How To Get Rid of Anti-Semitism

From a Correspondent — Aug 31, 2019

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5 responses to “How To Get Rid of Anti-Semitism”

  1. To get rid of antisemitism considering all the damage they cause to the world can be done easily considering that : they organized two world wars , they imposed to the world their narrative on the Holohoax ,
    they blackmail western leaders as it ha been demonstrated in the Epstein case , They control the USA and western Europe with a network of 5th columnists residents in different country . The Zionists control the mass media , the finance , the banks ,and Hollywood , the Mossad criminals have free pass without control in European countries . Israeli kidnap and enslave about 10,000 eastern European girls every year to feed the prostitution industry in Israel.
    Not to mention the trade o human spare body parts , arms and money laundering .
    Antisemitism is a reaction of common people to the overbearing manipulation of society by a criminal group intent at getting control of the whole world .
    There should be an open debate on what to do with those people . It seems that the land of Israel stolen from the Palestinian people is not enough .
    Stalin set up an Zionist autonomous region in Siberia , but it was not successful and the population numbers never took off . Probably the reason is that the tribe from hell likes
    western established country that offer opportunity to parasitic activities of the Jewish population .
    I propose to revisit Stalin idea , It would solve most of the problems of the world .

  2. “Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world… the root cause is their use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity…”

    — Albert Einstein, quoted in Collier’s Magazine, November 26, 1938

    There are only two way to get rid of anti-Semitism

    1. Jews stop being Jews and give up their holier than thou caustic attitude they hold against everyone else, or

    2. Isolate or remove Jews and their holy books from the planet.

    Neither one has a snowball’s chance in hell so antisemitism will continue, the misery caused by the Jews will continue, the oppression of Jew haters will continue until an automatic revolt occurs in the Gentile population like with Hitler, etc.

    This is why Hilter is still vilified or mentioned in nearly every Hollywood movie, Jews are trying to prevent the inevitable reaction that is coming – a real Holocaust against them, which is why the fake Holocaust is taught.

    Bashing Hitler and the Holohoax are proofs that Jews KNOW exactly how their tribal supremacy works and what it does, as does the Einstein quote above.

    Jews will always CAUSE the reaction of antisemitism in the groups they work over. So there is no way to stop antisemtism in the practical sense. The misery caused by the Jews and the reaction toward the Jews is a permanent part of being in hell. And, oh yeah, did I mention that proof earth is hell and that we are in hell is that you are on a planet with Jews. Want to know you are in hell, just look around, and if you spot Jews you know that this is hell.

  3. Considering the jews are the only ones crying and screaming anti semitism and they are such a small part of the population of the planet, maybe they should all be willing to commit suicide to bring about world peace, or they should be willing to sacrifice for the cause of world peace and be slaughtered. Whats best for the common good seems to apply here.

  4. skipNclair offers a couple reasonable options. Jews make up something like 2% of the population, yet organized Jewry causes, creates, instigates, catalyzes, or outright perpetrates at least 80% of the problems of modern society.

    The term anti-semitism, and the idea attached, holds no power over me. Zero. People have called me an “anti-semite” and I literally laugh in their faces. And I’d suggest others follow suit. As for the Jews I hate and would like to destroy, I hate them for their actions and their behaviors rather than anything to do with their absurd barbaric religion. I couldn’t give a dusty fuck about their “faith”, but I do care, greatly, about all the ills they have conjured and spread on this earth.

    Another brilliant editorial cartoon by Mr. Latuff, by the way.

  5. Why is it that Jews seem not to be allowed to just trace their religious origins back to past mass conversions like any Christians or Muslims or Hindus or Bhuddists (However, Islam, Hinduism and Bhuddism is usually associated with the blacks and coloured races of the 3rd World.), who could be of any people or race? Why is there this unrealistic, delusional and grandiose expectation on Jews to be seen to be going all back to their religion’s root mythical, foundational (foundation myth), genetic tribal stock? It’s those fantastic, mythological fables of the Old Testament, which they relive and reenact every year during such holidays as Passover and Chanukah. The empire builders, who underwrote the Old Testament, pick any one group to do their bidding {in this case it’s the Khazars of Southern Russia and the Berbers of North Africa (the Sephardi Jews}, which could just as easily have been the Chinese or Arabs or Germans or any other people, providing they are numerous enough, psychopathic and aggressive and war-like enough), and then tell them that they are fulfilling a holy and prophetic, divine mission as an exceptional tribal race of people, chosen and favoured above all others by God for some great, cosmic undertaking of epoch proportions going back to early biblical days.

    It’s amazing what people can be made to do out of a sense of inflated self-importance, exceptionalism and vanity. Tell them that they are special, and you’ll have them eating out of your hand. Beware not to allow your attention to be diverted by Jews and the supposed Jewish menace away from the Satanic, globalists elites (who’ve been around long before there was any such thing as a “Jew”) who are just using Jews for their own diabolical, selfish ends in which Jews and Gentiles alike are all going down..