Autopsy of an Epsteined America

Brother Nathanael – Aug 19, 2019

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One response to “Autopsy of an Epsteined America”

  1. Jews reporter Vicky Ward is controlled opposition spin on Epstein evil.

    Vicky Ward is affiliated with CNN which implies Ward can’t be trusted, that we should believe just opposite what Vicky Weird says.

    Amazing Polly has a good video exposé on how Vicky Ward is hooked up with Epstein’s pimpess Ghislaine Maxwell at the link below, assuming jewtube has not deleted it yet –

    Vicky Ward ties to Jeff Epstein

    The so-called elite Dalton School associated with Jeff Epstein and AG William Barr’s father Donald Barr teaches Jew World Order brainwash –

    Amazing Polly’s video at bitchute linked above makes the points below among others –

    # Jews Media outlet Wikipedia changed its dates on when Epstein taught at Dalton just after Epstein’s recent arrest.

    # Dalton School records and publications are available before 1973 and after 1976, but not available for when Epstein was at Dalton from 73 to 76.

    # Thomas Volscho seems to be another disinfo agent and the source who fudged the dates on when Epstein taught at the Dalton School.