have them
    they only took them from the good guys.
    Once you cannot defend yourselves you will have to queue up for the Fema camps
    and extermination, exactly as Rose Kaplan says

  4. It’s logical to predict that (((they))) would do this if they could get away with it. And look at everything else (((they))) have gotten away with. Nevertheless, (((they))) remain genetically defective mattoids, celebrating a garbage religion, that glorifies a two-bit schlock-demon from the wastelands of the middle east. Track and tag every one of (((these))) rejects living within a three mile radius of your home and prepare to take appropriate action once the shtf!

  5. Israel Today News – Friends of David Goldberg
    From: https://israeltodaynews.blogspot.com/
    “Further details have been revealed, including:
    100 tactical nukes will be used to eliminate the Iranian military.
    120,000 U.S. ground troops will be used in the invasion.
    France, the U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia and Israel are expected to join a “coalition” in support of the war.
    CIA assets and counter-intel efforts have been ramped-up over the past year in preparation.
    A “False Flag” is being prepared to be used before the war with Iran.
    Propaganda is being prepped by White House and Israeli counterparts.
    Israel will support the effort and Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly “smiling ear to ear” during a recent meeting with John Bolton.
    There are concerns Trump’s “base” may resist or criticize the efforts, so further propaganda efforts are being made to “shore up support” for the war.
    Expected casualties range between 1.2 Million and 2 Million Iranians and 5,000 US troops.”

    Goldberg was found dead last June in his New York apartment from unexplained causes. If any of this should inspire people on this site to become Nazis or to justify hate and violence against Jews, they are dupes and no better than the Nazi Zionists. For one thing that is exactly how the Zionists would want their enemies to react when they have the upper hand with the media, the politicians and the military. Secondly, if you will do your history, you will find that Hitler and his faithful Nazis abandoned their Christian faiths. and their party essentially evoked the old nordic gods of Odin and Thor. In fact, they had to do that in order to justify their own myth of racial superiority to be able to persecute their unwanted, and to be free of Christ and the neighbor principle of doing no harm.

  6. Fred B,

    More crap one can expect to read from you.
    As usual, you bring in the “it’s not the Jews, just some very bad people” crap. It is the Jews. It always has been the Jews.
    You, of course, call anyone who should criticise Jews and Jewry as ‘nazis’ which is somewhat interesting. Why? Well firstly most people, who criticise the Jews are in fact NOT national socialists. Most are right wing, like myself. Secondly, Adolf Hitler, believe it or not, happened to be the 1,016th ruler of a nation that had, yet again, had enough of Jews and their antics and decided to expel them. He failed, because unlike in the past, the Jews, this time had firmly lodged themselves within the hearts of many western nations, a parasite controlling the brain. Therefore, unlike in the past when the leader of the land said “right Jews, get lost” when Hitler did it, the Jews pulled some strings and created YET ANOTHER of their many wars to shut him up, lambaste, pillory, castigate him and destroy Germany. He was doing no different to anyone else before him, who saw, rightly so, that the Jews were bad for the non Jews.

    And finally, the Christ principle of “doing no harm to thy neighbour” works very, very, very well in a land THAT DOESN’T HAVE A JEWISH POPULATION WITHIN IT!!!!!!!!
    The Jews love this. You see they live by the traditions of the Elders, the very traditions that Jesus attacked them for. These traditions basically stated that Jews can steal from, beat, rape, enslave and murder non Jews, with no punishment to them whatsoever, but they must not do this to other Jews.

    Understand the simple reality here – the Jews are bringing about their own annihilation. And I don’t believe in the ‘good Jew’ principle simply because the minute any Jew, opens their mouth to speak, you know they’re going to lie to you. Remove the Jews and let’s live under Christ’s neighbourly principle, but only WHEN there are no Jews, in that land.
    JEWS ARE 100% EVIL. I have no love for them and couldn’t care less, whether they’re exiled or annihilated. I see their religion as a disgusting, ethnocentric, supremacist and racist belief system that simply has to go in order that there’s peace and goodwill on this earth. They are a cancer, a blot on the landscape and everything that’s wrong with this world today.

  7. The Nazi movement was a Zionist movement to force the European Jews to relocate to Palestine. Hitler should be given credit for being the father of modern israel.

  8. Harbinger, thou dost protest too much and I think that most likely you are a Zionist troll. If not a troll to heighten hate speech to justify more censorship, they you are an idiot because all your kind of vitriol and scapegoating does is force all Jewish people more into the hands of the Zionists. I have met and worked with too many Jewish people to know many if not most are decent and altruistic. I do like them best, however, when they convert to Christianity, and I hope and pray, especially in these days with the Zionists egging on more wars through their greed and restlessness, that many more will convert, because as in the beginning of Christianity we in fact need their moxy and chutzpah to get things going again – not only to save souls but to save the world from its own annihilation.

  9. With reference to project Pogo:

    ” And when all the people hear his voice, every man shall in their own land leave the battle they have one against another. And an innumerable multitude shall be gathered together, as thou sawest them, willing to come, and to overcome him by fighting. But he shall stand upon the top of the mount Sion. And Sion shall come, and shall be shewed to all men, being prepared and builded, like as thou sawest the hill graven without hands. And this my Son shall rebuke the wicked inventions of those nations, which for their wicked life are fallen into the tempest; ”

    All the followers of their Leader(The True Jew), will be tagged for extermination, in vain,
    by the fake Jews/Gentiles.

    With reference to project Zyphr:

    ‘ This is why they are pushing gun control and the motive behind all the mass shootings’
    World war 3 is a spiritual war, a war of words, no weapons required. The two edged sword, the written and spoken Word is the only weapon that will be used.

    ‘ All nation-states will be collapsed, Goldberg says. A world government and world currency will be presented as the only alternative to chaos. ‘
    The new heaven(spirit), and the new earth(perception), will replace the existing order.
    ” And this my Son shall rebuke the wicked inventions of those nations, which for their wicked life are fallen into the tempest; And shall lay before them their evil thoughts, and the torments wherewith they shall begin to be tormented, which are like unto a flame: and he shall destroy them without labour by the law which is like unto me.”

    ‘ We must hope for the best but prepare for the worst.’
    It is to late to ‘prepare’ for the worst, every fake Jew/Gentile will have to pay the price.
    The truth will prevail, the great Spirit that rules over all will usher in the new world order.
    From the written Word:
    And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first
    earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

    The faithful witness(Leader of the True Jews)

    ” Believers Information Network “

  10. Harbinger is 100% correct
    Jews are told get into medicine so they can quietly kill gentiles harold Shipman was one
    they are also told get into law, never ever go toa jewish lawyer as they are bound by the Torah to twist things against the gentile.
    Boris Johnston is a jew controlled puppet as is Trump.
    The jews would have you believe Adolf Hitler wasa jew working for them, this is nonsense,
    as the jews dispel more and more folk from the Middle East over to us, where our traitorous politicians take them in, hatred for the jew will grow and grow

  11. The British government, and you cannot be more of a racist hater than they are,
    resuscitated the defunct Welsh language, painted all welsh road signs had all books done in welsh, and all offices now have Welsh paperwork.
    The government did the same in Scotland, spending millions on Scottish tourism and promoting anything scottish
    but English ? ah no thats racist, the Board of British deputies run our government, they tell it what to do, this is why English people want rid of the jews and their jewish owned governments

  12. The enemy of my enemy is my friend-
    runs the old military saying.
    Muslim scholars like Sheik Imran Hussein, have quoted from scripture for some time
    saying that ” The Christian will alie with his brother Muslim to defeat the evil of the jew”
    Hezbollah is the freind of the Christian, they have prevented demolition of ancient Christian churches and buildings in the holy land, we the Christians need to recognise we have the same enemy, the jew.
    There fore Iran and Hezbollah are our friends and should be supported


  13. The threats of the jew to use germ warfare to conquer the world could be very real
    Nostradamus could walk among the plague victims in the London of 1665-66
    without catching it, how ?
    Recorded sightings of the time showed hooded figures spraying crops and streets,
    just prior to the epidemic.
    Nostradamus was a jew who pretended to be a christian, he knew which water wells were poisoned with the rancid rats, the israelis do exactly the same thing in palestine today, so he knew which to avoid, as he walked round london.
    When Oliver Cromwell allowed back the jews to finance his war against the king, they set up the bank of England,Recent excavations have shown that the great fire of 1666 did not start in pudding lane but in several places at once.
    It is said that to clear the space, the people had to be killed off and the homes cleared,
    the Bank of England Royal Mint Law Courts Masonic HQ and Buck palace, are all in this cleared space now called the ” Royal mile”
    Which is Rothschild’s Domain

  14. So it is a war for control of the world and the future . At the moment the Satan followers have been successful in limiting technological and medical progress ,on this planet . But more people are becoming awake about the criminality of the controller group .
    It would be less painful for the world if the majority of the population on the face of the Earth , more that 7 billion people , would get rid of a few dozen million followers of the church of Satan ; Instead of exterminating all the majority of the population living on this planet .
    A religion like the church of Satan that treat other humans with other beliefs as slaves should be banned forever and the Rabbis should be decapitated .
    Instead thanks to traitors amongst the politicians that we elect , this important matter there is not under discussion . The world will not obtain peace until the jewish question is resolved.

