Dr David Duke Interviews Brother Nathaniel

David Duke.com – Aug 21, 2019



Jewish born convert to Christianity and outspoken critic of zionism

7 responses to “Dr David Duke Interviews Brother Nathaniel”

  1. This was really good, it was a shock for me to learn that the jews who push homosexuality on the world does not allow pervert marriages in israel.
    Why would they want to marry ? statistically meeting in public toilets a ” romantic” encounter last just 3 or 4 minutes and many homosexuals have up to 100 of these per year, so why marry it does not make sense. ?
    Edward Heath would often go to the West Lynn childrens home, the Kray twins had several houses in the area, Norfolks Kings Lynn has always had an awful reputation.
    The King Edward VII school in Gaywood rd had a homosexual teacher there 25 years ago called Mr Chappel, he was a monster to the boys, i went in several times to see the head master about Chappel touching my son innapropriately, each time the headmaster, assured me he would speak to him, but i am sure he didnt.
    My son tried to hang himself, so we took him to another school, several other boys parents complained, but Chappel was still there.
    It was rumoured he was a close freind of Edward Heath

  2. Homosexuals hanging about outside boys schools is nothing new
    it used to be called ” poofeteering” they seem to know police wont do anything.
    when i was at school when we came out they used to pretend to be policemen and would search us for cigarettes, they would always put their hands in our pants to see if we had cigarettes there they said.
    I hate perverts, but omega magazine had a big article on israeli crimes against children
    kidnapped palestinian boys were kept naked in steel cages and were used as fodder
    for homosexuals, in israel, these boys are called ” Bumbadillos”

  3. Two heavyweights telling the truth about Israel and Jews. I wish they would talk more about how fundamentalist Christians empower Zionist Israel and it’s Old Testament style cruelties toward the displaced native Palestinians.

    The Zionist lobby is huge because it has a huge base in the United States. From coast to coast there are hundreds and thousands of churches preaching the Bible, and this loyalty to the Bible has been subverted to loyalty to Israel.

    The Jewish infested media has created a positive image for blood soaked Israel. Pastors are courted and take trips to Israel, showing American Christians the modern progress of the rebuilding of Israel, just never mind the horrendous conditions on the other side of the wall.

    What is missing in this debate is how Christianity is being used to prop up Israel.

  4. Well, Dr. Duke took a nose dive credibility-wise when he interviewed Bro. Nathanael, who is not only a false Jew, but who is also a false Christian. He titles his channel “Real Jew News” which is a lie seeing as how today’s so-called ‘Jews’ aren’t really Jews but are Gentiles who are descended from Noah’s great grandson Ashkenaz, who was a Gentile. Furthermore, Bro. Nathanael claims to be a Christian while in reality what he does makes a parody of Christianity. One thing for sure is that the Lord doesn’t raise up freaks to represent him (the televangelists are a perfect example of what I’m talking about).

  5. Jim Yost get real, Brother nathanial and David Duke speak more sense that any TV politician, they speak for the people and echo their views
    what ever way you want to spin it jews are evil
    Black areas in the UK ( all brought here by the jews ) carry knives etc

  6. The Zionist empire belongs to a centuries old movement that not only opposes and defiles Christian values but rigorously seeks to destroy civilization as most of us perceive it, that is, those whom have been raised up to pursue or at least value the principles of love, charity, care and empathy towards our fellow human beings, and cares about ‘service to others’ as a privilege of a society that cares about its constituents and it’s future. A society that seeks to evolve around principles of spiritual advancement available to all.
    Zionism is a self-seeking, priveledge and power oriented aberration that has insidiously gained control of every segment of our society and seeks to enslave and tyrannize all who don’t belong to the club. This club outrageously and falsely claims superiority not due to genetic inheritance but has been co-opted by ethnic peoples falsely claiming membership in an family held together only with coercion, violence, manipulation and utterly heinous practices of deception. It will not ultimately succeed in its program, it’s in its death throes as it no doubt is deeply aware at some level. It’s time in history will die a violent but now immanent death.