Amazon Fires: Brazilian Readers Defend Bolsonaro — Aug 23, 2019

Commies Use Fires to Demonize Bolsonaro

Globalists accuse President Jair Bolsonaro of tacitly condoning the farmers, by insisting that Brazil should open up more of the rainforest to business interests like farming and mining. Roughly 60% of the rainforest is in Brazil. Readers rush to his defense.
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From Marcio:
After reading the silly Zero Hedge article about wildfires in the Amazon, you have retweeted, as a Brazilian, I beg you not to let yourself be deceived by the commie press. In short, please do not be naïve and do not help the globalists you are supposedly trying to fight.
Firstly, superpowers are not concerned about either Indians’ welfare or the Amazon jungle or the world climate or the air quality, or else they would have pressed China to stop pollution and to wreck its industry.
They are only interested in the wood (which many of their NGOs smuggle out of Brazil to environment-conscious Europe, Japan, Canada, and the USA), (gold, iron, copper, etc – some of the iron mines could be explored for over 400 years!) ore, the jungle pharmaceutical essences (extremely valuable!), drinkable water (some foreign ships smuggle that as well) and…farming for export to prevent them from starvation, especially after a nuclear war (South America and Africa are known as “reserve land” from which food would be imported and where the elite has property – for instance, Norwegian, Dutch and British Royals own lots of land in the Amazon, as well as many well-off people from other parts of Europe, Japan and North America).
The Amazon is very profitable and the globalist elite wants to keep the profits to themselves (as they do in impoverished Africa), and, if they are not to be taken through corruption, they will take them by military force. We lose trillions of dollars due to smuggling of such resources, most of them carried out by such Amazon “saviors”.
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