  15. Based on their facile comments, my view is that both Harbinger and Paul in their above comments are trolls likely right out of the Israeli military workshop shown in the Truthseeker story today – Jewish “Soldiers” Fighting Info War Online Using Zionist Propaganda.

    Where a handful can be encouraged to come out with crap which condemns every Jew such methods serve two main purposes:
    1. More people come out of the woodwork and are identified and deemed anti-Semites by the Zionists and a threat deserving some kind of retribution, making it easier to silence and/or destroy anyone with legitimate who opposes the ruthless, sociopathic methods of the Zionists; and
    2. The very threat which they create serves to help the Zionists in their main cause of pressuring more and more Jewish people to shut up and follow the Zio leaders, and especially in various Western places like in the US and France to pull up stakes and join the land grabbing movement in Israel and its environs.

  16. Having personally been “stabbed in the back” too many times by seemingly “decent” jews, it is my belief, if not actual certainty, that there are NO “good jews”.

    They ARE “of their father the devil”, and working together as they do, not merely against humanity but the whole of creation, effectively the ARE the devil.

  17. Fred B

    Firstly you clearly know nothing about Jews, Judaism and Jewry.
    Secondly the overwhelming majority of people who post here are not only anti Zionist but anti Jewish too.
    Thirdly, your logic in people who are anti Jewish are ‘national socialists’ and Zionist trolls would likwise promote anyone anti anything is for it. So you being anti Zionist would therefore conclude you are, infact, a Zionist troll you accuse everyone else of.

    Look, I’ll make it simple for you to understand. A Jew is a Jew who DESIRES to be a Jew. If the lie that Jews WERE Israelites true, then they wouldn’t exist today because they would all be Christians. Jews are people NEVER were Hebrews, who wished to worship their many different Babylonian, Sumerian, Mesopotamian and so on, deities, so lied to the world they were Hebrews, so they could be a protected people. They have never been anything other than this. Their bible is the Talmud and NEVER was, but gullible people like you and Duke (another twit on here) believe their lies, failing to adhere to Christ’s warnings.

    ALL JEWS ARE BAD BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TO BE JEWS! It is only when they leave Judaism, do they see it for what it is. Brother Nathaniel Kapner and Benjamin Freedman are two who spoke out against Jews and Judaism.

    Wake up!
    There is only one solution to the ‘Jewish question’ – remove them to another land, lock them in, shut them off from the rest of the world and monitor them closely. Give the a ‘world of their own’ they so desire. Keep them and the 99% of the world separate from one another AND NO, not Palestine. Preferably Pluto.

  18. @Harbinger and all like minded individuals.

    ” Wake up!
    There is only one solution to the ‘Jewish question’ – remove them to another land, lock them in, shut them off from the rest of the world and monitor them closely. ”

    Harbinger you are a fake Jew(‘Jew’), time to wake up.
    ” He is free to evade reality, he is free to unfocus his mind and stumble blindly down any road he pleases, but not free to avoid the abyss he refuses to see.” Ayn Rand

    I have a special message for all fake Jews.
    According to your ‘learned’ teachers it is impossible to tri-sect a given angle using
    only a straight edge and compass.
    ” The problem as stated is impossible to solve for arbitrary angles, as proved by Pierre Wantzel in 1837 ” ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angle_trisection )

    In reality it can be done, the above lie has been transferred from generation to generation, and all fake Jews believe it is true.

    Here is how it is done, which also makes it possible to construct a 360d protractor
    with a straight edge and compass: https://bit.ly/2lWrMCg

    The faithful witness

  19. Harbinger. Even if most of the nutty things you say were true, your hateful way of dealing with such problems makes you a harbinger of pure evil.

  20. @Barney

    ” They ARE “of their father the devil”, and working together as they do, not merely against humanity but the whole of creation, effectively the ARE the devil. ”

    Wake up Barney, it makes no sense to generalize, the devil is within, and the only way out is to be born again, to die to irrationality: https://bit.ly/2OHpu81

    The faithful witness

  21. It’s not that I’m an anti-Semite, it’s that I’m anti-parasite-asshole.