John’s Boner is a GOP Guidon, Flying at Half-Mast

Reflections in a Petri Dish – February 4, 2011

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The first thing I noticed about John Boner was that, despite being a traditionalist, as in traditional hypocrite and traditional sanctimonious, talking out of both sides of his mouth; “I am above all laws both moral and otherwise”, is his breaking from tradition. Generally Republicans are attracted to young boys or male prostitutes, seasoned with drugs, they’ve made illegal for the rest of us. Boner is actually, at least in this case(s) attracted to women, plural, or so we hear. Not only that, but the main pump is a lobbyist, so he gets to screw the country at the same time as he is screwing her. Don’t look for this to be reported in the main stream, neo-Pharisee media, because I couldn’t find it at MSNBC or Fox News. You’d think this would be a big deal.

The Israelis are famous for blackmailing members of congress, residents of the White House and anyone whose position can be milked to their advantage. Therefore, it’s pretty clear that they want to put Eric Cantor into the speaker’s position. Eric is the guy who said he puts Israel first, above the interests of his own country and that he would defend Israel against the United States. This is treason but treason is the status quo of our times.

Daily, the force of The Apocalypse is bringing the epidemic corruptions of political leaders to the attention of the greater world. This phenomenon is accelerating and impacting on the centers of evil around the world. The main centers would be Tel Aviv, London and Washington D.C. It’s going to get more and more outrageous, comical and ironic as it goes. All of these revelations about despicable behavior are for the purpose of bankrupting the policies and pretenses of the terminally corrupt.

This is the drawback to being a politician. The worst people apply for the job because of the opportunity to advance their self-interest and make important contacts. As a result, they bring all of their vicious and indifferent qualities with them. John brought his Boner. John’s Boner is his totem animal but he’s going to be low man on the scrotum pole for a good long while now. For most of his life he lusted after power so that he could exercise it and swell his self importance. Since he isn’t actually very important, in the same way women who rely entirely on their looks disappoint, after the trampoline act and possibly before and during, John’s idea of his importance is far greater than that of any bonafide important person, who contributes to the lives that he/she touches. Some give, most take, some give and take. John’s a taker.

So John spent his life pursuing power and position, only to go contrary to everything he preaches and becomes an object of ridicule to his enemies, an object of scorn to his public and an object of shame to his family. John’s Boner is a GOP standard. Politicians are always fucking somebody and thankfully, occasionally they fuck themselves. Well, or Israel fucks them, when they see an advantage they want to take. Israel knows about The Apocalypse. She knows that her true nature is going to be revealed along with her revisionist past in a big way. She wants to offset that by solidifying this schematic that I linked at Visible Origami the other day. It’s impressive, isn’t it? It’s also anti-Semitic to draw any conclusions based on it.

John’s Boner is living proof that Israel has no friends, only marks and tools that can be broken or misused any time there’s a need. John’s Boner is the majesty of John, rearing up over the trembling, violated landscape. John’s Boner goes before him, perfectly lined up with his out thrust chest, both chest and dick extended to comparative exactness. John’s Boner is the mascot of congress and they should put a little knit cap on it to humanize it. You’re not going to humanize John. John traded his humanity for a pole position a long time ago. John sold his soul so that his Boner could have diplomatic immunity, except that didn’t work out so well. Basically, John is in the way or unwilling to do something and whatever that is, it must be pretty severe if John doesn’t want to do it. So John gets the Eliot Spitzer treatment

Now, John’s wife will have to stand up for him and show the world what a gallant lady she is and John’s daughters will have to hear all kinds of jokes about John’s Boner. If you watch the daughters closely, you will be able to see them wince, when unbidden images creep up on the mind screen. In John’s mind, his Boner has a mask and a cape. It’s a super Boner. There’s an interesting irony here. They say a stiff dick has no conscience. Interestingly, neither does John. John’s a power player. There’s no question but that there is a line of bodies back down the highway behind him. It’s the nature of the kind of person who gets to be Speaker of the House and invariably they are among the most corrupt, like Tip O’Neil and his sexual escapades in D.C. Nancy Pelosi and her able assistance on behalf of her husband’s fortune, when she was in a position to do something. Tom Delay is the archetype and John and his Boner possess some number of the qualities possessed by them all.

Well, John can always comfort himself with the fact that he’s not Larry Craig, with his ‘wide stance’. It’s truly said that “those whom the God’s would destroy, they first drive mad”. That was coined by a madman but a legitimate philosopher none the less. He was no limp dicked poseur like Sartre or… the list is long.

If I decide to go down the 7/11 that they don’t have over here and pick up a six pack of high school girls, no one would say a thing. I’m free to do as I please, because Love’s not love if you let societies rules steal the magic. Now, I’m far less likely to take advantage of my freedom than John’s Boner. I just like that it’s there and that I have the blessing of my consort and the universe should I want to drive a golden spike somewhere. Quite often, it is lacking that freedom that makes violating conventions unavoidable. I note that the freedom protects against the need for its expression. In the process of The Seven Ages of Man, one is supposed to come to ever new understandings about how certain forces work and how they can be applied. John’s Boner isn’t particularly interested in those aspects though. John’s Boner just wants to show John how powerful it is and that rank has its privileges. Then what went wrong John?

Just like they nailed that presidential candidate during the campaign, sooner or later some muckraking dirtbag is going to get you in the crosshairs and do an impression of the shit fly in “Meet the Feebles”. Do not watch this film with your children in the room. I told a friend about it but I guess he figured, How bad could it be? I always chuckle when I think of my friend Gerald, sitting there watching it with his 12 year old daughters as the general aura dawns on him. It wasn’t my fault. Don’t these very important persons know that they are being watched? Don’t they know about discretion and attendant cautions? Heck James Gannon was in and out of the White House hundreds of times and a whole lot of those times, he didn’t sign in or out and we still don’t absolutely know whose Boner or behind was getting celebrated with that. It never fails that people who set themselves up as pillars of rectitude turn out to have feet of clay. Those of us who know that sex is a part of life and who don’t let anyone make any rules for us, that we don’t plan to live by, do not run into these situations. We can be Jason Stratham in Crank 2 if we want to, but we don’t have to, because the pipes aren’t under that kind of pressure due to hypocrisy and repression.

I guess I feel a little sorry for John’s Boner, but at the same time, John’s Boner has no self awareness. I don’t feel sorry for John because I know that John is a nasty piece of work, with dark crimes against his soul that we don’t know about. Whatever happens to John that’s bad is good for the rest of us. It’s like when something bad happens to Neo-Pharisee land. That is generally good news for the rest of the world. John’s Boner isn’t the Lone Ranger, even if it does wear a mask. Congress is full of Boners and plots to bone; fevered imaginations that run the gamut from a pile of crystal meth and a sixteen year old boy to a VIP pass for the runaway shelter with a “Who’s your Daddy”?

I am so grateful for The Apocalypse and its relentless exposure of the fell deeds of the worst of us. It’s going to get increasingly more dramatic on the way to complete transformation. We’re on the doorstep of one of the greatest adventures of all time. Geez, it only comes around every 26,000 years! I imagine it’s going to be quite a bit more impressive than The Super Bowl and everyone’s a winner, if you want to be. As we take our leave of John’s Boner and reflect on all the boners and boneheads in Congress and wherever they gather, I think we can, for the most part, breathe a sigh of relief that we ain’t them and are not likely to be; all those sad, out of control, bloodstained clowns, dragging their asses in estrus toward wherever the money is sleeping, under the belly of the dragon/beast.

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