Cardinal Francis Arinze: ‘Europeans Must Stop Encouraging the Migration of Africans

Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News Aug 19, 2019

Cardinal Arinze. Click to enlarge

Cardinal Francis Arinze has slammed left-wing religious leaders pushing mass migration, urging people in the west to encourage young Africans to stay in and improve their own countries.

86-year-old Arinze, who was one of the principal advisors to Pope John Paul II, told the Catholic Herald, “Europeans must stop encouraging the departure of young Africans. Africa needs them.”

Arinze said that African countries were being harmed because their young people are fleeing in droves.

“The best way that countries in Europe and America can help Africa is not by encouraging young people to come to Europe, making them think of Europe as a paradise – a place where money grows on trees – but helping countries where they come from,” he said, adding, “It’s better if someone stays in their own country and works there.”

The Cardinal asserted that African governments who allow such high emigration rates need to examine their consciences as to why this is being allowed to happen.

Arinze’s rhetoric is similar to that of Cardinal Robert Sarah, who is also black.

Last month, Sarah warned that western civilization is living through its “mortal hour” because the masses are anaesthetized by “vulgar entertainments” and the elites “care for nothing but increasing the luxury of their daily lives.”

Cardinal Sarah also previously cautioned that the “west will disappear” as a result of mass migration, adding that “Islam will invade the world” and “completely change culture, anthropology, and moral vision.”


5 responses to “Cardinal Francis Arinze: ‘Europeans Must Stop Encouraging the Migration of Africans”

  1. Its not white Europeans encouraging them its Israel and the jews who want the land cleared for the road map. the greater Israel project, no one in the UK wants these immigrants, we are sick of the racism behind sending all these people here

  2. Karen Johnston….you are right of course.

    In due course,under the cover of a major conflict created by the Jews,or immediately after it,like post WW2…the jews will make their move….this will also mean promoting anti Jewish trouble in Europe in order to fill up the vacated areas of Lebanon and Syria….casting themselves as victims again.Naturally very large numbers of people are going to die in the process.

  3. To karen Johnston and Vespasian. —> Correct!

    A clear analysis and respond to the corrupt actions by the UN directed by the owners of the UN namely the Khazarian Crypto-Jews. It is their actionplan.

    The Western World will go under.
    The Western sociopathic politicians stay put on their moneybags, they won’t move to prevent or refuse such a soft war on their peoples. Especially Bolshevik Communist EU.
    They have IMO become complete insane to open the borders and invite the whole world to come and live in Europe on costs of Taxpayers money.
    Everything is free. Only for “Migrants”.

    Probably everything runs according to Actionplan Agenda2030 and Agenda21.

    It is all true as President Putin has predicted a couple of years ago.

  4. 2 articles by Paul Joseph Watson?!? Really?

  5. It is good to see I am not the only one that can see this far ahead.

    The EU is a land grab by the Roths and all of those caught within will die because Communism can only create genocide just like it did in Russia.

    Since the first time I read the scraps we have left from Mattias Stormberger after Hitler burnt 90% of his his work they have stayed with me.

    HOGUE’S TEXTfromMillennium Book of Prophecyby John Hogue
    “According to Hogue:
    “The day WW1 began was pinpointed two centuries before it happened by a simple and reclusive cowherd in the Bavarian forests bordering Czechoslovakia.
    On Aug. 1, 1914, a new railroad line between Kalteneck and Deggendorf (running on the edge of Stormberger’s forest) officially opened -the day hostilities began. The war did last four years and saw the introduction of terrible new weapons such as mines “from the earth”, poison gas “falling from the sky” and tanks-“iron fortresses” that move.
    1929: The Stock Market Crash”Right after this horrible war there will come a time when money will have no value. For 200 guilders not even a loaf of bread will be available, and yet there shall be no famine. Money will be made of iron, and gold shall become so valuable that for a few gold coins a small farm can be bought.
    “The Interval Between World Wars”
    Two or three decades after the first great war will come a second, still greater war. Almost all nations of the world will be involved.
    Millions of men will die, without being soldiers.Fire will fall from the sky and many great cites will be destroyed.
    “WW3″And after the second great struggle between the nations will come a third universal conflagration, which will determine everything. There will be entirely new weapons. In one day more men will die than in all previous wars combined. Battles will be fought with artificial weapons. Gigantic catastrophes will occur. With open eyes will the nations of the Earth enter into these catastrophes.
    They shall not be aware of what is happening, and those who will know and tell, will be silenced.
    Everything will become different than before, and in many places the Earth will be a great cemetery.
    The third great war will be the end of many nations.