Know More News Debates Alex Jones on DISINFOWARS

Adam Green – Know More News Aug 29, 2019

One response to “Know More News Debates Alex Jones on DISINFOWARS”

  1. Alex will not and cannot any longer focus of any abuses of power by the Zionists. With a Zio ex-wife and his kids half the time in Israel he has to deflect. Adam may be overfocused on one group of corrupt power brokers by blaming the entire ethnic group, and not putting enough weight on other groups, but as long as one group which appears to wield most of the political power makes no effort to clean house and participates in the deflection tactics of their leaders from their crimes, then they are at least partially culpable.

    But, forget trying to blame entire groups like the Zionist, the Masons, Islam or the Catholics. It is always an unscrupulous faction which generally gains power and by their habits they always abuses when they wield it. First determine what the actual levers of political power are, such as the control of currencies & finances,the media & entertainment, food production & distribution, politicians & legislatures, and then determine if that control is balanced or unbalanced in the Western nations. If such an unbalance has actually led to the most violent century in the history of the world with continued wars and injustice, then all of those who control the levers of power are responsible. Knowing that such exposure will check their methods they deflect everyone from the facts, and they suppress any individual or group attempting to expose them. However, exposing major deceptions and crimes of anyone or any cartel is for everyone’s protection, as well as a fundamental right of free-speech, a worth fighting for.

    9/11 is a good example and if the JDL was in any way interested in righting a major wrong such that their entire community was not blamed for the deed, they would name the perpetrators, regardless of their ties, and refrain from punishing those who are wed to truth and universal justice.

    It is obvious to me that Inforwars has been suppressed and more recently ZeroHedge, in my view, has also become a victim to the same censorship and control.