The Last Days of the Big Lie by Eric Hunt

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  1. Superb lying from the Jews….proving beyond doubt jews are probably the best liars in the world and should be recognised as such by the Guiness Book of World Records.
    By all accounts this top notch lying has made Israel 60 billion dollars directly and hundreds of billions more indirectly.Israel even gets “aid” from a country with a smaller GDP on a per capita basis.Look put it this way….when the Roman’s conquered a country and took over….the country conquered was forced to pay an annual tribute to Rome…… or else.In the 21st Century the “tribute” goes into Tel Aviv banks.
    American citizens have no say over where their taxes go…..strange that… a democracy…….except America is not a democracy……it is totally controlled by a Jewish oligarchy…..most informed people already know this stuff…..

  2. Ya, I wazt in der holocause too in der same death camp with Eli Wiesel and Anne Frank. Hitler and Mengele took turns injecting us with monkey puss. Ya, der guards made us wear dirty underwear and put fluoride in der kool-aid until Baron Rothschild paid off Hitler to transfer us to Palestine. Ya, is true.

  3. Last days of the big lie? Hunt is no longer a revisionist. And to be sure, the “big lie”, is no longer a “big lie.” It’s the BIG TRUTH before which every knee has bent, is bending, and will continue to bend.

  4. “Remember the “good war” fought by the “best generation” against the evil Nazis? You know, the war the Hollywood movies keep telling us that was fought for “democracy” and “our way of life?”

    Well, Thomas Goodrich gives us the real story about the crimes of our jew controlled leaders and their pals, the Russian communists. He points out the millions of innocent men, women, and children tortured, raped, slaughtered, and starved to death after their surrender. You’ll see what it meant to be a pitiless German POW, cold, suffering and dying from malnutrition behind the barbed wire of an American camp.

    See the wretched people of burned-out cities. Discover the dark secrets kept from us for far too long. And learn of the “Morgenthau Plan”-the Jewish plan for almost total annihilation of innocent German men, women, and children, a Plan lustily approved by Roosevelt and carried out ruthlessly by war criminal and monster, General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Here is the real history of a war in which the demons laughed and the losers begged daily to be allowed to die.”

    Hellstorm-When Satan and His Devils Came Down to Earth and It was Better to be Dead than Alive

    A REAL holocaust:

    The holocaust of Germans in 1945 by the Hollow Caustic Holocausters par excellence, is well described by Michael Thomas Goodrich.

    President Bullshit’s Last Words

    Rot Child In The Citi
    Loves the dead before they’re old
    Cadaver eyes upon him see

  5. An old Jewish women I knew spent some
    teen years in Auschwitz. Her work was unloading trucks. One truck backed up and broke her pelvis. She told me that the Germans then sent her to the… Hospital. Nevertheless, she was always trying to lend me a big, illustrated coffee table book about the Holocaust. Cognitive Dissonance much?

  6. Auschwitz had a hospital, a pharmacy, a library, a theater, an orchestra, a choir, and a swimming pool, in a death camp?

    There is no evidence on 1940s aerial reconnaissance photos of the trainloads of coke that would have been required to incinerate 4 million, 25,000 bodies per week for 3 years ( The 4 million figure was recently reduced to 1.5 million), There is no way that the facilities at Auschwitz could have handled that number of executions and incinerations, not even one tenth of that number.

    Read two books, “Tell the truth and shame the Devil” by Gerrard Menuhin, (the son of the great Jewish violinist) and “Witness to History” by Mike Walsh. These are both brave men to write these books. They show how the Jewish Lobby pressed for both WW1 and WW2, and with their power of the press and the power of money they got their way.

    Millions died because Jews wanted to avenge the expulsion of Jews from Germany. Hitler (and the German People) wanted the Jews to leave Germany. That was a reasonable wish because Jews had controlled Germany during the degenerate Weimar period of the 1920s, which impoverished and subjugated the German people. !933 was like daybreak for Germany, and in 6 years the country went from being ruined to having the strongest economy in Europe.

    The people who suffered most were the Germans. After WW2 Jews who had never been near a concentration camp were labelled as “Holocaust Survivors” and given cash lump sums and life pensions as “restitution” by Germay. .The state of Israel has received $100 Billion. Meanwhile the German people have been the targets of the Jewish media campaign to denigrate everything German.

    The internet is changing things. We can now access facts that were not easily accessed before. I believed in the Holocaust official story until about 25 years ago when I read that Ann Frank had not been gassed at Auschwitz but had been hospitalized and transferred to the west to get away fro the advancing Russian army. She probably died of typhus,

    The 20th century will go down as the most tragic in human history, and the powers behind it were Jews.

  7. We are now in The Last Days of the world as we have come to know it.

    Romans 14:11 For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me,
    and every tongue shall confess to God.

    The faithful witness
    Leader of the True Jews

    ” Believers Information Network “

  8. Quote from the article about ‘ Education ‘ (BIN)

    ” It is sad but true that most of the worst atrocities perpetrated on mankind, originated from the boardrooms of the highly ‘educated’. In his book entitled: ” Understanding the present ” , Bryan Appleyard quotes Hugh Thomas, who wrote the following: ” The country with the best education for the longest, the nation with the most serious preoccupation with learning, the people with the highest literacy in the world in the eighteenth century were the authors of Auschwitz.”

    Appleyard continues: ” People and their bodies, living and dead, were used for experiments. There were live medical experiments in the concentration camps and, outside, psychiatrists and doctors selected subnormals, schizophrenics, manic depressives and alcoholics first to be sterilized and later killed. Neurologists then used the bodies for research and their findings were solemnly published in scientific journals.”

    The faithful witness

  9. These are ” Gods Chosen ” . Another Big Lie . But there is a group of people that are not Jews but proudly claim to be ‘ Judeo/Christian ‘ . I suppose on one holy day they attend Church and attend a Synagogue the next . But being ‘ Gods Chosen ‘ makes everyone else Gods rejects ? . Does that make the Judeo/Christian halfway of being a ‘ Gods Chosen ‘ ?..Fairy tales just as the Holohoax and all the other twisted lies from a people that are so hateful and angry and are as evil as the spawn of their own device COMMUNISM that alone killed 20 million Ukrainians most from starvation …