The UK Just Banned a ‘Harmful’ Commercial Because It Shows a Mom and a Baby Stroller

YourDestinationNow – Aug 15, 2019

Still from the VW advert, banned for showing “gender stereotypes”. Click to enlarge

The left may preach that their agenda focuses on diversity and tolerance, but the truth is they do not embrace either.

The slippery slope of progressive ideology is poison to free speech.

Just ask Volkswagen.

The advertising team at the German automaker made what seemed like quite an inconspicuous commercial for the e-Golf, a new electric car that is fast, high-tech and environmentally sensitive.

The commercial focuses on the overcoming resilience of adaptation by showing scenes of people living in the wilderness, astronauts surviving in space and a man with a prosthetic leg performing a long jump. The final clip of the ad highlights the quietness of the car by showing it drive virtually unnoticed by a mother with a baby-stroller, presumably with her resting child in it.

And that last clip got the commercial banned in Britain.

The Advertising Standards Authority, the British agency that regulates ads and sanctions bad actors who fail to abide by its recommendations, decided that the imagery portrayed gender stereotypes that were too terrible for the residents of the U.K. to see.

The ASA took up the review of the case after three complaints alleged, “the ad perpetuated harmful gender stereotypes by showing men engaged in adventurous activities in contrast to a woman in a care-giving role.”

Volkswagen responded to the complaints and said, “the core message of the ad was centred on the ability of the human spirit to adapt to challenges and change brought about by circumstances.”

“They included the final scene of the woman in the park as a relatable example of adaptation to change, as they believed that welcoming a newborn into the family was a life changing experience that would be shared by many viewers, regardless of gender,” Volkswagen Group UK Ltd added.

In a written decision that took over 1,000 words, the ASA agreed with the complaints and banned the commercial because “the ad presented gender stereotypes in way that was likely to cause harm and therefore breached the Code.”

Well, your code is dumb, ASA.

“The ad must not appear again in the form complained about,” the ASA said. “We told Volkswagen Group UK Ltd to ensure their advertising did not present gender stereotypes in a way that was likely to cause harm, including by directly contrasting male and female roles and characteristics in a way that implied they were uniquely associated with one gender.”

It was the mother’s shocking act of sitting next to her baby’s “pram,” as they call it in Britain, that the ASA said is likely to cause harm.

You know, because mothers acting like mothers is too high of a risk. The ASA can’t let that kind of vile content be spread around the island.

Thanks God for 1776.



3 responses to “The UK Just Banned a ‘Harmful’ Commercial Because It Shows a Mom and a Baby Stroller”

  1. What I find infuriating is this notion that somehow being a child caregiver / mother is seen as a demeaning thing. It is a natural thing and part of how humans have EVOLVED over time for the female to be the primary caregiver. All of the whining about “gender stereotypes” is, in essence, saying that the role of caring for the young is worthless, demeaning, and should only be filled by those willing to work for minimum wage to do the job. That is the really offensive part of all this — not the ad, itself.

    The problem with “feminism” is that it exalts the masculine (traditionally male careers, aggression, male attitudes about sexuality, etc.) and denigrates the feminine (traditionally female careers, diplomacy, sexual restraint, etc.). They basically tell women that men are the gold standard and if you want to be valuable or worthy, you need to become men. Real feminism would work to change the world so that women’s natural abilities and contributions to society would be appreciated instead of trying to convince women that the only way to be successful is to try to emulate men.

  2. Seems like the last thing the PC establishment and thought police want is anything depicting a white woman looking completely fulfilled and happy with a baby, instead of wearing a tweed jacket and holding a briefcase.

    The fact is that unless women who really want children can rely on the promise of a responsible man that marriage is for life and sex is not a game of musical beds, then they will never have what they really want. Sane women generally want security, children and romance in that order. Mature and responsible men will usually accede to that order in exchange for being the main provider and the pretense of being the head of the family.

  3. “O” how the truly sick minds are taking control,
    So the question is:- at what point are the real men and women going to step in and put an end to this mental sickness?