Brian Mitchill – Aug 25, 2019

Winston Churchill’s doctor Lord Moran claimed Churchill was what we now call Bi-Polar or a manic depressive, he said many times Churchill should not be in power due to his depressive fits and alcoholism.

The statue depicting Sir Winston Churchill wearing a straitjacket on show at the Forum in Norwich recently. Click to enlarge

Churchill would call the daily handful of Analgesics and anti-depressive tablets his “Morans” and a recent statue unveiled of Churchill showed him in a straight jacket.

Churchill changed political parties 4 times in his career, and tried to several more times such was his hunger for power.

One of the Churchill doubles, was the father of singer Tommy Steele, who was coached to be a pop singer in reward for his fathers silence, as Churchill rarely if ever, appeared in public during the war, even his radio interviews were done by an actor.

Tommy Steele’s father recalled that Churchill was a sad pervert of a man.

Lord Boothby, who was one of Churchill’s secretary, is on record as saying “if I cant drink it, or fuck it, it does not exist”.

Boothby after talking to Tom Driberg MP, demanded of the Kray London gangster twins that they supply him with nancy-boy singer Cliff Richard.

Cliff had experienced many homosexual affairs, but was reluctant to go to Boothby, as he could be brutal with young boys, same as Harvey Proctor and MP Cyril Smith.

Boothby also had a long running affair with the Prime Minister Harold MacMillans wife, Harold who was injured in WWI was said to be impotent.

Boothby as Churchill’s secretary allegedly organised boys from care homes like Barnado’s to be sent to them, “To play with” as Boothby put it.

Charlie Chaplin left London for the USA just before WWI, like many Jews he wanted to escape the call up but Charlie also wanted to avoid being held on child molestation charges.

In the USA Charlie stole Stan Laurels tramp figure, and became a runner for the Hollywood Jews in the war, delivering messages to and from the Communist underground, the studios gave him a full time minder to keep him away from children.

He later had to run and hide in Switzerland to avoid more child sex charges.

Chaplin was such a menace to American wartime security that the actor John Wayne was excused all military duty to watch him and report back. While Senator McCarthy was secretly briefed about the real nature of the threat facing America, leading him to warn about communist infiltration in the USA.

Winston Churchill, on Lord Rothschild’s instructions, demanded that there be no spying on Russia in WWII, as he said that Moscow was an ally. Although in reality this was to conceal any embarrassing information that might have come out about Rothschild himself and his dealings with Russia.

In both world wars Churchill was never elected to office, but installed by Rothschild to do his bidding.

Both Churchill and Boothby were abusing boys before, and right through the war. John Colville said that Churchill’s secretaries even brought him a ginger cat called “marmalade” as a joke on Churchill for his taste in ginger haired boys.

Charlie Chaplin and Churchill. Click to enlarge

Meanwhile Churchill’s friend and fellow 33rd degree mason Alleister Crowley bragged to occult author Dennis Wheatley that the two men were involved in ritually slaying orphaned boys in magical Jewish rituals. This was done on the South coast of England to deter Hitler, although some claim that Hitler never had any plans to attack the UK.

From the little correspondence and intelligence that has survived: Tom Driberg Alleister Crowley, Charlie Chaplin, Lord Boothby and Winston Churchill, all appear to have been thoroughly obsessed with Satanism, black magic and the sexual abuse of children. Why? Did their power and success depend on it?