Australia joins US-led naval mission in Strait of Hormuz

Al Jazeera – Aug 21, 2019

Straits of Hormuz. Click to enlarge

Australia has joined the United Kingdom and Bahrain in signing onto a US-led maritime security mission that the United States said is aimed at protecting international shipping in the Strait of Hormuz.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday that Australia will contribute troops, a surveillance plane and a frigate to protect shipping lanes off the coast of Iran.

“This destabilising behaviour is a threat to Australia’s interests in the region,” Morrison said at a conference in Canberra.

“The government has decided that it is in Australia’s national interest to work with our international partners to contribute. Our contribution will be limited in scope and it will be time-bound.”

Morrison said Australia will send a P-8A Poseidon surveillance plane to the Middle East for one month before the end of the year, while an Australian frigate will be deployed in January 2020 for six months.

Australia’s deployment will expand US-led efforts to secure the strait, which lies between Oman and Iran, after tensions spiked between Tehran and the West.

The US claims the mission is needed to “combat Iranian aggression” in the strategic waterway, and has been looking for allies for the naval coalition.

At least 15 percent of crude oil and up to 30 percent of refined oil destined for Australia transits through the Gulf.

The friction is rooted in US President Donald Trump‘s decision in May 2018 to unilaterally withdraw from a landmark nuclear deal signed in 2015 between world powers and Iran.

Since then, the US has reinstated sweeping sanctions against Tehran as part of a “maximum pressure” campaign and has also beefed up its military presence in the region.

The tensions escalated in May, when the US accused Iran of sabotaging tankers in the shipping route, allegations denied by Iran.

UK’s Ministry of Defence announced this month that Royal Navy vessels will work alongside the US Navy to escort vessels through the busy strait.

Britain has been giving UK-flagged vessels a naval escort since Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) seized a British oil tanker last month. The move followed the seizing of an Iranian oil tanker off the coast of Gibraltar in July.

Earlier this month, Germany ruled out participating in the US-led mission, prompting a frustrated response from US officials.

Last week, Iran warned Israel against supporting the mission, saying it reserved the right to confront a “clear threat”.

In June, Iran downed a US military surveillance drone in the Gulf with a surface-to-air missile. Iran says the drone was in its airspace, but Washington says it was in international skies.

Trump said at the time he had been prepared to attack three Iranian targets in retaliation but called off the operation at the last minute because such a response would not have been “proportionate”


Norway ‘considering’ how to help guard shipping in the Strait of Hormuz

Arab News – Aug 22, 2019

OSLO: Norway’s foreign minister said on Thursday it was deliberating how to respond to a U.S proposal on forming an international mission to safeguard shipping in the Gulf.

Speaking at a joint news conference with her Iranian counterpart, Eriksen Soereide said the government was “considering a number of different measures” and would make an assessment based on information it gathered.

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  1. Australia has joined America in every Military Adventure since Ww1. Australia is deeply aligned with Israel, Yet the country is being destroyed by immigration and the cost of living, The people never even get a say any more in its own affairs.
    We are just another vassal of the US/Israel/UK.

  2. These “alliances” more or less tell you how much influence the Jews have in the respective countries.
    Morrison purports to be so.e sort of Christian….infact he is a crypto jew.
    The politicians in Norway supporting this move will ALSO BE BACKING THE INVASION OF NORWAY BY THE THIRD WORLD…..there will be a sizable contingent of crypto Jews within Scandinavia….you would need a delegation from the Spanish inquisition to ferret them out…..but the current SPANISH PM appears to have a sephardic origin surname.

  3. The Five Eyes represent the last bastion of Empire. Those who have controlled world events are slowly losing that control as global consciousness rises. Humanity can go one of two ways ; scientific materialism is the path to extinction.

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  5. Australia is a whore of Rothschild

    just like America, Canada, France, Germany

    young men fighting and dying protecting Israel, Jewish banking, and rich men’s profits

    Australia is just another colony with no freedom but a bunch of willing slaves.

  6. All of the Anglo-Zionist Western nations can be counted on to destroy and plunder any other nation they are directed to by the grasping cabal which runs their finances and thinks that they own them. If we are ever to get any truth, balance, real trust, and peace in the world the cabal network and control has to be abolished, and the first step in the process is for anyone who wants to be free of their bullshit is to disconnect from the mainstream media and to look for leaders who are totally independent of their influence and control.

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  9. Australia is dumb enough to get in the clown car with the other Zio puppets in the name of “protecting international shipping in the Strait of Hormuz”, huh? Yeah, because the Iranians have been attacking every ship cruising down the Strait…pffff Fuck you, Australia. Fuck you, criminal gangsters calling themselves the U.S. government. Fuck you, England, you stinking rotten sods. And a huge FUCK YOU to Israel and organized Jewry. We’re on to you, Schlomo, and your day of reckoning draws near.