The “Conspiracy Theorists” Were Right, Once Again

Chris Menahan – Aug 20, 2019

After decades of lying to the public about the well-documented dangers of fluoride and demanding everyone who says otherwise be censored, the media just finally admitted fluoride is lowering our children’s IQs.

From The Daily Beast, “Study Links Fluoridated Water During Pregnancy to Lower IQs”:

An influential medical journal published a study Monday that links fluoride consumption during pregnancy with lower childhood IQs—a finding that could undermine decades of public-health messaging, fire up conspiracy theorists, and alarm mothers-to-be.

The research was expected to be so controversial that JAMA Pediatrics included an editor’s note saying the decision to publish it was not easy and that it was subjected to “additional scrutiny.”

“It is the only editor’s note I’ve ever written,” Dimitri Christakis, editor in chief of JAMA Pediatrics and a pediatrician, told The Daily Beast. “There was concern on the journal’s editorial team about how this would play out in the public eye and what the public-health implications would be.”

About three-fourths of the United States drinks fluoridated tap water—which the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared one of the 10 greatest public-health achievements of the 20th century because it dramatically reduces tooth decay.

I’ve been sharing articles about the dangers of fluoride since 2005 and was labeled a “conspiracy theorist” and censored by Google as a result (many years before the latest massive purge).

The Fluoride Action Network under Dr. Paul Connett has been leading the charge against water fluoridation for decades and were smeared as “quacks” and “conspiracy theorists” just for taking a scientific look at the data and sharing their findings. They’ve had a compendium of dozens of studies showing links between fluoride and lower IQs for ages.

They were right. The controlled media which smeared them were wrong.

Our media controllers should be asked why they lied to the public for decades in order to keep this drugging program going and IQs falling.

The conspiracy theorists were right about fluoride and they were right about Jeffrey Epstein and his intelligence allies running and their blackmailed puppets running and controlling our government.

This is why Big Tech has aggressively censored us all while propping up the controlled media which lied about all these subjects and more to keep us in the dark on behalf of our ruling elite

This is why the FBI is now declaring “conspiracy theories” to be the “new domestic terrorism threat” and the government — even under Donald Trump’s watch — is working rapidly to arrest people for pre-crime, seize dissidents’ guns through red flag gun laws, institute swift executions for so-called “hate crimes,” “involuntary confinement” for people the state deems “mentally disturbed,” and “detect mass shooters before they strike” — which we’re now learning means arrest anyone who fits the media’s hoax “dangerous young white male terrorist” stereotype.

The conspiracy theorists were right, folks.

This is why our ruling oligarchs are moving so hard to shut down everyone who questions their fake narrative.

The fraudulent “War on Terror” has transformed into the fraudulent “War on White Supremacy” but the goal of neocon global hegemony is just the same.



5 responses to “The “Conspiracy Theorists” Were Right, Once Again”

  1. can you see British policemen acting like this Russian cop ?

  2. America man speaks out and warns of the dangers of israel lobbies

  3. As John Kaminski says: “There is a real danger in challenging what people have come to believe about reality especially world events. When you question what people have firmly established in their own minds, it is as if you are threatening their very lives, and they can react violently to such a seeming open attack on the way they understand things to be.”
    The simple fact is that people now can no longer distinguish between truth and falsehood, between fantasy and reality. Alas, fantasy may be sweeter, but reality always re-asserts itself in the end, and the more obstinately one has clung to fantasy, the more violently reality is liable to return.
    Real truth is gritty, uncomfortable, ugly and hard to arrive at, not because people intentionally seek to fool others, but because often, they unintentionally fool themselves with the coziness & comfort of lies and acceptance that comes with political correctness especially.
    Reality can be really unpleasant. Watching a nation be destroyed can be heartbreaking and the desire to insulate oneself from the pain through cognitive dissonance can be overwhelming. However, one of the greatest maxims in human conflict is to truly know yourself including a detailed knowledge of your REAL enemy.

    Truth isn’t just a matter of virtue, it is a crucial factor of life that will make the difference between victory and defeat – and not only for yourself.

    If victory over the forces of insatiable greed and murderous hegemony is truly our goal, then we must face the facts of EXACTLY who is responsible no matter how unpleasant that may be for our preconceptions. Our failure to do so will inevitably cost us everything we hold dear.

    People are more interested in confirming their subjective beliefs and prejudices than they are in THE truth. Truth requires that people believe in truth more than they believe in their own long held biases – a difficult thing indeed!
    In the United States especially, such brave people, who are prepared to ever more take the Red Pill which leads down the narrow path, are becoming increasingly rare, as Jesus, the embodiment of all truth, so often stated.

    what they did to Germany they will do to us

  5. The fluoridation of municipal drinking water systems has been one of the most insidious, dangerous, demonic programs of our lifetime. Fluoridated water combined with chemtrails, modifications and additives to “food”, and the relentless brainwashing from the corporate Jew media all blend to become a thoroughly toxic compound to body and mind, meaning the average person is fucked.

    I’ll occasionally run into supervisors or managers for municipal water departments here or there and I grill them on the fluoridation process and then endeavor to enlighten them on the dangers. I have a degree in biology from a respected university, so I’m not exactly ignorant of biochemistry. They don’t want to hear it, of course, and they don’t make the decisions on fluoridation as they take their marching orders from a bigger fish. They also seem to have taken a gulp of the tainted kool-aid as they spout the bullshit about the alleged benefits of fluoridated water. But I try to leave them with the thought that a) they should strive to be experts in their field and know exactly what their product consists of, and b) they could make a difference if they should so choose. If I thought those people actually made the decision to fluoridate drinking water and poison countless innocents, I’d be very tempted to kill them where they stood.

    We live in an increasingly toxic world in which people are relentlessly inundated and besieged by toxic, even demonic, forces. The dangerous and insidious brainwashing of the controlled media, predatory and parasitic systems of banking, money, and credit, the water, air, and food are poisoned, systems of “health care” that tend to make people slaves to toxic pharmaceuticals and slaves to their afflictions, “educational” systems that are now primarily systems of indoctrination, rigged economic systems that continue to destroy the middle class, further enrich the already monstrously wealthy, and make wage slaves of the rest, subversive programs engineered to systematically destroy Christianity and formerly (relatively) stable European and Nordic cultures, and so on. The roots, the foundations, the primary forces of this diabolical treachery, this war against humanity, this war against what is good and right, are the systems of money/credit and the control of the media/educational narrative. Both of those primary critical components of treachery and subversion are clearly, and practically exclusively, controlled by Jews. Let’s not kid ourselves or speak too softly about it. Organized Jewry is a cancer, a pox, a shit-stain on the fabric of humanity. We need to identify the enemies and then make them sorry they were ever born.