Nakba II is Here

Gilad Atzmon – Aug 21, 2019

The Israeli media reported yesterday that the Jewish State is “actively pushing Palestinian emigration from Gaza.” A senior Israeli official confirmed that Jerusalem is looking for other countries to take in Gazans.
Times of Israel reported that  “Israel is actively promoting the emigration of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, and is working to find other countries who may be willing to absorb them.” We are basically dealing here with a systematic forced removal of the indigenous population from a given territory by a powerful settler state. In Yiddish as well as English such an act  is called ethnic cleansing  and is considered a crime against humanity under the statutes of the International Criminal Court (ICC).
In a similar fashion to the German (Nazi) Government at the time of the   Haavara agreement (1933) the Jewish State  is encouraging  Gazans to ‘willingly’ leave their land. The Israeli official confirmed that Israel “is ready to carry the costs of helping Gazans emigrate, and would even be willing to consider allowing them to use an Israeli air field close to Gaza to allow them to leave for their new host countries.”
I guess that Jewish State is making a real effort to redefine the notion of Jewish ‘kindness.’
According to the Israeli official “Israeli National Security Council has been spearheading the effort, with Netanyahu’s blessing, for about a year. The program has been discussed in the security cabinet several times.” However the official confirmed that despite the Israeli communication with  European leaders and even countries in the region, so far, no country has agreed to participate in the Israeli crime and absorb  the ethnically cleansed Gazans.
Maybe those reluctant  European leaders and countries in the region are waiting to see whether Israel is willing to absorb the many suspects involved with the current Epstein’s #pedogate as this scandal is quickly  unfolding  into a global  crime syndicate saga.




Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

7 responses to “Nakba II is Here”

  1. Love you Gilad but this is nothing like what happened in the Nazi state as you put it.
    The jews since the 1917 take over of Russia, envied the wealth of Germany.
    and in 1933 the jews declared war on Germany, and international jewry brought in the commintern or communist international, this was the hoax played on the gentlies
    that communists would share out all the wealth, and of course publicity was slanted to fool the goy to go work and fight for the jews

  2. The God Emperor Trumpenstein has empowered the Israelis to ethnically cleanse Gaza.


    What do they say about Trump in Israhell?

    Jews now say Trump is the “King Of Israel” & “The Second Coming Of God”

    Narcisstic loon Trump says he’s the “chosen one”, lol rofl

    what a laugh – the world is full of lunatics

  3. Gilad shows his fundamental jewishness by saying things he knows aren’t true to better say his ‘true’ point – the point that he wants to get across, in this case the Haavara affair.
    For instance notice: “In a similar fashion to the German (Nazi) Government at the time of the Haavara agreement (1933) the Jewish State is encouraging Gazans to ‘willingly’ leave their land.”
    Deliberately concealing the FACT that the situations were virtually opposite – the jews in Germany were NOT native Germans. In fact he asserts that they are “similar”.
    NEVER trust a jew – they lie on automatic.

  4. This period film of Aushwitz shows the holocaust hoax for what it is
    and with a fantastic song by graham hart

  5. when will this jewish hatred end ?
    an elderly German man asks questions about the holocaust and is prosecuted
    this shows what a farce it all is
    On BBC TV a series of progs called ” THE NAZI HUNTERS” shows jewish gangs hunting German ex soldiers from the war, why is this hatred 75 years later still going on ?


    The roman emperor to keep the people occupied and distracted said give the people bread and circuses
    Football is the NWO number one distraction exercise, its above TV soaps crap or Hollywood propaganda films, this is why people like elton john robert maxwell and Russian mafia bosses buy football teams, they also fill them with non british players, as they say ” Brits are not good enough” its laughable that the British team contains almost all foreign players blacks etc with just 3 British players.
    Football bollox where a man in his pants kicks a ball round a field and in one match can earn as much as a working man is a disgrace.
    The statue shown s part of the marxist modern art hoax, and is laughable,
    to make a block of concrete with graffiti on it and expect the public to see it as art, is a horrible sick joke
    see below