Jeffrey Epstein & Cognitive Dissonance – Aug 14, 2019

Trump, a rather vulnerable looking young Ivanka and Epstein. Click to enlarge

Cognitive dissonance is when what you are told does not correspond to what you see. We do not yet know why Epstein was arrested, and then murdered or allowed to escape but one thing is sure, it contributes to a sense of cognitive dissonance in the public and a growing distrust of government and reality itself. Could this be deliberate? 

by Henry Makow PhD

Cognitive dissonance is a big part of US politics. I am going to illustrate this by listing a few examples related to the Epstein case, and a few general examples.
  1. People have known about Epstein’s pedophile sex trafficking for decades but there were no charges. A sweetheart deal was made in 2008. Why did the authorities finally decide to get serious in 2019?
  1. Why hasn’t Ghislaine Maxwell been charged? She is as guilty as Epstein. She is in the US.
  1. Epstein’s lawyers requested he be removed from suicide watch and the warden agreed? This after he supposedly tried to commit suicide? Surely this was a preliminary step to murder or suicide.
  1. Warden Shirley Skipper Scott makes Illuminati hand sign. Click for ‘5 Fast Facts You Need to Know’ about her

    Epstein was the most high profile prisoner in the history of the US. If the warden did nothing else, she would ensure his security. Having bungled this, the warden was merely “transferred”? Obviously, she was complicit in whatever transpired. Similarly, we are supposed to believe guards “fell asleep” on the job?  We’re supposed to believe they couldn’t put CCTV cameras in the cell or they were not functioning? 
  1. Attorney General William Barr’s father had a longstanding relationship with Epstein. Are we to believe Barr doesn’t?


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4 responses to “Jeffrey Epstein & Cognitive Dissonance”

  1. People with an ounce of commonsense realise that Trump is a crypto jew and part of the problems facing America….not a solution.
    BUT…placing a photograph of his daughter next to Trump (who is OBVIOUSLY his daughter) and pretending she may not be his daughter….is too devious for words…..What’s the game or strategy on this one eh?!.

  2. Good article Henry. It makes more sense than all of mass media combined. But then mass media tries to confuse, deceive, and make lies sound sensible.

    Thanks for explaining about ‘Cognitive Dissonance.’ It sounds a lot like what some people refer to as BS, and the Jews Media is filled with it.

  3. There are plenty of instances of Trump behaving inappropriately regarding his daughter, Ivanka. I think the implication is exactly what you are imagining. He either has molested his own kid or he has fantasized about it. More than one of his “purchased” ladies has said that he commented to them that they “reminded him of his daughter”. Plus let’s not forget he famously said that “if he weren’t married and, you know, her father” he would date Ivanka. Ew. Gross on so many levels.

    Plus, there are quite a few photos of the two of them when she was about that age that make you raise an eyebrow. I certainly would never have posed like that with my dad — but maybe it is all “normal” for their kind, I don’t know. Maybe I’m just lucky I didn’t have a handsy dad who comments about what a great a$$ I’ve got.

  4. @Tiberius

    ” ….Trump is a crypto jew.. ”

    Donald Trump is a fake Jew(Gentile).
    An example of cognitive dissonance.
    (Cognitive dissonance is when what you are told does not correspond to what you see.)

    Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I
    know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the
    synagogue of Satan.

    The faithful one
    Leader of the True Jews