Fun Facts About Cernovich, Dershowitz, & Epstein

Adam Green – Know More News Aug 14, 2019

4 responses to “Fun Facts About Cernovich, Dershowitz, & Epstein”

  1. Here’s some news, Dershowitz and Cernovitch are part of the dog and pony show of the Epstein caper.

    Here’s some more news, how is Know More News channel still up?

    Everyone you see on your screen is an approved actor, the voice of real patriots are shuttered.


  2. Adam Green. Enough said. I don’t trust any of (((them))).

  3. Especially ‘Joe Talache’

  4. Yes Joe Talache – spot on. In fact most of the so called “truthers” out there such as Adam Green, Henry Makow, Mike Adams and many others including Alex (the mouth) Jones that occasionally ‘reveal’ jewish shenanigans. know very well that they can only go so far before the hammer comes down.

    These people will NEVER EVER expose say . . jewish involvement in the Ritual Murder of children . . the so-called ‘jewish look’ being the “Mark of Cain” that of distinct and historical facial features of whom that we were to recognize as our eternal enemies . . Jewish funding of Evangelical Bible Colleges that teach the Dispensational lie and that The Jews are “all of Israel.”

    In fact, the only one that was ever brave enough to tell the whole truth about the jews as he saw it, was Brendon O’Connel . . . and where is he now?