US warns of ‘serious consequences’ after Iranian tanker released by Gibraltar

Introduction – Jan 16, 2019

Great graphic courtesy Henry Makow and the Fitzpatrick informer. Click to enlarge

The Trump administration should be careful about making repeated threats and warnings, particularly over Iran.
In June Trump warned Iran that it risked “obliteration” if it wouldn’t talk with the U.S.
Iran refused saying it didn’t trust the Americans.
Nothing happened.
Then, President Trump reportedly called off air strikes on Iran, after Iran downed a U.S. Global Hawk drone in its airspace. Instead of a military strike Trump imposed more “hard-hitting” sanctions on Iran’s already battered economy.
Now the U.S. has warned of “serious consequences” after an Iranian tanker that had been seized by Royal Marines off the coast of Gibraltar was released. The tanker was released despite U.S. requests that the authorities in Gibraltar continue to hold the vessel.
The thing about making threats is that you must be prepared to follow through on them. If you don’t the warnings sound hollow and eventually they are ignored.
More and more this is what is happening with Trump’s threats. Iran may be struggling economically because of U.S. sanctions but his tough talk is having little effect. Like a schoolyard bully faced with an undersized but tough opponent, Trump may have to make good on his threats or risk losing face entirely. Ed.

US warns of ‘serious consequences’ after Iranian tanker released by Gibraltar

RT – Jan 16, 2019

The Grace 1 off the coast of Gibraltar. Click to enlarge

The US has said that “any individuals” associated with the Iranian oil tanker Grace 1, which was released by the authorities in Gibraltar on Thursday despite US pressure to keep it in detention, should brace themselves for “serious consequences,” such as being barred from the US.

In a statement on Thursday, the US State Department accused the vessel, seized by the UK outside of Gibraltar in early July, of “assisting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) by transporting oil from Iran to Syria” – despite written assurances Tehran gave Gibraltar that the tanker’s cargo of 2.1 million barrels of oil would not be unloaded in Syria.

Washington, which formally designated the elite IRGC a “terrorist organization” earlier this year, noted that crew members of ships transporting Iranian oil may be “ineligible for visas or admission to the United States” under the terrorism-related provisions. Washington has long vowed to reduce Iranian oil exports to “zero,” slapping the Islamic Republic with multiple rounds of crippling sanctions.


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  1. It is Way past time for the USA to clean up it’s Act, and they are in a Position to do it, instead of Making War’s all over the Globe, it’s time to clean up the Sea’s of all toxic substance, and the skies of all the Chemical aerosol spraying, and the Land of Poison GMO’S because they have had all the Technology for more than a Hundred Years to do so, and we want it done now Because the People worldwide have had Enough of AMERICA’S BULLSHIT.

  2. “With the specter of war against Iran causing a demonic frenzy, dancing in the heads of Sheldon Adelson and his psycho-droid John Bolton, a dark urgency is pressing its way through the greater unconscious and also veiling many another strange and inexplicable phenomena, such as what we see here. What can that possibly mean. Why would this group of people be driven ACROSS the border and released on US soil?”

    “We KNOW that the greater portion of humanity is not in agreement with what is taking place, yet the mass media reports it otherwise, under the commanding fiat of THOSE WHO OWN IT. The picture being painted by the people reporting on it is in direct contradiction to both the report of the senses, as well as the intuitive capacities of the
    human heart. The former is subject to deception, The latter… less so.”

    – Les Visible

    Kalifor to NY- from Sodom to Gomorrah; Twisting on the Dance Floor with the Fallen Angels.

    Voltman’s Comment: