The Left Wants to Keep Racism Alive

PragerU – Aug 19, 2019

10 responses to “The Left Wants to Keep Racism Alive”

  1. The ‘Left’ and the ‘Right’ are divisions which Jews have created for divide and conquer operations.

    Both Left and Right or controlled by the same people at the top levels of the hierarchy. As Bolshevik Jew Vlad Lenin put it – The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.

    Black vs white, democrat vs republican, Catholic vs Protestant, East Christian nations vs West Christian nations in WW1 & WW2, North vs South in the Civil War, are examples of how Jews divide gentiles against each other to incite riots, wars, and other Divide and Conquer operations.

    Like with WW1 and WW2, Jews instigate the wars, riots, divisions, then sit on the sidelines and enjoy the spectacle of gentiles destroying each other.

    The ultimate goal of the bankster Jews behind it all is a Jew World Order, a world government ruled by Jews in high places.

    The racism angle is aimed at white people, destroying Christianity, and replacing the old white christian order of the past with the Jew World Order.

  2. Some years ago i went to a couple of anti racism meetings,
    i have never seen so much hate in all my life, and so much racism i felt sick.

  3. I really do not know why on earth this website has anything to do with Candace Owens (aka Red Pill Black). She is the classic case of a disinformation agent. Other than her ‘doxing’ history and clearly left wing, after disappearing due to the doxing incident, she’s returned, no longer left wing, but a champion of the right.
    People do not realise that Candace Owens was at the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem. Why on earth would some, nobody, a YT vlogger be there? Well the answer is simple. The Jews are continuing their game of deception. She’s clearly being groomed into becoming a politician, for the Republican party (not that it matters) because, as usual, the Jews are playing both sides of the coin. When everyone falls foul of the Democrats (just as they did here in the UK, after falling foul of NuLabour) they’ll bring in the ‘right’ again, with a puppet in charge and who better than a black woman?

    Anyone and I repeat ANYONE who has ANYTHING to do with Zionism is bad for the non Jews. Do not believe anything this woman has to tell you. Sure, she’ll hit the right notes, quite a lot of the time, as that’s the job of every good gatekeeper, but she WILL promote that which people disagree with, in this case Zionism and Israel. She is 100%, bonafide puppet of Jewry. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could kick her.

  4. “PragerU” is a jew dis-info site.

  5. There is no Left, left.
    These people have the intelligence of dull witted children and yet time and again people, apparently adults engage in facile irrational distracting arguments – giving this drivel credibility as Left in the sense that Left is about collective well being, not the Bolshevik garbage and NuLabour NeoCon fascism – true Left was derived from co operation and social responsibility from tribal and communal origins – just because Marx and other ‘intellectuals’ were funded by MI5 and/or other so called Intel agencies to destroy the essential principles of mutual co-operation and resource equity, whether you agree with that or not, does not make these monkeys Left – as opposed to the Right that is interested in self advancement and exploitation of other peoples ingenuity and labour, cardinal characteristics of the self entitled chosennites – big subject but these are the basics. This anti Left rhetoric is very much like Macarthyism, and medieval in nature

  6. OK Rixon you showed your true colours by wiping out my post
    No wonder you post Right Wing trash so often

  7. Damn, the post disappeared and just reappeared, what’s going on?
    Mayhap I owe you an apology, but I do stand by my view on too much Right Wing trash articles but would not have ordinarily raised it If my post did not appear to be wiped out, as you have every right to your view, especially on your own site.

    I had a lot of that on RT comments section recently, and it seemed the more poignant the comment, the quicker it got wiped or did not appear at all, so if I erred in my judgement, sorry for that

  8. Right. Your post might been “wiped out” because I’m in a different time zone and was sleeping, which is obviously very “Right Wing”.

    Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov,​ known to us all as Lenin was a Rothschild operative, The Czar of Russia refused to allow Rothschild to bring in usary, so the the jews began whipping up the peasants, the Czar begged his cousin in England to take the family in, but Rothschild forbad this, then Rothschild had the Czar and his family murdered, and the Czars bank accounts in London and Paris seized.
    Lenin was part of a group of jews who set up a false front and begged London for money and arms, supposedly to fight communism, these were duly sent and of course fell straight into the hands of the Communist revolutionaries, who actually ran the opposition.
    Lenin led the Revolutionaries and took power on November 7
    and on November 9 plunged Russia into a civil war with the White Russians.
    This memorable date was later chosen by the Jews for another terrorist attack on the USA.
    Dementiav explained that Communism was derived to take the money and the power of the people into the hands of the few, often called the elite.
    Lord Victor Rothschild gave a speech in the early 30s in Cambridge and told
    those left wing sexual deviants known as the apostles Quote.
    “by the year 2000 Britain will be communist, it may not be called that, but thats what it will be ”
    British people have consistently said they dont want any more foreigners allowed in
    so why dont the politicians listen ?
    It was the US Senator Cynthia Mk kinney who said to get funding from the banks for a political campaign, you first have to swear allegance to Israel,
    and this applies to both the USA and the UK.
    The name tommy was the name given to British soldiers in W W 2
    and Robinson is a British name often taken by jews to hide their identity and goals
    the BBC has a head reporter called Nick Robinson and an entertainer called Tony Robinson, who use British names but are actually jewish.
    Tommy Robinson or any of his 5 aliases is head of a political group who proclaims
    an anti Muslim stance, and of course he is a secret jew as is his his helper Jayda Frantzen.
    Tommy Robinson made a lot of noisy publicity about Muslim rape gangs targetting young kids, this was at the exact time when Jew Greville Janner was being chased by police for years of abusing small boys in care homes, But Janner as head of the Board of British Deputies, used diplomatic immunity regulations, and several members of his gang, which comprised Leon Britten The Amazing James Randi, Yuri Geller The Kray twins Stephen Fry Lucien Freud Jimmy Saville David Kaplan Paul Gambaccini and 17 other jews, escaped back to Israel or into hiding.
    So Tommy is a Zio agent who is not working for Brits at all but for israel
    making trouble between Christian and Muslim for the benefit of the Zionists.
    Yes Tommy Robinson is paid opposition.
    If you want a real patriot look on youtube for Jez Turner, he is not well known because he is genuine, and said to be the best British leader since Enoch Powell or Oswald Mosely.