5G Apocalypse Hardware Street Light Crime Uncovered

Wireless Dangers Australia – Aug 5, 2019

3 responses to “5G Apocalypse Hardware Street Light Crime Uncovered”

  1. They really want to kill us
    i hear this is world wide except israel
    is this true
    another jewish crime see this they were putting asbestos in baby powder

  2. It is true 5G will not be installed in the Land of the Chosen People. No Way. They have to survive to become the near future Master of the Planet.

    Dying by 5G sophisticated invented military weapon, a well-known WoMD, becomes an exceptional privilege for the goyim.

    The jews thru history have always been quite generous to the goyim like make the world live in permanent debt, promoting pedophilia, promoting LGBT-terror, breaking up family traditions, promoting pharma-terror (vaccination terror), breaking down societies and education systems, setting up people against each other, creating wars as many as possible which is good for their profits and specially good for Agenda21 Depopulation program, setting up action plans for worldwide political Green Parties, created hoax Climate Warming later becoming Climate Change, breaking down economies/industrial countries, setting up scams like Treaty of Versaille, UN, steal land from Palestine, call it Israel then the whole world is clapping and in the meantime been taken by the Nose, Treaty of Rome, CRF, NATO, European Union, Racism, Colonialism, Opium/Drugs Trade, dead squads on the fly for all over the world, destroying Germany, etc.

    We are living in a controlled thus unreal world.

  3. Goy lives don’t matter!
    Get over it, bubbie.